christmas with the lorences

we had the best christmas this year!! it is always so much fun to get together with my whole family. we're so nuts and it's always so loud and something is always
going on, but i wouldn't change it for the world. as always, it went by soooo fast. we had such a
blast. on christmas eve, we ate yummy yummy food and then opened our tradition christmas eve jammies. aaaaand they all fit us this year!! haha! we've had wardrobe malfunctions in the past year, so i think we finally got it right. the kids got spoiled with presents {of course} and i loved watching every second of it.
merry christmas everyone :)

the tree with presents underneath!!

little snooks enjoying her first christmas :)


me and my sisters. i love my sisters!! and we all
look so much alike too ;)


cal and ty in their jammies

me and berk! she makes the funniest faces.
i guess i just decided to mock one of them :)

ahh jag man. there's nothing better than his blankey and a bottle
to this little guy.

little kennedy getting so excited to go to sleep to see what
santa brings!!


remember when...

i can't believe he was ever this little!!


meet snooki

this is snooki. kennedy's early christmas present :) i know i'm crazy for getting another animal, after i swore i was done with pets. it's just impossible to go to the animal shelter and not come home with something. i really thought that puka needed a friend :) snook came all the way from california, {just like puka did. so i knew it was meant to be ;)} her mommy is a rottweiler and they're not sure about dad, but they think he was a lab. i grew up with the best rottweilers and when i saw her i just had to have her. she has been a pretty good puppy so far!! we're still working on the potty training ;) we love her!!

she is just so sweet!! she loves to lay in the bathroom and have
the heater come out and warm her up! she also just loves to cuddle.
she'll come find me and snuggle up right next to me. love.love


my lilttle model

a couple weeks ago our photographer asked if she could borrow kennedy for a photoshoot for the clothing company, persnickety. of course kennedy was oh so excited!! here are just 2 of the pictures she ended up using for their christmas line. it's not a huge deal, but as her mom, i'm totally going to brag and play it up :) haha enjoy...



for mindy

sometimes i get inspired. whether it's from a person, a song, or a movie. today it was a person. a very special person. i have missed her so badly for some time now. i have never seen her get mad or even in situations where bad things should have been said about someone, nothing mean has ever come out of her mouth.
she makes me want to be a better person
she is the most uplifting person i have ever met and i'm sure i will ever meet. after i talked to her today i walked away feeling so good and just so positive. she genuinely cares about me and my family.
i love you mindy. thank you for making my day.


6 & 1

i know i always say this but, i can't believe how old my kids are!! we just got their pictures back and i am obsessed. our photographer is ahuuuuhmazing! we've gone to her for years now and will never go anywhere else :) enjoy our little monsters! ps- if anyone knows how to make a collage of all the pictures please let me know! it's kind of annoying to upload oine by one and have a looooong page of picture after picture! ok you get it.


kennedy rian


happy 6th birthday little girl!! i love you more than you'll ever know. it's so weird to think that you're 6. this year we had your birthday party at classic skating. it was so much fun!! you had a blast with all your friends :)

you and i have been through so much together. you are truly my little best friend. i love to cuddle with you everynight. and i love to see how much you've grown and i absolutely love to watch you learn. you have learned so much this past year. you know every letter and you are starting to learn how to read. your favorite number to count to is 80 :) your teacher is ms. thornell and you absolutely adore her. she is a great teacher. i don't think you have ever complained about waking up and going to school. kennedy, you are so smart and i know you will do amazing things in your lifetime.

everyday we wake up together and sing and get ready to music then i take you to school. you always love to blow me a kiss goodbye right before i leave the parking lot. you are the most amazing little girl i have ever met. i love the silly questions you ask me. you want to know the answers to everything! you always have a way of figuring things out. your imagination is amazing to me. i love to sit and watch you play for hours. you definitely know how to entertain yourself. i don't think i have ever heard you say 'i'm bored' this last year you became a big sister!! you are the best big sister i could ever ask for. you love your little brother so much. you love to sit and make him laugh. i love to watch the two of you together. you teach him so much.

your favorite show is iCarly. it's amazing to me how you can sit and watch it for hours. you know all the words to almost every taylor swift song ;) she is our favorite.

