elliott jean

i can't sleep. i am on cloud 9 staring at this perfect baby girl. i don't know how i got  so lucky to be her mama. ugh she is amazing. by far the easiest pregnancy and labor. ever. welcome to the family baby girl. love love love you.
{ 7 pounds 8 ounces of complete perfection }
20 inches
1:02 pm

with love-
ryan.chels.big sister kennedy. and big bruddah jaggoh

her birth story is below :)



my mom, sister, ryan, and i got to the hospital this morning at 7:30. our cute nurse showed us to our labor and delivery room. from the moment we got there it started to feel so surreal. the moment we've all been waiting for, for over 9 months was finally here. i changed into my uber cute hospital gown and hung out in the bed until around 8 when the nurse came back in to hook me up to the monitors, check all my vitals, and see how far i had progressed and where i was dialated to. i was still at a 4 and 80% effaced since my last appointment i had on thursdsay. my doctors partner had come in the room shortly after and said he wanted to break my water. i am that patient that is such a baby when it comes to my pain tolerance. i told him we would all be better off if we waited to start the pitocin and break my water until after my epidural. thankfully he was totally fine with that ;) the anesthesiologist came in shortly after and i got the epi. it was a little piece of heaven. i immediately felt so much better {not that i was even in a ton of pain, but when your back has been killing you for the last month every single day, it was amazing} the doctor came in around 9:30/10 and broke my water then started the pitocin. it is the best feeling to watch the monitor and see those massive contractions and not be able to feel them at all!! the nurse checked me and i was still at a 4. my dad and cydney got there right after 10. we all talked, laughed, and hung out until a little after noon. my amazing nurse came in to check me and i was at a 5+. progress! she said that we just jumpstarted labor and it might take a little bit. i just always go so fast once those contractions start so i knew she wasn't far from coming ;)

a little bit before 1 she came in to check me again and holy moses i was totally dialated and effaced with baby girl stationed at a 2+. she started to set up the room, called my doctor, and the other head nurse to get this baby out ;) my doctor was 5 minutes away. i had my mom on my left side holding my leg and cydney on the right side holding the other one. poor caleigh had the total intentions the whole pregnancy to be there, watch it all and cut baby's cord. right before i was totally dilated caleigh said she was feeling queasy. haha!

i had put my legs up with my mom and sister holding each leg and my cute nurse lifted up the blanket and yelled. not just a little squeal, full on yelled. she goes- 'ahhh we have a head!! you need to push!' it was so so crazy. she had caleigh run out and grab the head nurse from the nurses station. i literally had 2 seconds to try and grab my legs and i lifted my arms up to grab them and saw baby elliott already out. i didn't even push. we were all in SO much shock. i couldn't have even imagined an easier labor. i am so lucky i had such an amazing nurse there to deliver her. my doctor made it in and was so sad she had missed it.

this baby has made our family complete. we are so in love with her and can't imagine life without her.

elliott- i hope how amazingly easy my pregnancy and labor was with you is a sign of how good you're going to be ;)

it's amazing how fast you can fall in love with someone you don't even know- yet you feel like you've known forever. we love you baby girl. thank you for bringing a little piece of heaven along with you

your mama