this girl

kennedy kills me. she came home really really wanting 'nerd glasses' i have to admit she does look pretty dang cute in them!

we went to target to make a trip to get these glasses and buy halloweentown. the hubs said he probably broke it last year because we watched it so much. rude. so we just bought it again ;)

we all left happy. kennedy had her glasses and halloweentown 1 & 2 and I had my box of candy corn. i couldn't leave jags out so i bought him a new cute pair of converse ;)

successful target trip!



we went to look at our hold again today!! if we go each week- we only go 11 more times.
oh man i can't wait!! :)


diy mirror

christy and i did these on our blog {here}
we had just a little whoops when we gave ry the measurments a little too small. it ended up working out and i think i'm going to put it in kennedys room! we're going to make huge ones for our master bedrooms. i can't wait to see them all done!! i have been wanting a huge mirror like this since i moved back to the parents. it's been so fun working on projects here and there for our home!!

87 more days ;)


seriously. where did our little girls go?? it is so sad how fast they've grown up on us! how dang cute were they a couple years ago?! i miss this. im so happy they still love each other as much as they did when they first started out playing together!



it's not much but it's progress!! it's finally starting to feel real. eeeeeeeep!!



bridal shower. bestfriendsblog style

christys friend heather got married last week! her wedding was so gorgeous too. christy was a bridesmaid and did so many cute things for the bachelorette party and bridal shower. go { here } and see how gorgeous everything was!!
michelle {money- from the bachleor}, christy, and laura.
michelle and laura were bridesmaids too- they have their own youtube channel, the mm and l show. they show you all sorts of tutorials on hair and make up. and they're super funny
you should look them up and subscribe to their channel!


we have a hole!!

finally finally!! i can't even describe how happy we are. it's finally starting to feel real! i will be making a paper chain and take off a ring everyday for the next 88 days ;) wahooooo!!


cutting ties

there comes a time when you have to let certain people go. we have put up with so much over the years. It's emotionally exhausting. for the sake of our little family- were done.

to stand behind such an arrogant person that calls himself a man who threatens my husband is completely pathetic. i don't know how you're not mortified about the situation.

to hurt your child the way you have hurt ryan over and over is disgusting to me.

i hope he was worth losing and hurting your son. and grand kids. but I know they've never been a huge priority to you anyway.

your actions were completely uncalled for. and its an absolute joke for thinking its appropriate whatsoever to show his face and act like that especially at a wedding. i guess weddings aren't your best places to be. you've made 2 brides cry on their wedding day now.

you are a lost person and apart of me actually feels bad for you. i don't know anyone who changes around the people they're around as much as you do.

i know you'll read this. we want you to know cutting ties is completely necessary at this point.
dont try and contact us. i want nothing to do with you as long as you're going to be with that kind of a person and support him. it's absolutely disgusting to me how a mom would defend someone over her OWN CHILD who has done nothing but be there for her.

i wouldn't wish anything bad on anybody- but i sure as hell don't wish anything good for you.


jags and i were going to lunch/playdate. the kid hates wearing shoes. he'll decide he doesn't want to go somewhere based on if i make him wear shoes or not. we were driving not even 10 minutes away and the second we got in the car he asked if he could take his shoes off
'mama me take my shoes off?'
'no babe were almost there!'
'k i not me take my shoes off'
little stinker chuckles.
i looked back and snapped this.
he's lucky he's so dang cute ;)


mr. & mrs.

ry's cousin jake got married over the weekend!!
their wedding was so dang pretty, and lexi looked amazing.
we were so happy to be apart of it. kennedy loved being their flowergirl ;)

we went up on friday for their rehearsal, had yummy food and then came back saturday for the ceremony. they had it up at snowbird and it was so gorgeous!
the colors this time of year are so pretty.
i told ry i want to re-do our weddiug ;)


kennedy and lex.
lexi was so cute and got kennedy a present.
in the present there was a shirt that said flowergirl on it.
i don't think kennedy took it off for 3 days

the four.

my little stinkers at the rehearsal.
jagger ran laps around that place. the kid has so much energy

trav and ry

meand breez at the wedding :)

pinned up curls and bronzing spray.
toddlers and tiara's maybe?

this picture doesn't do her justice. she looked so pretty.
and her dress?
it had pockets. i am obsessed with it.

congrats jake and lexi!!
have an amazing honeymoon ;)
love you guys!


victoria justice

i surprised kennedy with tickets to victoria justice at the fair this year. it just sounded like a win/win situation to me ;)
2 rounds of the fair in one year? yes. please.
she loves mommy dates. when we can go places just her and i she is in heaven. i really try and do it as much as i can. she is growing up so dang fast. i need time to slow down just a little bit.

she has loved school and done so well with reading and getting up early every day
{except the one day she faked sick. then got grounded to her room all day for lying about it}

the weather was so cloudy and rainy she was worried it was going to get cancelled. i called the fair folk before we left and they said it was still on!

and we were off..
hi. are you 7 or 17?
ds in hand and ready to go! :)

the opening act was this kid.
max schneider.
apparently he's a big deal.
kennedy said she is in love and will marry him one day

how cute is she?
mmm. seriously she's the best.
all taylor swift like with her hand in a heart.
we met some girls that were 12 in the row in front of us and were just going crazy over max. we noticed there were some seats in the third row that hadn't filled. so- me being the responsible one of the group of little girls persuaded everyone to sneak up and take the seats. we didn't get in trouble at all and had the best view. totally worth taking that risk.
max and victoria even smiled and waved at kennedy.
she was in heaven.

waiting for victoria justice to come!
you can't go to the fair and not get a caramel apple.

aaaand there she is!
iphone quality and all.

perfect ending to a perfect date night with my favorite little girl.
xox babes
love you to itty bitty pieces 



last night hubs and i went to dinner and brought back the leftovers for the kids. you would have thought it was their first and last meal. ever. i snapped this beauty and laughed so hard at my poor kids hair. i have no idea why he got so blonde just on the top. at least he rocks the new ombré trend. it makes for one proud daddy ;)

how awful is ry? he NEVER takes pictures with me. to get these i had to throw a little bit of a fit. i just asked him to smile with me. this is what i get. weirdo.


hocus pocus

there's a different feel to september. it's cooler at night and cooler in the morning. i walked to my car this morning and smiled, the crisp air made my day start off amazing.

the babes and i are watching hocus pocus tonight. kennedy has been waiting for so long to watch halloween movies. my kids know that i can't stand watching holiday movies when it's not that holiday time. so let the season and movie watching begin!!


bear lake round two

i was awful at getting pictures this trip. we had so much fun though!! my sister and her boyfriend came and my parents. caleigh and i told my mom this was good motivation to have me stop at just two kids ;) it was so peaceful- no drama and the food lasted so much longer haha!

my mom didn't think it was very funny.
camping wears these two right out ;)


september first

bahhhhh september is here!! and we're celebrating by one last weekend in bear lake ;) so excited for a little getaway!