numero dos

good spanish speaking skills right? haha. ok lets get down to business.
day{2}: your favorite movie

i'm not a huge movie person. but the one movie i can watch over and over again is-

and when i was little, i used to watch this alll the time. i wish i could find it somewhere i'm sure kennedy would love it!!


day uno

day {1}: recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about you
this is my bffe and i. todays her birthday so this picture is perf. we went to the melting pot on friday to celebrate!! i love her she has always been there for me. we'll be friends forever and ever. don't judge the awful blurryness or me trying to look cool. haha :)
15 amazing things about yours truly-
{1} i love my family more than anything
{2} i married my best friend
{3}i have bieber fever
{4} i don't trust very many people. there are just so many fake people out there
{5} i only have a few people i'm really close to. i don't have a problem with cutting dramatic {to say the least} people out of my life. Life is too short for that kind of stuff.
{6} Chelsea Lately is my favorite show. ever. i watch it every night when the kids are finally asleep and ry's off to work. it's my favorite time of the day.
{7} i had my little girl when i was 17. it was the hardest thing i have ever done to this day. but, i wouldn't change anything. we are the best of friends and i look up to her just as much as she looks up to me. she has made me who i am today and i belive everything happens for a reason
{8} my mom is one of my very best friends. she knows everything about me
{9} i'm starting to LOVE to cook. i never used to be able to cook everything. look at me go! ry must be so proud :)
{10} i can't wait for summerrrrr
{11} i am completely happy with where i'm at in life. i don't think there are many people that can say that. people are always wanting more. don't get me wrong i can't wait for a bigger house and all my debt to be paid off, but i am completely content.
{12} i am a very impatient person. i'm working on it but i've come to terms that's just me ;) lucky ry is THE most patient person in the entire world. we balance each other out very well.
{13} my dad is my hero. he has been through so much and is so successful. he can make anyone laugh and i thank him for the cleaning ocd gene he passed down to me.
{14} i really hope jagger walks one day. i mean 15 months is a little embarrassing right? haha lazy little man. i still love that boy so so much
{15} i have THE cutest kids. i have proof. people tell me alllll the time. and they're so well behaved. well jagger isn't but he's 1 so that doesn't count right? kennedy {almost} always used her manners and is such a smart little girl. see, contentment! i'm super interesting right??

30 days about muahhh

so being the follower that i am. seriously this girl has no idependence. right mom? ha! i have had a couple blogging friends do this cool 30 day thang. i thought it would be such a fun idea to do and fun to have to look back on!

Here's the list of things...

day {1}: recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about you

day{2}: your favorite movie

day {3}: pet peeves

day {4}: meaning behind your blog name

day {5}: your parents

day {6}: your celebrity crush

day {7}: an animal you'd love to keep as a pet

day {8}: a hobby of yours

day {9}: a place you love

day {10}: a person you love

day {11}: favorite tv shows

day {12}: photo of you taken ten years ago

day {13}: something you're afraid of

day {14}: your makeup bag

day {15}: your family

day 16: something you're looking forward to

day {17}: favorite book

day {18}: what makes you different from everyone else

day {19}: something you bought recently

day {20}: favorite song

day {21}: your friends

day {22}: a place you've traveled to

day {23}: favorite recipe

day {24}: favorite photo

day {25}: plans/dreams/goals you have

day {26}: a habit you wish you didn't have

day {27}: a picture of you last year and a picture of you now

day {28}: something that stresses you out

day {29}: put your ipod on shuffle, what are the first ten songs

day {30}: photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days
this will be interesting..


going private

after so long of going back and forth about deciding to go private or not, i have decided to do it! this is more of a journal of our lives and it creeps me out knowing of all the creepers out there!! and there are certain others who i would just prefer to shut out all together who i'm sure
read up on our lives.

i don't care who reads it, i just want to know who is! you can leave your email in the comments, or email them to me at


thank you :)

the big apple

we are going to new york twice in may. i cannot wait. thank you cousins for getting married
this is a much needed vaca.
is it still february? blah.



last friday i took kennedy and her cute friend sophie to see the justin bieber movie
with my friend jill and her little cousin. we all had SO much fun!!
kennedy and soph had a blast together like they always do, it's
so fun to see them together. {kennedy now is begging me for bangs, but she swears it's
not because sophie has them ;) }
man that jb is one talented kid. i loved justin before this movie and
now i love him even more. people are always making fun of me for it but i
really think he's so freaken cute. even if you're not a huge fan of him, go see the movie.
you'll love it! i'm still convincing ry to go see it. no luck.
here are some pictures from our fun night. enjoyyyyy


where are you spring

i know it's only february 3rd. but i'm dying for warmer weather.
i am sick of the sicknesses that the winter season seems to bring with it.
my poor little man has been sick i swear, like every 3 weeks.
i miss the warmth
the sun shining on my face
the sound of the kids playing in the front yard
the smell of the air conditioner
tank tops
swimming pools
and even tan lines.
we have so many fun things planned for this summer. so now all we need

is that warm weather to hurry. please ;)
warm wishes xoxo
ps. i'm on day 30 of my diet. it's been going great. ive seem to have hit a rut. everything looks
so delish.
i can do it i can do it :)
9 down 10 to go.