my daggoh

'uh mama- look what nookie did'
those words are never good to hear. she pooped all over my room. ugh. i swear if i didn't love dogs so much they would be gone! i cleaned up the poop and then jagger wanted a drink. i told him to go downstairs to get his from earlier. little did i know he thought it would be a good idea to take it upon himself and pour a new one. he comes upstairs and the conversation goes like this-
'mama i spilled. i was gettin a new drink and i spilled downstairs'
my first thought was- ughh puhlease don't tell me he spilled fruit punch on our carpet. he could tell i was super frustrated because his sweet little voice said, 'but please mama don't be mad at me'
prego hormones enter here: i bawled. it made me so sad!! i must just have such a short temper with the kids becuase he thought i was going to be so mad. so as i'm walking downstairs trying not to let him see me cry he just keeps saying over and over how much he loves me.
the kid seriously melts  me. he is such a stinker sometimes but i can't imagine my life without him.

we head up to bed after cleaning up the mess and he is promising me he won't spill anything evah evah again until he's a grown up like i am ;) now we're in bed and he says-
' i love you mama. because you always let me watch michael and sam { burn notice } and law and ordoh'

mmmmm. he's amazing.

ughhh why are my pictures so blurry lately? i haven't changed any sort of setting. and i've been using the same blogger app on my phone. so dumb!!


i married a good one

ry is more amazing than i could have ever imagined having a husband be. he works such crazy shifts and yet never complains. when he is home he loves to spend his time with us. we are going to be selling our jeep to get my new x5- right babe?!  so he had to fix a couple coils and of course his little shadow was right behind helping. jags loves to help his daddy. i walked into the garage and saw this

it melted me. i love how these two love each other

this weekend my dad came over on saturday and helped all day putting our sprinkler system in. side note- whose idea was it to build a house and not include the sprinklers and fence?! ugh. but the good news is we'll have our sod delivered in 1 week!! i've had this vision ever since we started building our house of us sitting outside on the grass while the littles play like crazy in our circle. i. cant. wait.

h a p p y m o n d a y :)



we've only got 11 weeks left until baby sis makes her debut. i think ry and i are totally freaked out. if she were to come early at all- we have nothing ready! we have just been so busy with our house. which by the way- who decided it was a good idea to build so we had to put our own sprinkler system, yard, and fence in?? ha. ry hates when i ask that ;) i would be more than ok if these next 11 weeks didn't fly by like the past over 7 months have!!

favorite child

is it bad to admit you have a favorite kid? well i'll have to get rid of this post before my kids start into the blogging world then. 
kennedy is amazing. she has her moments where she can be rough but seriously- i would take 10 of her over 1 more jagger krew. i'm sure it's a mix of her age versus jagger but man she is SO much easier than he is. and sometimes- i think jags wakes up in the morning thinking, 'what can i do today to drive my mom crazy' 
he can really be the sweetest little boy but he will turn on you in 2 seconds. especially if ryan is home. 

i really do love both of them so much. but somedays i am so grateful kennedy is such a good girl!! 


twenty six

baby sis bump at 26 weeks. time is flying and i wouldn't have it any other way ;)