this year you also started gymnastics and tumling. i can't believe how fast you have learned things there. you can do a 'tick tock' so well now!! i love the excitement in your eyes when i pick you up and you tell me what you learned how to do! everyone around you and everyone that knows you loves you so much.

i can't imagine my life without you sis. i love you so so much and can't wait to see what amazing things you accomplish this next year!! you make me so proud to be your mama!!

love. mommy


sweet sweet { baby }

i have been dreading this post. it is so hard to write about how old your kids are getting. day to day they grow like crazy. but, it's when it gets to their birthday, when it really hits you.
jagger turns 1 tomorrow. i know everyone says it, but where does the time go?? it feels like yesterday that i was in the hospital having him. i remember the first time i saw that chubby little boy. i instantly fell in love with him. i will never forget what i felt at that moment. a love for someone you just barely met but was so real and so amazing. i love you little man and will do anything for you. i decided every year i'm going to write my kids a letter that they will have to look back on and have.
i love you. i can't believe you are one. i didn't think this day would come so fast. you are quite the amazing one year old!! you have accomplished so much in just a short time. i couldn't be more proud to call you mine. you are such an amazing little boy. there is not one day that goes by that i don't squeeze your chubby little self and tell you how much i love you. you are just so calm {like your daddy} i wouldn't change anything about you. i even love how you took 11 whole months to sleep through the night. you definitely love your bottles. i love how you would find them in your crib and get so excited, like it was your first and last baba ever. you have always done things so early with little practice. rolling over, sitting up, holding your own bottle, crawling, pulling yourself up, and climbing on everything. my favorite thing- when i tell you to say 'mama' and you say it then scrunch your nose so all we can see are your cute spongebob teeth and you laugh because you think it's so funny. you can say 'dada' 'mama' and you love to shake your head from side to side when we tell you 'no no'
you love your daddy more than me but i'm ok with that. he is such an amazing daddy to you. you two will be the best of friends and i can't wait to see you guys grow older together. the excitement you have when you see him melts my heart. you love your big sister so much. i love to watch you watch her with everything she does. i love to watch you sleep. you always sleep on your belly with your cute bum in the air. i haven't ever known any baby to always sleep like that. your favorite thing in the whole world is your blankey. it accidentially got left at our house by your friend, max, and you claimed as yours. you always chew the corners and you can definitely tell. that blanket is so gross. we wash it all the time but for some reason it always is so gross! you usually wake up around 7 and will patiently in your crib and play with the bedding and talk to yourself until i come in and get you. you are always so excited to see me in the morning. it's the best 'good morning' i could ever ask for. you're not quite walking yet. you just love to be held forever and ever. i don't mind holding you all the time. {until i start to get sore :)} you have 10 teeth already. i couldn't believe when i felt your gums 3 days ago i could feel 2 molars. you are growing up so fast little man. oh how you love to eat. early on you didn't love your baby food, you wanted to eat what everyone else was eating. so that's what we gave you :) you are such a big boy and we wouldn't want you any other way! last time you were at the doctors you weighed 24 pounds and 7 ounces. your chubbiness is one of the cutest things about you. i love you forever and ever and can't wait to see what this next year holds for you. you are so loved by everyone around you. you make me one proud mama.


our {home}

i am thankful for our home. we were so lucky to be able to buy our first house last may and have turned it into our home. i am so grateful we were able to buy it!! we had rented before, which was great while it lasted, but we finally feel like this is ours. it's where our little boy was born
where kennedy started kindergarten
where we got our first dog
where we have to fix our own malfunctions that happen instead of just call the landlord :)
{ryan takes pride in that one}
where i get to decorate and feel like i'm actually decorating for us instead of the next tenants
where we are so excited to come home to at the end of the day
there's just something about owning your own house.

i am also very thankful for the heat in our house.
last night we went to keys on main with a bunch of people, so so fun, and ry and i decided to leave early.
it was so cold outside. all i could think about was getting home to my nice, warm, cozy house.
it made my heart so sad for all the homeless people who had to sleep outside in that freezing weather.
it definitely made me so grateful to have simple things, like heat.


