look what ry did..

sunday funday. right?
yeah. not so much
we were on a roll cleaning like crazy!!
ry backed up his jeep down the driveway to vacuum it out
and i hear this {crunch}
i couldn't stop laughing
it was the first thing he had ever hit...
the garbage can.
so of course i run and get the camera
i told him i couldn't wait to facebook the picture
he gave me {the look}
so i told him i wouldn't facebook it. so the lucky 2 of you that actually read
our blog
get to see.
hahahahahaha i still think it's pretty funny
i love him. even when he's mad


feeling blessed...

i have had many ups and downs in my life.
still to this day there are certain people and certain
situations you can't avoid.
some people hurt you
and the ones that actually truly matter make you feel
i am more than grateful for the positive and amazing
people in my life.
ryan and i are so happy to finally be where we are.
thank you to those who have helped get us here.
my heart hurts for specific situations and i feel embarrassed
for those who have hurt us so badly. unfortunately so badly
that i believe it's unrepairable.
my kids and my husband are the most special people in the world
and it's unfortunate that some will never get to see that.
{their loss right?}
i love my life, my family, my job, my pets, my friends, and so much more...
i can't let others get me down and better yet i can't dwell on
{ridiculuous} accusations.
i am the bigger person and better than them.
i will get past the negative and learn to move on.


...we're married...

yayyyyyy!! we're finally married.


i love my husband