SaVe The DaTe!!

AuGust 7th, 2010
Best. Day. Ever.
I will be... {M}rs. Chelsie {D}'Amico
We are getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and it is going to be. AMAZING.

I am marrying the best man, friend, daddy, brother, son, just the BEST person in the whole world. Those of you that know him, know exactly what I mean. RyaN is ALWAYS willing to help out whereever he is needed and I think i have heard him complain maybe once?? i love that i still get butterflies when i think about him. i love that he loves kennedy and jagger unconditionaly. i love that he loves my family and i love that my family loves him. i love that when i am in the worst mood all it takes is him to make me feel better. i love that he loves me for me and doesn't want to change anything about me. i love that he gets up at 3 o'clock in the morning to go to work and stays up late just to be a daddy and help me. i love that he let me keep the cat that we both agreed we wouldn't ever get until i decided to bring him home ;) i love how calm and patient he always is. i love that he WANTS to take care of us. i love that he lets me take naps all the time. i love that he wants to get married on a beach. Ahhh i could go on and on and on. obviously right?? i love him forever and ever and can't wait to be his wife