our house hasn't had another offer yet. i'm kind of freaking out. hubs says to relax because it's only been
such a short time.

i didn't sleep last night. like at all. i never have a hard time sleeping. ugh.

i work everyday this week. i don't think i've ever worked 5 days in a row.

a stupid lady got mad at me at work today. said we weren't warm and fuzzy. {really?? WHAT is wrong with people?} thank god for my great co-worker. she's the best.


tonights a new night. i'm hopping into bed as soon as i click publish.

i work everyday this week. oh man my check is going to be lovely.

i got the raise i was wanting!! and that means my next check will be even more lovely

aaaand all i keep thinking about is going back to city creek. read about our first adventure here 

now this girl is waiting for me to come cuddle. man i love my babes. 
someone please tell me it's ok that i really like my kids to sleep with me?
everyone just says i'm starting bad habits.
but they're not little forever!!
right? ;)



i can't believe i'm 25. it seems like such a milestone age to hit. i do have to say i have a pretty impressive list of things accomplished by this number. ive been married twice,  i have been raising 2 beautiful babes, bought a house, selling that house, building/buying a new house, working for everything we have, and i am completely content and happy. i hope 5 more years from now i feel the same way- and have accomplished more ;)
my birthday this year was great. i didn't have any expectations  and couldn't be let down. i got my favorite presents and was so loved by all the happy birthday calls-texts-and messages. my cute mom put these pictures together. the first one is me when i first came home from the hospital and now. wow. 25.
so crazy


look what i made!!

go over to my best friends blog and look at these canvas feel pictures i've made. i am obsessed with these. i have made so many and they make for such great gifts :) and perfect for a wedding gift!! enjoy :)

house update-
we counter offered and they rejected it. i got so depressed because of the disgusting amount of money we would have had to pay. BUT my amazing realtor pulled some comps from around the area and it might actually appraise for way more than what we thought!! wahoooooo!
we're off to lake havasu for the start of my birthday weekend
i can't wait to get away.
much needed ;)


anxiety central

this selling the house business is ridiculous. your emotions are all over the place {well for me at least. husband stays calm all the time} the offer last night was a joke. aaaand even if we get what we counter offered- we still have to bring six thousand to the table to sell it. ugh. i know it's not a ton of money and there are other people in a lot worse situations, but i just can't justify paying to sell our house. SO bring on the anxiety. i stress. probably even over stress. why can't things just be simple? story of my life. i can laugh about it or i can cry. and i'm sick of crying over the stuff i cannot change.
i can't change things i can only have a better perspective. my mom has always told me- things always work out the way they're meant to. then i got this lovely from a friend today

i have my review today with my bosses.
i'm really hoping it goes well.
mama needs a raise!!


it's a christmas miracle

we have an offer in on our house. ahhhh i can't wait until im off work and hurry over to my realtors house to see what it is. i never could have imagined it would have happened this fast!! the scenario is totally perfect too. come on afternoon- lets get you over with ;) SO everyone, pray and cross your fingers for us!! {and toes}
and a random picture that makes me smile-

little stink. this is jags and i when we went to see toy story on sunday. he liked it for 10 minutes


as promised

here is the link to our townhouse that we just listed for sale!! if you know anyone who's looking feel free to pass it along  
ps- we have renters in there right now so don't judge the messiness


for sale!!

our cute townhouse is officially listed for sale! i am so dang nervous and excited at the same time. there is so much that is going into this i think i could puke from stress already. SO with that said- prayers and good thoughts are more than welcome ;) i'll post the link to it soon. if you know of anyone looking to buy in the draper area- send them my way :) eeeeeeeppppp!!


Easter Decorations

Look what my BFF made! This cute little stand to hold her decorated Easter eggs.  You can look at it over at My Best Friend's Blog.


i saved the day

much better :)

dont send a man to do a womans job

jags has pink eye. no bueno. so last night i took him into his doctor and got a prescription. i had ry run to pick it up for me. i should have gone and grabbed it myself. ry gets home, walks in the door- and says 'that prescription was $70' just like that. all calm like. of course i freaked- we have insurance for a reason. it should have been a $7 co-pay is all. why would it not even cross his mind to ask them if they have jagger's current insurance or if it didn't cover it? wtf. so my husband just pays the $70 for the smallest thing of eye drops you'll ever see. in the midst of my freak out i asked him why he would ever pay that for a prescription.his response- 'babe. i don't do this kind of stuff' really?! so- no worries i called target and they're running it through the insurance and i'll be down there later today to get my $63 back.

case and point- kennedy has been staying at her dads for the last 2 days {and now i'm so glad she has been because her brother decided to get pink eye} i told her dad last night that when he drops kennedy off for school this morning, he needs to go inside and schedule the parent teacher conference. he says that's totally fine and he'll do it. i call him this morning aaaaaand surprise surprise- he forgot.
man my kids' lives would be SO unorganized if it were up to dads to do all the
bills.scheduling.running errands.taking to appointments. and everything else.

so to all of you wives with husbands that are the opposite- lucky you!!
i still wouldn't trade him for the whole wide world

happy march 1st :)

i love that it's march 1st and we got the most snow we've had all winter. blah