our closing is being delayed. and to say i'm not happy is an understatement. this mama is pissed. :(


sick boy

poor jags got sick last week and even up until now still looks so sad :( he gets really bad eczema and apparently when you mix eczema with the strep virus you get this poor kid. i was so freaked out at how swollen his face got when he would sleep. he woke up and seriously looked like the lady who has had so much plastic surgery- she looks like cat woman. nothing is worse than a sick baby. thank you carson for the aveeno oatmeal advice. it's amazing!! love you ;)

he is really good at leaving it alone and not touching it during the day. but at nighttime when he sleeps you can tell it just bugs him. he's been on an oral antibiotic and ointment since Wednesday and its still not all gone. luckily it's not contagious it just looks sad.

at least we'll know what he'll look like when he is a teenager with acne ;)

here's to an AMAZING week ahead. we close on our house on wednesday and move in on thursday!!!


1 week 2 days

that's how long we have until we close on our house. i am so excited i can't. even. wait. it's going to be amazing. i swear these last two weeks have drug on and taken what feels like foreverrrrrr. i can't wait to unpack every brown box. i can't wait to sit out on the front porch on warm summer nights and watch our kids play outside until its dark. i am so excited my kids get to grow up in a circle like i did. i am looking forward to every little memory that will be made in that house. it's going to be perfect.

so please hurry up these last nine days.

thank you ;)

we went to see the house to walk through with our realtor- and had appliances. i've never been so excited to see appliances before!!


cake shoppe

christina did an amazing job on haileys 8th birthday party. seriously it was by far the cutest party i've ever seen. go read all the details on our best's blog ;)  { here }

i'm so proud it was even featured on sweet little peanuts. if you're a mama or mama to be- you've got to check out this blog. i read everyday now that i'm prego :)


freeeee meal

9 weeks

man. this little baby is making me sicker than i've ever been. i throw up at least once a day. i think that i've actually gotten used to it. somedays all i have to do is walk into the bathroom, take one look at the toilet and it's like my body just knows it's ok to puke. then i do. eh it could be worse! being sick just means things are going well right? right.

our house is almost done!! bahhhh so dang exciting. we're scheduled on the 16th for our final walk through and then scheduled to close on the 23rd. it doesn't seem real. i will be living in our new home in just 3 short weeks. ahhhh life is good ;)