Jagger is already 5 weeks old. Where does the time go??
i LOVE this boy

This baby makes my heart so happy
I saw this onesie and HAD to get it.
i love it :)

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! i will be sure to post pictures of Christmas Day.
it was so much fun! i am so
to have such a wonderful family!!


i love my little family

I LOVE my little Family :)


JaGGer's First Pictures!!

We got our first family pictures taken on Monday from Peek a Boo Photos!! Katie Moss is seriously AMAZING at what she does!! Here are just a few of the pictures, and I will post the rest later when I get them :) Jagger is doing AMAZING, and is really such a good baby! Kennedy is the best big sister ever, she is always willing to anything we need her to get for us :) Our lives are so perfect right now we are truly truly blessed!!


My MoM

I just wanted to write a little bit about my mom. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known. She is so selfless and would do anything for any of us. I am more than grateful for her and words cannot explain how much she means to me. I don't know where I would be without her. She has taught me so much. I will always look up to her and strive to be the mom she was to me to my kids.. She is and always has been such a hard worker. She is honest and will tell you the truth no matter what which is very admirable. She has been through a lot and I am so proud to call her my mom. She is the BEST grandma in the whole world. You can just tell she truly loves and cares about her grandchildren more than anything. I love her so much. She is the one person I know I can go to and talk to about anything and everything. Thank you mom for everything you have ever done for me and my little family :) You are my best friend and I love you..


JaGGer Krew is HERE!!!!!

Our baby finally came today, November 20th 2009 at 5:33 PM!! He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces big big chunk :) and is 20 inches long. We are so in love with him. He looks like Kennedy so much! He has my eyes and nose and Ryan's lips..

We were supposed to come into the hospital on Thursday night but I was already dialated and effaced enough that my doctor just suggested we come in Friday at 7:00 am. I was so bummed but I knew that he would be here soon enough :) Friday morning we got a call at 5:40 from a nurse saying we had to bump us out a couple hours. I was SOOO bummed!! Finally the nurse called us back at 11:30 am asking us if we wanted to come to the hospital to have our baby :) OF COURSE we were so ready! We got our stuff and off we were to the hospital! We were checked in and situated in our room by 12:30. My doctor came in at 1:00 and broke my water. I started contracting right away. The nurse checked me and I was still dialated to a 4. I got my epidural at 3:15, which seriously saved my life. I don't know how people do it without any help!! She then started me on pitocin at 4:15, and came back and checked me again around 4:45 and I was still at a 4. She said she would check in another 30 minutes or so and was back at 5:15. She was in SHOCK because I was fully dialated and effaced and Jagger was so low. She got my doctor, they set the room up and I pushed 2 times and our baby was here. It was the easiest and fastest labor ever.

We are so in LOVE with this little man. I can't wait for his big sister to meet him. I am so sad because visitor policy doesn't allow anyone under 14 even if they are a sibling. She will just have to wait until Sunday....

Well there's the labor quickly I want to go back to staring at my baby. It's amazing to me how fast you can fall in love with someone you just met. Ahhhhhhh we love you Jagger Krew!!

We have a million pictures, we'll post them all soon... xoxo {C}hels, {R}yan, and BIG SISTER {K}ennedy


BabY ShoweR and 37 WeeKs!!

Saturday the 24th of October my mom, Ryan's mom and Ryan's Step-Mom threw me a shower! It was so much fun and we got a lot of really great presents :) We are so ready for this little guy to get here! Can I just say how freaking cute ryan is?? He had a huge box wrapped in blue wrapping paper and I couldn't wait to find out what was in it. When I opened it balloons came out and there was a ton of stuff inside. He bought me sweats and a robe for the hospital and a laptop. A laptop really?? I love love him. He is going to be the best daddy ever :) And, I had another doctor's appointment today. I'm 2 and a half centimeters dialated and 60% effaced!! My doctor told me to have a bag packed by the weekend just in case he decides to come early :) If he doesn't we're scheduled for my induction on November 19th!!

This is Ryan's sister, Heather, Christy and Ry's mom Lori
Amanda, the best note taker ever :), Caleigh and Uncle Earl

Some of the crowd

Marissa, Annette, and Kaylee

And, My cake!! Ryan's cousin Debanie made it. It was the cutest cake ever!!


3 WeeKs 3 WeeKs 3 WeeKs!!

Exactly 3 weeks from today I will be getting ready to go to the hospital to have this little guy!! I can't believe it's down to the last little bit. There is light at the end of the tunnel :) Just thought you should all know :)


BesT News EveR!!

So, today I had my 32 week appointment and everything went great!! My doctor is amazing, she set my induction date for November 20th at 7:30 A.M.!!!!!! I am sooooo excited I can't even handle it :) That's 6 weeks away. 6 weeks!!! Just thought I'd share :)


Jetta For Sale!

