definitely not my week

ughh. does anyone ever have those kind of weeks? the weeks where you just want friday to be here so you can be done with the ridiculousness of what's been going on? maybe i'm just a baby. but i swear- you know in bruce almighty when he says he's the ant and there is a kid holding a magnifying glass over him. {or something like that} well that's me. if it's not one thing it's another.

my phone is dunzo. whoever knows me knows that i lived off of my iphone. my friend made fun of me saying after my kids and husband- it's my phone. we all laughed but it's kind of true. it broke. like sat in water for a long time and wont turn back on broke. and yes- we tried the rice. what's another $400 for a new iphone right? blah.
as we're renting out our house our mortgage company called and said they hadn't received our payment. i knew i sent it the same time i do every month.
i freaked. the last thing you want when you're going to be buying a new house in the near future is to be on bad terms with your mortgage comapny. i was sick about it- she said to give it a couple more days just in case it would turn up, and luckily it did! and they were able to reverse the late fee since we had never been late before.
i hate those kinds of things. i am so ocd about bills getting paid on time 
so it drove me absolutely crazy. 
that will teach me to monitor my account better right?

on a positive note- my car is finally out of the shop. some stupid lady hit me and it was a COMPLETE nightmare figuring out who was paying for it. thankfully it wasnt me!!
and the hubs bought me a new pair of boots i can't wait to wear!
but- don't tell anyone he doesn't know i know ;)

here's to a happy rest of the week. and the weekend of course


disneyland is booked!!

and i'm so excited i could pee my pants!! we've almost given it away twice now but- the girls hopefully still have NO idea. i can't even wait! i think we're going to win moms of the year for taking them :)
i can't wait to see how excited their faces are when we tell them they're going to DISNEYLAND together!
now if october 9th could just get here- that would be great :)


nine eleven

i remember i came home from school in 8th grade because i was sick. there was nothing on tv except the coverage of the attacks. i remember feeling annoyed that there was nothing on tv except that. i didnt comprehend what had actually happened to our country.

i look back now and i just wasn't able to grasp the concept of what had happened. how serious these actions were. i was too young to actually have felt the deepest sympathy i feel today. watching the tv specials now and listening to the songs on the radio today- i have had my eyes well up with tears multiple times. i can't tell you how many times i have gotten chills that run through me. my heart aches so badly for everyone that was affected. i am so proud to be an american. i am more than grateful every single day for the land i live on and for the troops that continue to stand up and fight for our country. thank you. every single person that has fought for our freedom


jagger krew

you are the cutest little boy i have ever seen. you fall and bonk multiple times a day. most of the time you get back up and carry on like nothing ever happened. yesterday at grandma kerris you ran behind your sister on a swing an she gave you your first black eye {right in time for family pictures} and it doesn't seem to bother you at all. oh how i love you so.


welcome fall

i am officially ready for fall. after work i walked out to my car and it wasn't disgustingly hot outside. it made me smile :) fall is my favorite time of year. i love everything about it. the new wardrobe change. the changing colors. the smell of the fall air. sweaters. pumpkins. the holidays. lagoon's frightmares {carson you really should come ;) } pumpkin spice latte's. playing in the leaves. watching halloweentown with kennedy. costume shopping for the babes. cozy nights cuddled in bed with the window open and that cold fall air coming through. it's the best. i wish that fall could last for months and months. i love it all.
welcome fall 2011- please stay a very long time