my sweet kennedy

how cute is my sweet girl? i couldn't love her anymore than i do. not only is she the best big sister and helper- she's amazingly gorgeous. a little bit ago she was in a cute photo shoot for sweet little peanut that was styled by emily jackson at ivory lane- go to the bests' blog for the whole story and links ;)



who is anyone to tell others who they can and cannot love?

i still don't understand how people can be so close minded.




we are halfway there!! wahooo! i can't believe how fast this is going by. and i wouldn't have it any other way ;) the last 2 nights i have really started to get so dang hot at night. ryan came home from work early on friday and said our room was probably 45 degrees. i was in heaven! oh man it's going to be a hot hot summer.

every night all i do is look at pinterest and think of what i can make. not even kidding i'm pretty sure i probably drool ;) gross. haha!

baby girl we can't wait to meet you!!


it's spring!!

and we are so excited about it!! :) everyday i get off of work and can't wait to let the kids play outside OUR house. it's the best feeling to sit in the front yard and watch them run around and around. and i know our doggies love it just as much. life is so good to us.

we're finally almost all unpacked. I'm down to one box in my room. and a bunch downstairs that i don't even know what's inside so i just pretend they aren't there ;) i told ry it might be a good year before i finally feel like things are how i want them here. there are so many ideas we can't wait to do!!

we got the kids a trampoline and until we have our yard in we have it just in our family room. the kids think it's the coolest thing ever. it will be going downstairs shortly ;)

baby girl!! i still am in shock it's a girl. we have another ultrasound this friday so I'm hoping nothing grew ;) can you imagine?! that would be awful! i've already started her collection of the cutest girl things. and i think it's safe to say we've decided on a name. it took hubs a good month to come around, but now he says it's ok. as surprisingly i feel amazing. i'm not sick at all anymore which is the best part. and only starting to have to do the lovely hair tie trick on my jeans. my ob did tell me my maternity clothes would be out before i know it. ugh. i hope not!!

happy happy spring!! :)