this summer has been absolutely amazing. we've been camping. to lagoon. the pool. late nights in the front yard with a snow shack. learning to ride bikes :) eating popsicles. we've been to parades. draper days. barbeques. weddings! family reunions to come. and then we're going to minnesota in a couple weeks!! {without jags. thankfully ;) } i really don't want summer to end :( i feel like it went by sooo fast. school stuff is already out!

my sister is in lake powell and i'm so jealous. i love that place. i told hubs today that one day we'll have our own houseboat and go every other week in the summer ;) he liked that idea. we leave to go camping again tomorrow. i can't wait. there's nothing like getting away and not having a care in the world.

i am one blessed girl

gramps taught kennedy how to ride her bike!! she's a pro now.

i really want to get us matching beach cruiser bikes. how cute would that be!

we've gone to lagoon 4 times so far! and my little babe is getting so brave!!
she had to text my dad and tell him she went on spider and colossus because
'he would be so proud of her'
and he was :)
christina and hailey are the best lagoon buddies

the miss and of course- her peace sign

i l.o.v.e this picture. how did i get so dang lucky to have these amazing

little babes? i squeeze them everyday

chelsey and my cousin, andrew got married!! their wedding

was amazing!! it was so pretty. and she looked amazingly gorgeous

they're coming to minnesota with us in a couple of weeks!

i can't even wait it's going to be so much fun!!


ooooh myyy goodness. i could kiss him all day long

chelsey. kennedy. and i at her beautiful wedding

i'm really not that tall i promise. i look like a giant here. she was barefoot

and i had tall shoes on.

i hate being tall

this is how dad kept mick entertianed at the wedding.

he kept throwing him over and over and over.

it was pretty cute. i love to watch my boys together

me and my cousin! i can't believe he is married! and taller than me!
i swear it was just yesterday when we were in our christmas pj's

and playing nintendo waiting for santa to come

then- it was adam and ranie's wedding!! i love them so much! they are some of our best friends.

ranie has some amazing family and friends in jersey that i think need to move out here!

this is 4 of the bridesmaids getting ready! they got married up at the johnson mill in midway. it was such a gorgeous wedding!!

me and kate :)

london was one of the flowergirls. she is so dang cute her and

kennedy played all day long

the hubs and i walking down the aisle. this is the only picture i have so far

and of course my eyes are closed.

their whole day was perfect

the 2 cutest flowergirls ever!!

i have known maddie since she was tiny! we have an annual barbeque

at a family friends house before the 4th. there is always so much food

mmm delish.

jagger loves his grandpa. i love watching them together too

jag loves to help out in the garage with anything he can

and i think he's caused 2 flat tires on my car and then my parents

truck from playing with screws. he like to put them places where they shouldn't be.

case and point. this is where i found him this morning. it's so hard

to get me.kennedy. and jagger all ready and out of the house.

i swear it takes forever. i was doing kennedy's hair and noticed it

was too quiet. i went to find jagger and this is where he was. he is

obsessed with connors 4 wheeler.

he is such.a.boy

me and my favorite neice in the whole wide world!! i stole her from her mom

and took her to the pool and then draper days with me. and she even had a sleepover :)

she told me i'm her favorite aunt ;)

she loves me so much. she didn't leave my sight the whole time i had her.

i told my mom if it was guaranteed that i could get a little girl that loved me like berklee does- i'd get pregnant today. my luck i'd get twin boys ;)

..summer-please slow down

love- me :)


friends are the best

kennedy & hailey

they've been best friends their whole life

they love each other

i hope they stay friends forever. and ever.

i can't wait to see your faces when we surprise you and tell you that

we're going to take you to


together in october.