my kidlets

i am so thankful for my kids
they can drive me so crazy but i wouldn't change anything
i wipe their noses, find the blankies, read stories, tuck them in, comfort after bad dreams
i'm a lunch lady, housekeeper, full time nanny
and i love it
my kids make me who i am today. i can't imagine where my life would be without them in my life.
kennedy is my best friend and she promises she always will be. {ah 5 is such a sweet age}
i remember at the ultrasound with jagger, i didn't want a boy! i wanted another girl so badly because kennedy had just been amazing.
looking back, i wish i would have known what i know now.
i {LOVE} my baby boy
i love the way he spongebob smiles at me when i quickly turn my head around in the car and say i love you to him
he is so much fun and so much different than kennedy
it's funny to me how different boys and girls are
we have 2 of the most extreme genders with our babes.
kennedy couldn't be more girly

and anything with wheels jagger instantly growls and loves to play with it.

i am so blessed to call these two kids mine

i love being their mommy


My {husbAnd}

i am EVER so thankful for ryan. he came into my life at the perfect time. he truly is my best friend. he will do anything for anybody. that is what i love most about him. he is the most selfless person i know. he doesn't judge and lets me be me. he supports me in what i want to do and has never put me down. i love how we can be so sarcastic with each other. we get each other.
not many people can say these things and truly mean it.
the way he is with our kids is just heart warming. i always knew he would be the best daddy.
his patience is so amazing, i have never met anyone who is as patient as him. he will wait and wait and never complain. we definitely compliment each other. we have fun doing absolutely nothing together. my favorite thing is on a sunday night sitting and watching the kids play.
that has a lot to say in itself

ryan is the most hardworking person i know. {besides my dad} he works awful hours during the week {9 p.m. to 7 a.m.} and then either goes to school on tuesdays and thursdays from {8 a.m. to 12 p.m.} or his other job on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays in the morning then home to sleep.. and yet, still, doesn't complain.

it's just how he is. he doesn't stay at his old job for any reason but,

"there are other families that need their job, so i need to help the company survive"

that's my ry. if anyone knows him or has met him you know what i'm talking about.
i love that i still get butterflies when we kiss, and how excited i am when i get to see him or go out together.

i know we're meant to be

i love you forever and ever babe



i can't believe it's this time of year again. this past year has totally flown by.

i feel that each and every year there is just more and more to be thankful for. i am going to try to post daily { i know it probably won't happen :) } specific things that i am ever so grateful for.

Today- i am thankful for


i don't know where i would be without each and every single person in my family-
even caleigh :) haha love you sisssss
they have been there for me through every up and down i have gone through
i love you guys oh so much!!
we're all so disfunctional but i wouldn't want it any other way
i am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life


never grow up

i love my kids. more than anything.
love for your kids is a different kind of love
it's an unconditional forever lasting feeling
this song made me cry when i thought about my babes
i wouldn't be who i am today without them.
i love to go in their rooms after they've fallen asleep
{and just watch}
they're perfect

life goes too fast.

kennedy is almost 6 and jagger is already almost 1

i don't want them to ever grow up

taylor swift sings it best..
listen to the song.
if you have kids.
you'll cry

i love you, you two.

oh i'm one proud mama


forever and ever

{our wedding day}
it was so much fun, and went by way too fast..
the whole day was crazy
but i will always remember every second
it was beautiful

and perfect

enjoy our day.. me and the bridesmaids getting ready

ahhh i was SO nervous!!

i LOVE my bridesmaids. they are the best girls ever. love you all!!


getting my flowergirl ready. i love you forever and ever kennedy rian

{my dress}

ew. i promise my arm is not that fat in real life. precious picture though

div>cyd and travis. they're awesome. shakin their bums down the aisle

and me shakin my bum down the aisle!!

i love my dad

husband and wife. i love you babes!!

travis, mumford, nic, ry, shane, sam and adam.

the best groomsmen

it's official now :)

mmmmm i just love you mister!!

kennedy got the bouquet {with help from caleigh}
and she couldn't have been more excited about it

that's the cake. fight. we both lost ha!

our cake that ry's cousin and aunt made!!

it was beautiful!!

me and my dad dancing

then me and ry danced...