PeeK-A-Boo Photos

Our little Tina Marie is so cute!

Right before this picture, Katie asked her if she liked boys and Kennedy says, "Uh, I like the Jonas Brothers!"

I got these pictures of Kennedy taken in October for her 4 year old pictures. The lady who did them is Amazing! Her name is Katie Moss and her buisness is called Peek A Boo photos. It's kind of expensive but the way the pictures turn out it's sooooo worth it! She worked so well with Kennedy and believe me Kennedy loved loved doing this photo shoot! She pretended that she was Hannah Montana the whole time. I can't wait for spring to do family pictures!! Enjoy!!! Here is her website that will also lead to her blog!


What 4-YeaR-Old says that??

So I had to post about this.. My daughter is the funniest girl I have ever met. We were doing our nightly routine, take a bath, brush her teeth, turn on the tv so she can watch one episode of her new favorite show, Max & Ruby, and then finally tuck her in. When we're in the middle of saying our goodnights and I love you's the conversation goes like this... "Mama?" "Yes Babe?" "Do you know what I love about you?" and I said, "What's that?" Kennedy says, "I just love your eyes" and I love you're my Mama." When she says things like this it makes everything so worth it! She is the most precious thing to me and always will be. I love you Kennedy Rian!

Our New Blog!

So I finally decided to start a blog! My mom has been bugging me forever to do it so, here you go ma! I hope everyone enjoys it!! Let the posting begin!