it's so hard for me to keep it a surprise

they're going to love us forever

christina and i have been through so much together

she is the best friend a girl could ask for

thanks for getting pregnant at 17 with me ;)


the house that built me

i will always love my home. the house that i grew up in. the house that i had chores every saturday morning in. the house that my favorite dog was raised and then passed away in. the house that i had my little girl in. the house that in the summer time night games were a must almost every night. the house where i feel so comfortable until this day. we used to camp out in the back yard on our tampoline- freeze all night and then wake up to the sun shining on our little faces. i will always love this house. i thank my parents for raising us in one home. every night i look outside and can think of hundreds of memories in our front yard. we played from when we woke up {after our saturday jobs were done of course} until it was dark outside and our parents made us come in. it's the home that looks amazing all decorated in christmas galore. the countless thanksgiving dinners with our family. i am so grateful for my home. i can't wait to have my own home for my babes to make their lifelong memories in. i love this place- and whenever i hear miranda lamberts song, it always makes my heart happy


friends with benefits

is anyone else dying to see this? at first i thought it would be JUST like no strings attatched which is one of my favorite movies ever. but- i think justin and mila have so much more serious chemistry! ahh i can't wait to see it. i've loved justin since the mickey mouse club. haha just kidding. but almost since then. mmm look at that face!! random post? yes. i don't want summer to end. i feel like i haven't had enough days at the pool and water parks, late night walks when it's just cooled down enough, and popsicles :) the babes and i went to target yesterday and they already have their back to school stuff. it made me so depressed! i swear the day after the 4th of july they bust out the back to school stuff. but we still had to get stuff for little miss. i love shopping for my kids so much more than myself. clothes are just so much cuter when they're little.

hopefully we'll be going camping again next weekend!! eeep i loooove camping. the kids love it even more. there's just something about not getting ready for days or even caring you don't have make up on or- whether or not your kids get bathed :)


who couldn't love this face?

this was just the start of the day :)

new yowrk

i wish i talked like the new yowrkers do. and the jerseys do too. my lovely friend christina says it's a complete turn off and people lose points when they have that accent. i think they're lucky, that's why i've always called my mom- ma. i have had 2 cousins serve for our country. and i am so so grateful for them. they're both home and safe and rhea is married! {remember new york round 2?}

my parents told me a couple days ago that my other cousin, carmen {boy} is going back to afghanistan. yuck. he has been like a big brother to me. i love him so much and i do not like the idea of my family, or anyone for that matter going overseas in that mess. it makes my heart sad. carmen leaves tomorrow so everyone say an extra prayer for him. good luck cousin i love you so much!!

new york round 1- it's me and rheaaaa :)


kenny chesney- i heart you

i love kenny chesney. i have loved him for as long as i can remember. i hadn't gone to a concert of his in sooo long so when we found out he was coming here this summer i knew i was going. he didn't come last year, and the year before that i was prego with jags and who wants to sit outside in the scolding heat with a bunch of drunk people when you're pregnant? not me. oh- and the year he came while i was pregnant, my friends got pulled up to the front. we don't talk about it. i'm still so jealous i didn't get to go. anywho- this year he was a.ma.zing

me and christina before kenny!! :)

azul, caleigh, christy, and meeee!
oh my we had so much fun


miss caylee

i got a text from my sister on tuesday and all it said was- i'm so pissed. i knew right away she was talking about the casey anthony verdict. when i heard she was aquitted of murdering her little girl my eyes immediately got teary. i feel in my heart that she 100% did this. it's sick to think of how off our justice system really is. people will get locked up for life because of drugs {which don't get me wrong is EXTREMELY wrong too} but we let murderes of wives, friends, babies, and little kids walk free. it's so disgusting to me. everytime i think about it i literally get sick to my stomach. i tell myself maybe this is a blessing in disguise. maybe casey 'blending' back into society is going to be worse than prison would have been. i could only hope. there has to be some justice for this little girl. i hug my babes even closer now. i am so grateful to be their mama and could never imagine hurting them the way little miss caylee was hurt. i love that little girl and i have never met her. my heart just hurts for her. i hope in some way justice will be served to casey.

Oh- and i have no doubt there's not a special place in hell for each one of her piece of shiz defense attorneys


happy 4th of july :)

love- the d'amicos :)