Jagger is already 5 weeks old. Where does the time go??
i LOVE this boy

This baby makes my heart so happy
I saw this onesie and HAD to get it.
i love it :)

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! i will be sure to post pictures of Christmas Day.
it was so much fun! i am so
to have such a wonderful family!!


i love my little family

I LOVE my little Family :)


JaGGer's First Pictures!!

We got our first family pictures taken on Monday from Peek a Boo Photos!! Katie Moss is seriously AMAZING at what she does!! Here are just a few of the pictures, and I will post the rest later when I get them :) Jagger is doing AMAZING, and is really such a good baby! Kennedy is the best big sister ever, she is always willing to anything we need her to get for us :) Our lives are so perfect right now we are truly truly blessed!!