christmas with the lorences

we had the best christmas this year!! it is always so much fun to get together with my whole family. we're so nuts and it's always so loud and something is always
going on, but i wouldn't change it for the world. as always, it went by soooo fast. we had such a
blast. on christmas eve, we ate yummy yummy food and then opened our tradition christmas eve jammies. aaaaand they all fit us this year!! haha! we've had wardrobe malfunctions in the past year, so i think we finally got it right. the kids got spoiled with presents {of course} and i loved watching every second of it.
merry christmas everyone :)

the tree with presents underneath!!

little snooks enjoying her first christmas :)


me and my sisters. i love my sisters!! and we all
look so much alike too ;)


cal and ty in their jammies

me and berk! she makes the funniest faces.
i guess i just decided to mock one of them :)

ahh jag man. there's nothing better than his blankey and a bottle
to this little guy.

little kennedy getting so excited to go to sleep to see what
santa brings!!


remember when...

i can't believe he was ever this little!!


meet snooki

this is snooki. kennedy's early christmas present :) i know i'm crazy for getting another animal, after i swore i was done with pets. it's just impossible to go to the animal shelter and not come home with something. i really thought that puka needed a friend :) snook came all the way from california, {just like puka did. so i knew it was meant to be ;)} her mommy is a rottweiler and they're not sure about dad, but they think he was a lab. i grew up with the best rottweilers and when i saw her i just had to have her. she has been a pretty good puppy so far!! we're still working on the potty training ;) we love her!!

she is just so sweet!! she loves to lay in the bathroom and have
the heater come out and warm her up! she also just loves to cuddle.
she'll come find me and snuggle up right next to me. love.love


my lilttle model

a couple weeks ago our photographer asked if she could borrow kennedy for a photoshoot for the clothing company, persnickety. of course kennedy was oh so excited!! here are just 2 of the pictures she ended up using for their christmas line. it's not a huge deal, but as her mom, i'm totally going to brag and play it up :) haha enjoy...



for mindy

sometimes i get inspired. whether it's from a person, a song, or a movie. today it was a person. a very special person. i have missed her so badly for some time now. i have never seen her get mad or even in situations where bad things should have been said about someone, nothing mean has ever come out of her mouth.
she makes me want to be a better person
she is the most uplifting person i have ever met and i'm sure i will ever meet. after i talked to her today i walked away feeling so good and just so positive. she genuinely cares about me and my family.
i love you mindy. thank you for making my day.