my driving home conversation

Kennedy- 'ma, do you like tuna sandwiches?'

Me- no not really. why?

'because one of my friends at school likes them, and me? eh- I'm not the biggest fan of them.

Really? Why do I feel like she skipped being a kid.

And then driving home from cheer I told her I just need two minutes of silence.
She lasted 30 seconds


kennedy rian

.and while i'm on the subject- how adorable is kennedy?
she went on a trip to st. george with one of her best friends for 4 whole days. i missed her like crazy!! 
 and when she came back i got her a new outfit :)
she instantly wanted a photo shoot.
man. where would i be without this little girl


kennedy had mini cheer tonight. my wonderful mom took her and the babies to go watch her practice. i got off of work late and got there around 7:30. i walked in sat next to my mom with the chick-fil-a to keep the babies entertained and looked around for kennedy. instantly the cutest little girl stood out to me- i noticed she had a prosthetic leg. and i smiled- it humbled me. then i noticed her arms were short and she couldn't reach far enough to even touch her face. and there she was dancing and cheering like all of the other girls. she was so happy to be there and to be dancing. i looked at my mom and started crying. sobbing crying. it makes my heart so sad even now to think of the difficulties she is going to face. it's not fair for a darling little girl to have to go through that. i wanted to take that hurt away from her. kids are so mean. i noticed girls staring- but it didn't phase her.  it hurts my heart to know what she is going to face in her life. and then my kennedy, looks at her and smiles and at the end gives her a high five. after cheer, i thanked kennedy for being so friendly and nice to that sweet girl. she looked at me and said- 'ya mom :) '  i have been so immensly blessed to have such amazing babies. i couldn't be more proud of my little girl. she is going to do amazing things


just dance

how ridiculous do we look? but man. if you ever need a good work out- just dance
is the way to go! i literally can't get through one full song.
i love my sister for telling me i look really good when i dance


my first celebrity

the best and i saw the first famous {well kind of famous} person i've ever seen in real life. bentley from the bachelor! i have never gotten into any of the bachelor or bachelorettes so i was excited when she said it was him! but- then she told me he was a loser and not go ask for a picture with him. this is the best we got. we're such creepers

that's him in the veeeeery back in red. i need to really meet someone that's actually famous