oh baby

it's a GIRL!!!
we couldn't be more excited. Kennedy and i are still on cloud 9. but poor jagger took a good 10 minutes ro not be mad. he wanted a little 'bruddah' this picture is perfect at describing how we all felt at the exact moment we found out. ahhhh a sweet sweet baby girl!!


the house is officially ours

the dog shit all over our brand new carpet.

i came home from work and got in the tub while hubs made dinner. mid bath i hear jagger yelling- 'maaaamaaaa! nookie pooed on da flow in yo woom!!'

ryan was cleaning it up and i said to him, 'you just had to get the dogs back didn't ya' ;) if looks could kill. he would be totally fine if we never got another pet. but i missed our dogs so bad and had to have them back.

safe to say the house now broken in.


home. finally

my house is amazing. it's everything i wanted. now- the unpacking begins!!

thoughts that should be posts so i can remember them-

• i keep forgetting i'm even pregnant. these 15 weeks have gone by so fast. if i didn't get heartburn every night and occasionally throw up still, i swear i would never remember i'm prego

•jagger said the cutest thing tonight. i told him to scoot over so i could lay down. somewhere along the conversation i called him baby. he says to me- 'mama a 3 year old isn't a baby anymore' ahhh he is the sweetest

•yesterday i almost gave that sweetest little boy away to the first one who would take him. twice.

•i really hate unpacking

•hubs forgot about valentines day. but i'm ok with it- he did just buy me a brand new house :)

•new york was the most amazing vacation. it's been 4 days since we've been back and i still am sad i'm home already

•kennedy made her very first valentines day box. i let her do whatever she wanted and it turned out so cute ;)

happy almost friday!!


stranded in nyc

sister and i got stranded here for the night. at least we can officially say we've been to the city now.

this whole trip we were so worried about our flight getting delayed because of the weather. i got an email as we were leaving before the airport saying our flight had been delayed. when we got there it was delayed because of a mechanical error. just my luck!! we ended up missing our connection flight and flew into JFK for the night. i am not kidding i don't think i have seen one person smile in the city.

we went out to catch the shuttle to the hotel. there was some random guy waiting outside of a shuttle and asked us who we were looking for. we were so surprised there was someone friendly here! we have yet to meet someone really nice in the city. it really really makes me grateful to live in utah. i then told him we were looking for the double tree hotel shuttle as he said- 'sorry you just missed them' of course we did! caleigh then asked how often they come and he said they come around every hour. i guess he didn't lie me asking- 'so do they come on the half hour every hour?' so freaken rude he says, 'well what time is it now?' i look at my phone and tell him 8:30. 'it looks like they come on the 30 now doesn't it. but if you want me to take you i will for a tip.' creeper.  whaaaat? really? ugh. mean people!!

we called the hotel and it turns out all you have to do is call them and the shuttle will be there in 10 minutes.

some guy over heard us talking about how rude he was. he chimed in with- 'what?  someone in new york city lied to you??' haha it made us laugh.

so now we are sitting in our hotel room nice and full {thank you delta} waiting until our flight home tomorrow. i'm dying to get home to my babes and my house!! poor hubs had to close by himself  and move everything in without me.
ahhh i can't wait to be home sweet home. finally

love from new york :)


new york bound!!

my sis and i decided to fly to new york to surpise my aunt for her 50th birthday!! i'll post the whole story soon ;)


we have a house!!!

i'm in new york with my sis and got this picture from our amazing realtor. the hubs ended up having to close on the house by himself. if we would have closed like we were supposed to which should have been 3 weeks ago. then 2 weeks ago. and then on tuesday morning- i would have been able to sign too. but since i went of town tuesday morning he had to sign for the both of us alone. to say it's been a nightmare is an understatement.

i squeeled with excitement!! the house is officially ours.

it was the biggest pain in the ass. but now i can say it was all worth it! bahhhh i can't even wait to get home and move in. i told ry he could only unpack laundry and the kitchen essentials ;) i'm a little ocd when it comes to unpacking stuff and like things a certain way. eeeeeppp so dang excited!!