We are selling our Jetta! If you know anyone that is interested, please let me know :) It's a 2001 with 107000 miles. We just put brand new tires on it too. We are asking $4,000. It's been a great car, we just need a bigger one for our growing family :)

P.S. I'll post pictures soon, my computer is being soooo slow right now :)


Me and My Babies :)

I FINALLY got the pictures back from peekaboo photos!! I love love love them!! I can't believe Kennedy is going to be 5 so soon and it has already been a year since we got them done last. Kennedy LOVES getting her pictures taken and was such a good little model :) And, I've made it to the 30 week mark!! There is so much to look forward to in the next 8 weeks! Enjoy the pictures....

30 WeeKs!!

This is my favorite picture ever! Kennedy and her best friend, Hailey


I have a question

Soooo.. What is the problem with telling our children how important education is???


1st DaY of PreSchooL!!

Kennedy's own little place on the table :)
I honestly can't believe that my Kennedy is old enough for preschool. She started on Monday and loves it!! She is such a smart little girl and I'm so excited that she gets to go to preschool. It's just so weird to me that she is going to be 5. Time goes by wayyyyyy too fast :( She was so freaking cute, as we were walking her in she goes, "Mom, I'm kind of nervous." It was so cute. Of course I cried the whole way back home.. Ahhh she is so grown up!! Here are some pictures of her on her big first day of preschool :)


PicTures :)

So thanks to my computer I wasn't able to put any recent pictures up, but now it's being normal so here ya go! :)
I hate this picture of me but I had to post it! I can't believe I got a picture of Ry smiling!!
I love you babe :)
Kennedy and Ry.. She was so proud of our cake we made!

Baking Ry's Cake!! She loves to help me make stuff :)

I can't believe how big my Kennedy is getting :(

I love love this picture, her face cracks me up!!


13 WeeKs Left!!!

I can't even believe that in only 13 weeks our little guy will be here!!!! I can't even explain how excited this makes me! I am already so sick of being pregnant and would be totally happy if this was our last baby :) I just know that he is so worth it everytime I throw up or get heartburn or even can't sleep at night because of the awful restless legs! My last appointment went great, he is growing like a champ! He is always moving and kicking especially when I'm trying to fall asleep :)
We have been up to so much this last month! Time has just gone by so fast.. It was Ry's birthday on the 13th of August :) Happy Birthday Ry!! Kennedy and I baked him a cake, and decorated the house which she loved. We got him a really cute frame with one of Jagger's ultrasound pictures in it :) Then, we went to dinner and the next day, had a bbq which was really fun. Thanks to everyone that came!! Here are just a few pictures of ry and kennedy :) I haven't taken any pictures of me recently because I am not a fan of pregnancy pictures of me looking like a cow :) I'll post soon!
xoxo {C}hels
Ok actually, my computer won't let me upload the pictures so I'll do that later!


More Than HaLf way!!

Yay!! I have made it half way through this pregnancy!! :) I really can't believe how FAST it's gone by. I wouldn't want to have it any other way!! I am not a huge fan of being pregnant.. If I'm not nauseated, I have heart burn, if my heart burn goes away,I am just tired, and when I'm not tired, I feel huge! I'll finally feel better and then just feel blahhh! I have gained 10 pounds and good thing one of those pounds is the baby :) I either wear sweats (as you can tell in the picture :)) or dresses! He is doing great!! We had our 2nd ultrasound yesterday and growing like crazy! Ahhh he is so cute! He is 6 1/2 inches long and weighs 1 pound. Everything is totally normal and he doesn't have any major problems which is great! He is constantly moving inside me and I love it! I just can't wait until we can feel him on the outside. Only 4 more months!! I really hope it goes by fast!
We are finally all done unpacking. I cannot tell you how happy I am to not have any more stupid brown boxes around!! Now it's time to start decorating his room.. I just can't wait for him to get here!!
21 Weeks!!

And, these pictures are from the 4th of July! We had a blast, in the morning, we went to the West Jordan parade to watch her grampy ride in, then we went to Sandy days and saw those fireworks at night! It was such a fun day :)

Me and Kennedy :)

Kennedy's firework she made!

My DaD!! He's the 4th one :)


Oh BaBy!!!

It's a BOY!!!!!
We went in for our ultrasound on Thursday and found out we're having a
I was in complete shock and Ryan couldn't have been happier! I could have sworn I was having another girl. It was so freaking cute to see that little baby up on the screen. We watched him "drinking" the fluid and kick his long legs and big feet (thanks to his dad) around. Our ultrasound tech was so cute, after we watched him for a second, she moved it to see if she could see the gender. She moved it to his bum and you could see his little legs, and BAM, there it was, just a penis. You could defnintely tell it was a boy, she didn't even have to say anything! He is about 5 1/2 inches long and he has just started moving enough for me to start feeling it! It's the coolest thing in the world to be able to feel your baby moving inside you.
Kennedy is excited and she said that since it's a boy, she's not jealous. We'll see how long that lasts once he gets here :)
We love the name Jagger so unless we fall in love with anything else, that's what it'll be! Any middle name suggestions?? Enjoy the pics :)

There it is right between his legs.. Proof it's a boy! Oh we LOVE him so much already!!! We can't wait for him to get here, ahh November has never seemed so far away!!

