i love my sister so much.
i couldn't be more grateful for how close we have gotten.
growing up i remember so many times wishing she was never born.
{ i know. so mean }
but i wouldn't trade her for anyone else in the whole wide world.
i can call and talk to her about everything and anything. she just gets me.
i love how amazing of an aunt she is with my kids.
i've told her that she can't have kids because she needs to keep spoiling mine ;)
we love the same trashy reality tv shows
our favs are on sundays and tuesdays
thanks for everything cal :)
who else can you count on to be completely honest and pick food out of your teeth?
love you!!


house update!!

everything is starting to come along on this house process. i swear- building a house is probably one of the most stressful things. ever. we are only a month in and i've been so stressed at some points i could puke.
our cpa didn't claim our rental income on our taxes last year so we and to go see him again and file to amend them. and it actually worked out for the better because we ended up getting hundreds more back on our taxes.
apparently when you have a rental income the way the lenders verify that income is through your previous years taxes. it was the first hurdle to get through.
the pre-qualification process was great!! i talked to our lender tonight and he said that we should be good to go and submit our offer whenever we'd like! it was the best news. i just need the hubs to be as excited as i am ;)
 4 months from now we could be in our very BRAND NEW perfect home.
ahhh i can't even wait.

now i just need to plant a money tree in the back yard to help come up with
the buttload of money we have to come up with


the things moms do

jaggers new thing is to watch caillou on netflix. i had never heard about it until he watched it at his grandma kerris and now that's all he likes to watch ;)
he came and sat on my lap while i was on the computer.
2 seconds later he looked at me with his finger in the air-
'uhh mama oook'
{uh mama look}
he had {what i thought was} a bit of chocolate on his finger from his chocolate milk i just made him.
he gets so weird about having things on his hands so
i wiped it off and licked it.
and i didn't even think anything of it
until he turned around and i could tell he had picked his nose and there was blood crusted on his nose.
that chocolate was actually a blood booger.
i gagged.
and couldn't get that nasty taste out of my head.

after the boog incident we went down to city creek again.
he has talked about a pair of 'panties' so we went to pick some out.
he calls them panties since that's what he's used to kennedy calls them.
hopefully he grows out of that haha.
he chose a pair with boos {skulls} on them and he was so proud to show me.
he is usually pretty good shopping but he was awful this time.
mid shopping he was that kid who had a full on tantrum on the floor in the middle of the store.
and i was that mom who whipped out my phone so i could take a picture ;)

he still has no interest in actually using the potty- just wearing the cute new panties



i love everything about this video.
how cute is my kid.
ahh. love.


2 days later.
and still no word.
this process just might be the death of me.



i'm so dramatic. i can't help it. i was born this way my mom says.
tomorrow is d-day.
we find out if the house building is a go.
a couple of weeks ago my sister and i went out to a cute baby boutique and on the way there we passed model homes and i told her to hurry and pull over so we could walk through them- we both fell in love!! the house is gorgeous. the hubs is sort of anti- building right now because of the houses you can get that are so cheap. and i'm so picky building to me is so ideal. so we drove out a week later and he really loved it.
so- we put down a deposit on the perfect lot in south jordan!!
i would be the happiest girl in the whole wide world of we could build our house on it. i'm so freaken nervous i could throw up. sleeping is going to be an issue tonight for sure. i'm meeting with our cpa and the underwriters with the lending company at 1:30.
so by 2 i will know if our dreams have come true or go to plan b.
bahhhhhh if only i could fast forward a day!!


summer nights

friends are the best.
there's nothing better than a last minute trip to chilis
for a girls dinner.
the little bff's get their play date they always want.
and the best and i get the blog/fb stalking in too ;)
today was the first day it officially felt like
after dinner christina and i sat outside forever
and watched the girls do their tumbling tricks they love to show off.
it was lovely
these girls wouldn't know what to do without each other.
thanks for getting pregnant with me christina ;)


sweet avery

do you want to see the cutest birthday party ever?
go read all about little avery's 1st birthday

me and the birthday girl :)


he dropped the f bomb

my sweet little boy said the mother of all words. my dad and ry have the worst potty mouths. my dad thought it would be funny to say the f bomb right in front of jags since he's been quite the parrot lately. we didn't really think he would repeat it. sure enough a couple days later, he did. i was dying. i was laughing so hard { i know bad mom award. again }
jags and i were driving around running errands on my day off last week and we pulled into the driveway once we were all done and i unbuckled him out of his car seat. he walked up to crawl over my seat and stepped on the armrest, spilled my dr. pepper on his leg and said- 'oooohhh fuhhhh'
but it wasn't censored.
one of my friends said it sounded just like ralphie in a christmas story haha ;)

jagger has the best way of pronouncing words.
it's so hard to understrand what he says
but the f word is clear as day.
i had to pre-apologize to his sweetest babysitter just incase he decided to
show off his new word in front of his friends at
grandma kerris.

then this morning i woke up to his cute little face.
i said good morning and asked how he slept.
he looks at me, pats his diaper bum and says
'i shit'
2 year olds are the best ;)



why can't people just love who they want to love. who are we to tell others who they can't? i saw this on instagram today and loved it.

instagram me ;)



we got family pictures last night. we just had some done in october with my whole family and only got a couple of shots of us. i have dreams of our future house with pictures everywhere. so- we needed another shoot. our photographer { brooke } is simply amazing. she sent me this preview and i don't even really remember this exact one. i love how one quick shot can say so much about us. mmmm i love everything about this simple picture. and i can't wait to see the rest.

i had 2 people ask where the outfits are from today
i feel so fancy-
mine: top- forever 21
shoes- nordstroms {sisters}

kennedy: maxi dress- justice {she wanted a dress just like the ones i have ;) }
and i made her headband 20 minutes before we left!

jagger: top and shorts: gap

i honestly never try to match outfits or stress too much about it.
i find outfits we would wear anyday
and if they don't go together
i'm ok with it.

over the weekend

the weekend was so much fun. we had birthday parties, picnics, lagoon day, got family pictures, and house shopped ;)
read all about our lagoon fun { here }

i really think i found my dream house. the best and i are going to go walk through on wednesday
and probably just buy it.
hubs told me he would kill me if i signed anything without his permission ;)
but it's soooo perfect.
we'll see.

my cute friend, amanda, had her adorable little girl's first birthday party!!
i can't even believe little avery is already one.
time goes by way too fast.
an amazing post over on the best friend blog is yet to come
and i promise you, you will LOVE it.

happy monday everyone.


some people

in high school there was a girl who did a very bad thing. there is no need to name names but everyone who went to school with us knows who she is and what she did. she always tried to pretend she didn't know. but she did. and when it happened she did an awful thing. a very awful thing. i have always been taught by very smart people if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. and so i don't.  years later after high school she sees me driving and will either flip me off- or today's choice of words yell out loud { in front of her child- classy } 'whore' how am i a whore when i'm the one who chose to raise my baby?
just a thought.



i love toms. i wear them everyday to work. and my kids each have way too many pairs. the other day i got this text from the hubs:

i laughed. i love those toms on jaggers little chubby square flinstone feet. they're literally the only shoes he wears and doesn't complain that they are 'owwiiiieeees'
but really, i feel like the black skull ones are for boys. i've been totally outnumbered everyone says they're girly.

so today i got him these:
husbands response- 'they're fine but i don't like the short ones love. they are girl shoes. sorry'
lose lose.
 does anyone else put their little boys in toms? carson i know you're team chelsie ;)

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