elle bell

12 week loves: 
her mama
the boobies {seriously though. the girl would nurse all day if i let her}
to be swaddled
short little cat naps
only waking up maybe once a night. sometimes she sleeps all night long
bath time 
her big sis and bruddah
staring at herself in the mirror

12 week hates:
driving in the car. she literally screams the whole time. every. single. time 
being left alone for too long
her baba- she will take one if she gets hungry enough but definitely loves the boobie ;)
a binky. we've tried every kind. she just hates them

she is seriously the best. when she gets tired she will fuss and rub her eyes. ive created a monster by nursing her to sleep even for naps. it makes it hard for daddy to watch her. whoopsies! 
how does 12 weeks go by so fast? 
we're in for a fun weekend- friends, family, and a whole lot of halloween activities!! 


then there were 5

we got our family pictures done. i was a stressed out basket case. they were at 9 am out at the salt flats. trying to get 3 kids and a husband + myself all ready that early was cra-zay. the whole drive there i felt like we were forgetting something. then when we did get there my naughty word 3 year old was awful. he wouldn't pose, look, or even talk back to brooke when she would try and talk to him. and it was only like 50 degrees outside with crazy winds. once we were done we drove off and i was so bummed i felt like we weren't going to even get that one shot i have had invisioned in my head since we found out we were pregnant with elliott. an hour after our absolutely amazing photographer sent me these two. 

i cried. 

honestly it made my heart stop for just a second. it was us. the five. captured the exact way i had wanted for so long. if you need a photographer you have to go to brooke- blush photography. it's worth every penny. the pictures she has taken of us over the past years i will cherish forever. 

my whole wide world in one picture 
love- the five. 



i love the fall.
probably just as much as everyone else ;)
i hope it lasts longer than 3 days before winter comes in for 8 months.

and i really should cut back on the pumpkin spice latte addiction.
that much money a month on just coffee is ridiculous. haha!

baby sis is already over 2 months old. i'm not quite sure how that happened so fast?
it's unreal to me how fast time can go.

sometimes in life there are events that happen that make you take a step back and look at things in a different perspective. i know i say it all the time. but i couldn't be more grateful and blessed for where i am now in my life.