Jetta For Sale!

We are selling our Jetta! If you know anyone that is interested, please let me know :) It's a 2001 with 107000 miles. We just put brand new tires on it too. We are asking $4,000. It's been a great car, we just need a bigger one for our growing family :)

P.S. I'll post pictures soon, my computer is being soooo slow right now :)


Me and My Babies :)

I FINALLY got the pictures back from peekaboo photos!! I love love love them!! I can't believe Kennedy is going to be 5 so soon and it has already been a year since we got them done last. Kennedy LOVES getting her pictures taken and was such a good little model :) And, I've made it to the 30 week mark!! There is so much to look forward to in the next 8 weeks! Enjoy the pictures....

30 WeeKs!!

This is my favorite picture ever! Kennedy and her best friend, Hailey


I have a question

Soooo.. What is the problem with telling our children how important education is???


1st DaY of PreSchooL!!

Kennedy's own little place on the table :)
I honestly can't believe that my Kennedy is old enough for preschool. She started on Monday and loves it!! She is such a smart little girl and I'm so excited that she gets to go to preschool. It's just so weird to me that she is going to be 5. Time goes by wayyyyyy too fast :( She was so freaking cute, as we were walking her in she goes, "Mom, I'm kind of nervous." It was so cute. Of course I cried the whole way back home.. Ahhh she is so grown up!! Here are some pictures of her on her big first day of preschool :)