this is the cutest picture of this little guy yet. can you imagine when you're so tired you just pass out on your mommy's lap??
so {CUTE}


5 down wayyyy too fast

even with a double ear infection he is still so happy. what a stud

my baby is 5 months old.
i can't even believe how fast time is going by. it seriously makes me so sad!! i can't imagine my life without this little man. he has made our lives so so much fun.
it's amazing to me that only knowing someone for 5 months you would do anything and everything for them. my kids are my life.
the poor little guy went to the doctor yesterday, and had {ANOTHER} double ear infection. no bueno.
it's the hardest thing seeing your little ones in pain. Since this is his 3rd one in 6 weeks we are going to see an ear nose and throat specialist on May 3rd. i'm hoping to get some good news with that doctor.
jagger is still so so happy and calm. he's not quite sleeping through the night {i don't think that kid ever wants to miss a meal} he laughs and laughs and LOVES to watch his big sister.
we are practicing sitting up and he is doing so good!! i'm pretty sure he'll have it by 6 months.
he weighs 19 pounds and 5 ounces. i know huge right??
and he has my legs :)
he hasn't started on foods yet. he doesn't like them as much as i thought he would! he just loves loves his bottle. he gets so excited when he sees it. freaken adorable. he drools like crazy. no teeth yet, just spit. he loves to spit. he thinks it's hilarious. it kinda is.
he hates binky's, which is defnitely a good thing! and when he's tired we can just
lay him down in his crib and he will fall asleep.
one of my favorite things he does is hum himself to sleep when we're driving.
it's the cutest thing ever.
i kiss him probably 4 thousand times a day. his cheeks are just so irresistable. he is delish!!
oh and ahhhhhh almost summer!! we all here in this house cannot, i mean cannot wait!! summer is the.best.


another one of his favorite things. eat his feet.

oh oh oh and when we went to vegas a while back, we got to meet these two lovelys. corey and chumlee from the tv show pawnstars. these guys are the only {kind of} famous people i've met. so needless to say i'm pretty proud of these pictures.

peace and love


i'm a little on the cranky side

how do things just disappear??
seriously. i just went to upload pictures to my computer,
and weird my cord is just gone.
kennedy doesn't know where it is
and neither does ryan.
sure i'm the last person to use it,
but i have NO idea where i put it last.
so if i could get my brain back that would be great.


i have a stye. in my eye

if any of you are friends with me on facebook, you are probably so sick of me complaining about this freaken syte.
i have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this {disgusting}
i don't know what else to do.
i have tried the hot and cold compresses,
the tea bag,
the anti-biotic the doctor i work for so generouslly called in,
and it STILL won't go away.
maybe it's god's way of making me not be such a vain person??
whatever the reason is i would really really appreciate it if this bulge in
my eye would
Sincerely, me

p.s. any other suggestions would be more than greatly appreciated :)


{L}ove my Kids

i may be biast but i have the cutest kids in the whole world!!

i love my life. i love my future husband. and i LOVE my kids.
i am so very grateful for our friends and family that have always been there for us.
life has definitely thrown us our fair share of issues but we have {always}
been able to get through it.
i am so excited for what our future has to hold.

kennedy is constantly making me laugh with her wittiness. she is hilarious.
she is too smart for her own good.
she is my best friend.
she is beautiful and she is perfect.

jagger is the biggest chub ever. he is so perfect.
god definitely knew what he was doing when he blessed me with such a good baby.
he only cries when he's hungry or tired.
and he gives me a certain look and it {melts my heart}

i couldn't ask for anything else. i have all i have ever wanted and can't wait to see what else comes our way...
sorry for the mush, i was having a moment.



Time for some SUN!!


As you can see, it's time for this pasty boy to get some sun :)

Freak it has been sooo long since I last updated! Jagger is now 4 months old. 4 months!! I really don't know why it has to go by so fast. He is seriously the BEST baby. He is so relaxed and calm, just like his daddy :) As long as he's full he is just so content. 2 Weeks ago he got his first double ear infection :( I felt so bad for him!! Then just on Easter he wasn't acting right so we took him into the doctor again and sure enough he had another ear infection in his right ear. He's such a trooper though and I think we got rid of it all now! Oh, and he weighs 18 pounds and 9 ounces. Some one year olds don't even weigh that much! hahaha we just LOVE our little chunk

Next Friday, I am going to be taking Kennedy to register her for KINDERGARTEN. I can't even believe she will be going to kindergarten this year. I am going to ball my eyes out i'm sure. She is doing great and just LOVES being a big sister. She is so good with jagger and is such a great helper! She is my best friend :)

Ry and I are loving life right now.. Our wedding plans changed a little bit though!! We decided to get married at the Mandalay Bay hotel in VEGAS :) It's just so much closer and we really wanted our families to be able to be there. It's going to be so so so much fun.
Oooooh and i FINALLY weigh less than I did before I got pregnant! Whoop whoop! Took long enough though :)

p.s. does anyone know how to change your fonts to those really cute ones???