PicTures :)

So thanks to my computer I wasn't able to put any recent pictures up, but now it's being normal so here ya go! :)
I hate this picture of me but I had to post it! I can't believe I got a picture of Ry smiling!!
I love you babe :)
Kennedy and Ry.. She was so proud of our cake we made!

Baking Ry's Cake!! She loves to help me make stuff :)

I can't believe how big my Kennedy is getting :(

I love love this picture, her face cracks me up!!


13 WeeKs Left!!!

I can't even believe that in only 13 weeks our little guy will be here!!!! I can't even explain how excited this makes me! I am already so sick of being pregnant and would be totally happy if this was our last baby :) I just know that he is so worth it everytime I throw up or get heartburn or even can't sleep at night because of the awful restless legs! My last appointment went great, he is growing like a champ! He is always moving and kicking especially when I'm trying to fall asleep :)
We have been up to so much this last month! Time has just gone by so fast.. It was Ry's birthday on the 13th of August :) Happy Birthday Ry!! Kennedy and I baked him a cake, and decorated the house which she loved. We got him a really cute frame with one of Jagger's ultrasound pictures in it :) Then, we went to dinner and the next day, had a bbq which was really fun. Thanks to everyone that came!! Here are just a few pictures of ry and kennedy :) I haven't taken any pictures of me recently because I am not a fan of pregnancy pictures of me looking like a cow :) I'll post soon!
xoxo {C}hels
Ok actually, my computer won't let me upload the pictures so I'll do that later!