what's better than after a long day than an even longer amazing bath? nothing. this is amazing. 
i don't think i'll ever get out ;) 

thank you amanda!! 


conversations with a 3 year old

my kid is so weird. and lately trying to talk to him is impossible. tonight it went like this-
'mama! look it's a fat fat'
'what?? where did you learn to even talk like that?'
'honey boo boo'
so he says the exact same thing and me asking him the once again where he even came from, mid sentence he interrupts and says- 

ry and i both just laugh. but really i don't know where he came from sometimes!! 


summer days

bare feetsies
snow shacks
walks to 7-11 for slurpees 
the smell of grass
the sounds of the babes running around outside playing
pool days 
staying up late watching the sun go down
going on walks when it cools down enough
and more pool days 

{our favorites of summah time}



i was going to do a full post of how i felt. but then realized my feelings and outlook in no way need any justification. if you don't see it that was as well, then i honestly feel bad for you. i couldn't be more proud to be where i am now because i worked for it. not because i get everything handed to me. me and the millions of others who work for what we have can sleep at night knowing we truly earned it.




a full post is soon to come. but i must say i am completely shocked at peoples behavior in situations. it never ceases to amaze me how immature some still are.

i am grateful for my friends and family who have taught me to work for what i have. and appreciate that feeling of knowing what we do have and where we are today, we did working our ass off.
side note- { i couldn't be more proud of christy for being where she is as a single mom}
even more so for those who stand for the values which we should all have