never grow up

i love my kids. more than anything.
love for your kids is a different kind of love
it's an unconditional forever lasting feeling
this song made me cry when i thought about my babes
i wouldn't be who i am today without them.
i love to go in their rooms after they've fallen asleep
{and just watch}
they're perfect

life goes too fast.

kennedy is almost 6 and jagger is already almost 1

i don't want them to ever grow up

taylor swift sings it best..
listen to the song.
if you have kids.
you'll cry

i love you, you two.

oh i'm one proud mama


forever and ever

{our wedding day}
it was so much fun, and went by way too fast..
the whole day was crazy
but i will always remember every second
it was beautiful

and perfect

enjoy our day.. me and the bridesmaids getting ready

ahhh i was SO nervous!!

i LOVE my bridesmaids. they are the best girls ever. love you all!!


getting my flowergirl ready. i love you forever and ever kennedy rian

{my dress}

ew. i promise my arm is not that fat in real life. precious picture though

div>cyd and travis. they're awesome. shakin their bums down the aisle

and me shakin my bum down the aisle!!

i love my dad

husband and wife. i love you babes!!

travis, mumford, nic, ry, shane, sam and adam.

the best groomsmen

it's official now :)

mmmmm i just love you mister!!

kennedy got the bouquet {with help from caleigh}
and she couldn't have been more excited about it

that's the cake. fight. we both lost ha!

our cake that ry's cousin and aunt made!!

it was beautiful!!

me and my dad dancing

then me and ry danced...




–noun, plural
1. a state or condition of being immature: the immaturity of one's behavior; the
immaturity of a country's technology.

some people can be so mean
people that i don't even know
and mean for a wrong reason
recently.... {someone} who was very immature felt the need to voice their opinion
very disrespectfully.
i hope that they feel embarrased and ashamed of themself. i would
say something to someone i did or didn't know that would be so rude...
if you're reading this,

you know who you are

and i hope you got the satisfaction out of saying something to someone that was completely


have a great day everyone xoxoxo


and dance forever

here is our ceremony from our AMAZING wedding on {8.10.10}
our videographer was awesome and so fun to work with..
you have to watch it. you will love it.
we sure did :)



i love fall.
the smell of the crisp cool air
baking like crazy
kennedy and i cuddled up every chance we get to watch halloweentown
the witches at gardner village
apple cider
the pumpkin spice candles
kennedy's favorite, egg nog :)
there's just nothing quite like it. we are so excited for the upcoming holidays
spending time with our families around this time of year is extra special
i was definitely ready to say bye to summer this year..
my husband.
ry got a new job!!!!!! i can't even begin to explain how excited and proud of him i am.. he will be making more money, and the best part is... INSURANCE!! we have been without insruance for i can't even tell you how long so that is going to be {amazing}
i don't know anyone else that is as amazing of a man as my husband is.
he will do anything and everything to help others out.
he is genuine
and most of all...
i am so lucky to have him in my life, and my kids are even more lucky to get to call him dad
he always supports me in whatever funky idea i have wanted to do
never questions my dreams and aspirations
he has made my life complete { cheeeeeesy i know}
i have reached a point in my life where i feel everything is meant to be
life is just how i pictured it.
being married with kids.
it gets hard sometimes
but it's always worth it at the end of the day.
there's nothing quite like peeking in on my kidlets when they've fallen asleep
and kissing their cheeks goodnight for one last time.
i am so grateful


jaggers first hair cut!!

it was time
the mullet had to go :)
my friend tiffany does hair, so i had her do it! she is amazing!!
and oh my, it turned out oh so cute
he looks so much older! i can't believe that he'll be 1 next month.
time to start working on another one ;)
ahahahaha yeahhhh right.
enjoy the pictures...

of course his mouth is open.. his mouth is always open.
and he loves to sit in the sink when i do his hair
it's pretty cute