sweet summertime

summer has been so good to us so far :)

sandals & snow shacks



funny things

i had to blog about this before i forgot and i want to remember the things kennedy says forever and ever. boyce avenue is an amazing cover singer. i have been addicted lately. the first song on the cd is katy perrys- teenage dream. we were listening to it as i was taking kennedy to gymnastics. as i drop her off she gets out of the car and says- 'um. tell this guy he is NOT katy perry'
she makes my day. so dang funny <3 love you little girl. more than you'll ever know.


yes- im that girl with the screaming baby

new york was more than amazing. the trip getting there- not so much. imagine everything that could possibly go wrong, besides your airplane crashing, and that sums up our adventure to new york. story to come :)
heres just a little preview-