workout or ice cream?

ice cream of course!! ;)
i loathe working out. and any chance i get close to doing it something comes up.
like getting ice cream with my kidlets ;)


eff my life

i have had THE worst luck with my car lately. last week i was driving home from work- decided to take a 'short cut' and drove through alta view hopsital. i had to sneeze, and mid sneeze i opened my eyes and saw a car coming. the second round of sneezing came and i looked up, saw that car coming closer so i moved over to the right. i sneezed- looked at my hand and the snot on it and eeeeeppppp ran my car along the nice guard railing. no joke my car has the worst scrape from the front right to the back right. i called my father in law because he knows everyone. i thought he might know someone that could help fix it.
we're still working on that.
then yesterday i got hit in the target parking lot. i was in my parking spot and some guy started backing into the spot in front of me. i didn't think anything of it really until he freaken bumped my car. we both got out and i honestly didn't see any damage. he was so sorry and i told him it was fine and not to worry about it. my dad would kill me if he knew. he says to ALWAYS get a phone number and plate number at the very least. i did neither. i got to work reversed and my front bumper just drops. i cried. i called my father in law and cried more. he told me that it's not the worst thing that could happen and just be grateful no one was hurt and that i have healthy kids. he always puts things into persepective. but i'm still pissed. if we weren't building our house right now i would get rid of my car and get a new one!!
and since it's 2 different accidents that means 2 different deductibles
i mean we do have a money tree in our backyard now so i'm definitely
throwing money around.

a guy at work today told me that it's just a sign of good karma coming my way. oh man i reallyyyy hope so.

tomorrow is a new day
im really hoping it gets better than today was

'don't get discouraged. things will work out.'

saw that lovely quote on pinterst today from my cousin chels
i loved it

and now it's 8:13 and i'm off to bed.
right after i take care of my kids yelling up the stairs-
'moooom jagger is hitting me!'
'moooom i hit sissy!'
oh my monsters are just the best



i love how one picture can make me smile
even when i'm in the worst mood.


look what i made!!

do you want to see what i made?? it's super cute.
hopefully you all will like it too!

on a shitty note-
i was so excited i got work off early.
i was driving home and took a shortcut through alta view hospital
because construction is a bih.
i sneezed 2 times in a row
and side swiped the damn railing
my poor car.
i have awful scratches from the front right clear to the back right.
i called my father in law balling hysterically
{he's the one guy that always knows someone that can fix things}
he told me to calm down and he'll look at it tonight and we'll see what we can do.

does everything ever go right for a long time?
i swear it seems like once things start looking up and smooth sailing-
something happens.


the two of us

i'm a blogger. facebooker. and instagrammer.
you'll see all of the same pictures on all 3 probably.
because i love them so.
we got pictures done in april and
we got so many pictures that melt my heart to little pieces.

i love my husband. i am so lucky to be his.
we are young.
and have accomplished so much already.
me you and the world babe.
we got this ;)

i love him more than he will ever know.


why i love my dad

my dad has always been someone i look up to. he has always worked so hard for everything he has. there isn't one thing he has that he isn't grateful for. i have never seen anyone take such good care of his things than him. he loves my kids. growing up i didn't see my grandparents much. i don't know what it's like to have the love of a grandpa. seeing him with my kids melts my heart. he teases jagger so much but i know jags secretly loves it. he would do anything for any of us. and i couldn't love him more for everything that he has taught me. he will never see this- i don't think he even knows i have a blog? ha! but if he does,

i want you to know how much you mean to me. you have a special place in my heart and i love you so much for every little thing you have ever taught me. i will always remember being little and us playing and if we got you off the bed you would take us to 7-11 for a candy. or the 7-11 runs for a slurpee. it's the little things that mean so much. we were always scared of you more than mom for whatever reason ;) we would never want to get in trouble with you. i don't know what the difference between you and mom getting mad at us. when you would bite your hand and make that aunt lorie face we knew we were in trouble and did what we needed to be better.
i loved you at my wedding. i wasn't expecting you to make that speech at the rehearsal dinner. it melted my heart. my only regret at my wedding is that we don't have that on film. i loved how we danced. down the aisle and then for the daddy daughter dance. we danced i cried and then we both laughed because the song was way too long and it was so hot!!
thank you for everything you have ever done for me and my little family.
i have never done anything but try and make you proud.
i really have the best dad. ever.
my siblings would agree ;)


sorry charly

jagger wanted to take the ipad outside. i told him- 'sorry charly the ipad has to stay inside'
he says-'nooo mama i not charly!'

'oh?- then who are you?'
'mama i daggah'

my littles are so funny


it's official!!

we are building our brand new house in south jordan and i couldn't be more excited.
it really is my dream come true.
everything about it is perfect.
ry and i don't want to move again for a long long time.
so we are going to make sure everything is just how we want it.
we wanted to make sure it was going to be big enough for our family just in case 
we decided to have one more little babe.
total the house will have 3,000 square feet and i was super happy because that's
what i've been saying i want before we even looked at building.
we really don't need anything bigger than that because then it's just too much of a space to clean ;)
the upstairs master bedroom and master bathroom is heaven
i live in my bathtub. i will really take a bath every single night
{except in the summer when it's too hot}
so the bathroom was one of the most important things for me.
when we moved out of our draper house the two things ry said he wanted were
1- a basement that he could finish
2- a three car garage
and the rest i could do whatever i wanted.
win/win ;)
i've been on pinterest so much lately and have seen some really cute ideas for the babes rooms
kennedy says she doens't want the 'house' bed ry made her a couple years ago so
we love this since it will give more space for her to play.
and are the colors not amazing??
i'm in love.

i wanted something simple for jags. i found this in pinterest {of course}
and thought it was perfect!!
i'm going to have tiff from { mrs. this and that }
help me! she is amazing.

who doesn't think this is amazing?
ahhh heaven.
i would really want to spend more time folding clothes right?

everyone loves the chevron.
i'll definitely find a place for a cute frame like this

we just got our family pictures back and gahhhh. i can't wait
to put them on a wall just like this!!

..and our bed. i love this bedspread and bought the set a couple months ago.
{  it went on sale so i justified it that i HAD to have it. to me- being on sale is a sign i have to get it ;)  }
mmmm there's nothing better than cuddling up with the fam in my bed.
it should be a quick 4 month process.
we go in on july 7th to the design center where they say it takes about 5 hours
to choose everything out. then after that the building should only be 90 days.
i'm hoping we're in by november for our babes birthdays.
my heart couldn't be happier.


sunshine and summer time

we played and played outside all day today and loved every second of it. jags even got to skip his nap he usually takes just so he could play with us. we went to the pool { minus the hubs. he hates going swimming. weirdo } and after an hour of being there it started to rain so we left. we made a target run then came home and bbq'd for my dads birthday. it was such a nice day to just hang out with the fam. the kids got hot so they put their swimsuits back on and ran through the sprinklers. once it got dark we had a fire in the fire pit. and the best part- it's only saturday so we can do it all again tomorrow before the week begins!!

my cute neice hates getting her feet dirty so
kennedy would carry her over to the sprinkler and then back again :)

and the aftermath of a sun filled day
it totally wore her out ;)

the offer is in!!

we submitted our offer on our house last night!! now it's the waiting game. we should hear by tuesday if they accept or counter ours.