burlap frames

                  look what's new over at My Best Friend's Blog, burlap frames! aren't these adorable?
i'm in love and CANT wait to decorate my future house :)


nothing like an ER visit

since we've been kind of and kind of not trying to have a baby i've been super ocd about when i'm ovulating. { thank you pinkpad on my iphone :) } i was right in the middle of ovulating. i woke up in pain but didn't think much of it. i went to work- dealt with some crazies there { i swear to you i don't know what some people are thinking } then came home. i laid down and the pain was so bad. i called instacare since i knew my doctor wasn't open. they told me to go straight to the emergency room. i told my mom i'd be fine and it was probably nothing bad. i went to the hospital alone and they checked me in. took my blood, pee, and all that other good stuff. my mom got there and then they took me back for an ultrasound. they wouldn't let me see the screen- i was so bummed! 30 minutes later the doctor came back in and said i had a cyst that had ruptured. bahhh stupid uterus. i have an appointment with my OB on tuesday so hopefully we'll be able to see what we can do. but basically there is nothing you can do when you've got cysts. they either rupture or dissolve. lucky me- they rupture and make me hate my life. ry has had to stay awake this week to be with the babes so i didn't wake him up to tell him that i was leaving. when he got to the hospital he looked at me and said- 'don't ever go to a hospital without telling me ever again' it was really cute how concerned he was :) SO now for today- i'm feeling like a champ. hopefully my doctor will have helpful information on tuesday :)

nothing goes cuter with your hospital name tag than your favorite watch :)


party of 5? or are things perfect.

i am having the hardest time deciding if we're going to add just one more babe to our crazy family. there is nothing i love more than the thought of a sweet sweet brand new babe. the doctor appointments. the delivery. the stay at the hospital. the feeling of bringing your brand new baby home for the first time. the smell of that presh little babe. the newborn cry. the tiny clothes. the comfort. i just feel like there is just one more little girl up there for us :) lately i've been convincing the hubs like none other that it's time. we have so many reasons why it's not quite the right time right now. those babies just seem to come when they want though :) i havent been on birth control since october so really- it could happen today, next week, next month, or a year from now. in a perfect world- we will get into our house { which should be happening soon!! } get all settled in and then get that addition into our family. the other side of me says we have a boy and a girl { hubs says why would you ever want to offset that ;) } i am FINALLY at the weight i've wanted to be for years. and obviously by having a baby would change that. and the sleep deprevation. that's what would kill me the most since ry works graves it would be all me. i've been working so much more at work so we can get into an amazing house. if we had another baby i would definitely have to cut back to be home a lot more and with the lovely spending problem i have that is so hard for me!! either way- we'll have to wait and see :) but- i swear everyone i know is prego. i miss it. go 2 years back to those blog posts and i absolutely hated being pregnant. bahhh. why would i want to do that again?! crazy woman. like i said- when you know there's someone else waiting for you sometimes it's just meant to be :)

oh- and operation grow the bangs out has begun. they were great for like 2 days. i'm over them.

off to bed. another long day ahead :) nighty night


driving with mama

there's nothing i love more than to drive around when it's good weather with the windows down
and sunroof open. especially in february ;) we've been so lucky with the weather this winter
{until yesterday with all that yuck snow}
this day-
jagger was patient enough to drive and drive looking at houses with his
mama. we were at a red light and he usually is so impatient at red lights
and if we wait longer than 30 seconds- he'll yell GOOOO!!
he didn't yell so i looked back and saw this.
it made me smile
i love those chubby little hands so dang much
can't wait for summer

Mercury Glass

head on over to My Best Friends Blog to see how you can make your own mercury glass vase- they turned out so dang cute!!


happy valentines day!!

happy valentines day!! :) the holidays are my favorite. and no matter what i promise to ry how i wont spend way too much money and time on presents for the kids- i somehow always break those promises. the babes and i had so much fun making their valentines. { thank you pinterest }

this year kennedy really wanted a paul frank blanket. luckily target had just the one. and jagger is too young to care what he gets so the dollar aisle is my favorite. cars and sippy cups and the kid is happy for days.

and the husband came home with roses and a blank card- i asked him why he didn't write a love laced poem for me and sign it, and his respons- 'why would i write in it when you already know it's from me?' he's so romantic.

he's the granola-ish type so i got him smart water ;) jagger saw it in the aisle and yelled DADDY!!
dont be fooled- the cupcakes are totally mine.
to help make up for the lack of present from him ;)
happy valentines day everyone!!


i am so excited to show you all-

the best and i decided to start a blog. yes we're that cheesy. but we needed somewhere to write down all of our blabbings. and of course her crafty side :) so grab the button- and enjoy

time for a change

i saw ry's sister the other day and her hair was so cute!! she had the cutest bangs. i decided i needed a change. i went home, you tubed how to cut your own bangs, and chopped away. i am already sick of them- but they'll be fine until they grow out :)
a little change is always a good thing.
i know i wouldn't ever cut it shorter or even go way darker so-
whaaa laaaaa


here's to a good week

i had another epiphany.
last time i did- we packed up our little house, rented it out, and moved back to my parents :)
everything has been so good and we've been more than blessed to
have this opportunity to be able to save money to get into our almost dream home.
2 days ago i told the hubs i think we should just sell the townhouse {we're not making enough money off of it to keep it as a rental }instead of keeping it and having to deal with tenants and being landlords.
i'm crossing my fingers that the current tenants will let us break their lease early
and we can put that baby on the market and get it
i don't even care if we dont profit off of it at all.
all i'm hoping is that we break even.
if all goes as planned, we'll be able to have an FHA loan instead of conventional
have to only put 3.5% down instead of 5%
and not have $30 something thousand in reserves.
sounds like a much better plan.
there is a very small part of me that is so emotionally attatched to that townhouse though :(
so- here is to a week of GOOD news and happy thoughts.
happy monday everyone :)

girls night

everyone needs a good girls night once in a while. the best and i went to a friends and had such a blast. it was so good to see everyone and catch up :) tiff is such a doll and i can't wait to see her again when jagger
gets his mullet cut off ;)

i'm sore from trying to show everyone how i can't even do 1 push up.

the classic-
driving in the car picture.
i really am one lucky girl to have such great friends in my life