P.S. If you don't like the name, don't worry, it's not your kid!


3 and a Half monthS!!

Oh goll it's been a LONG time since I've posted anything!! We have had so much going on :) My favorite favorite thing we have done is move. Lucky me I couldn't do much of the moving! Just the unpacking but we're almost done! We bought a new townhouse in Draper and we love love it! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which is just enough room for us. We love the location and we also live right across the street from a park which Kennedy is obsessed with! We'll quickly grow out of it soon though I'm sure. It is perfect for us right now. Kennedy loves having her own house to come home to, although I think she's starting to get bored because there isn't a ton of stuff going on like there was at my parents when we were there! But I'm definitely enjoying the peace and quiet and I'm sure my parents are happy to have us gone :)

Today was my dads birthday, HaPPy BirthDaY DaD!! He's the big 45 and Kennedy couldn't wait to go buy him balloons. I had to talk her out of getting him a pinata at the store because she was totally convinced he would want a pinata before we all went to dinner. I wish I would have gotten a picture of my family together tonight but I forgot.

And, finally the pregnancy!! I'm now 14 and a half weeks which is so weird that it's gone by so fast. I am so thankful that I have gotten over being sick. I seriously threw up at least 2 times a day and yet I still managed to gain weight! The first 13 weeks killed me, I was always nauseated over everything and tired. Luckily I have started to feel much better besides just feeling fatter. Oh well that's what happens :) We went to the doctors last week and she said that we get to find out what we're having on June 18th!!!! She took the heartbeat and it was around 157. As she was doing this she goes, "It's fast like a girls heartbeat!" Kennedy of course was frantic and said, "It's a girl?!?!" We both laughed and told her that we get to find out soon :) My doctor is the cutest lady in the world and I can't imagine having anyone else deliver my kids. Sorry for the longest post ever it's just been a while :) Here are some pictures of my growing belly from today! I'll post pictures of our house once I get all the decorations up and everything is all put away!!

14 Weeks!!


7 WeeKs!!

Well I've made it to the 7 week mark! And, still have 33 to go :) I have been soooo sick, which is making me think that this is a boy. Only a boy would do this to me haha! Hopefully the sickness will go away soon and I can start feeling a lot better! Kennedy is determined that it's a girl and says that if it's a boy that she, "Won't buy anything for him" She gets this idea from Caleigh! I'm hoping it's a girl how awesome would that be? I'm due November 27, the day after Kennedy's birthday so I would have all the clothes for the same seasons!! We'll see I still have a while before I even find out what we're having... Love you all!!


KeNNedy'S GoinG to be A.....

BiG SiSteR!!!
Things in life don't always go as planned right?? Well we're pregnant!! And after a week of SHOCK we are soooo excited and like Kennedy, we can't wait. I am 5 weeks along and as of right now, my due date is November 27. The day after Kennedy's birthday! Let the craziness begin!!!
Her shirt says, "I'm going to be a big sister!!" How cute!! When we told her she goes, "Oh my gosh I'm going to die!!" She couldn't be more happy, and I know she is going to be the best big sister ever!


25 RandoM things abouT me!

1. I LOVE my daughter more than anything in the world!

2. My biggest pet peeve is back tracking. I get anxiety if I have to back track

3. Ryan is the best man in the world. He has stepped into a situation knowing what he was getting into and totally fulfilled everything Kennedy and I have needed.

4. I really really want to lose weight!!! Swim suit season is in 3 months!!

5. I can not wait to decorate my house.

6. Kennedy just told me that it's now summer outside because the snow is melting. ahhh how nice would just an instant summer be??

7. I wish I was creative. There's not one bit of me that is!

8. I could eat Cafe Rio or La Costa everyday

9. I love to read about people's lives. It totally interests me!

10. I can't wait to get married!!!

11. I want Kennedy to be a big sister

12. I love my family sooooo much. They're crazy and so loud but I wouldn't have it any other way.

13. Caleigh is moving out and I am actually sad about it! It's just going to be weird. We've lived together for 20 ish years

14. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up

15. I am in love with kenny chesney. There's just something about him

16. Kennedy's new boyfriend is House. Yeah Dr. House. Oh gosh the shows she likes....

17. I love going on vacations.

18. I would take Kennedy to Disneyland over going to any other place anyday. Seeing how happy she was last time was the best. I can't wait to go again.

19. I am so in love

20. I love my friends. Sorry you're not in the picture jess! I couldn't find a cute one of us! love you!

21. I would really really love to go on an unlimited shopping spree and just get whatever I want

22. We have a cat named charly

23. I can't wait to get my dad his birthday present!!!!

24. I don't care that I don't have a ton of money. We're so happy all together and that's all that matters

25. Kennedy is 4. How weird is that???

I Tag....Jessica, Alex my favorite bio partner, Amanda Bullard, and my mother!!


PeeK-A-Boo Photos

Our little Tina Marie is so cute!

Right before this picture, Katie asked her if she liked boys and Kennedy says, "Uh, I like the Jonas Brothers!"

I got these pictures of Kennedy taken in October for her 4 year old pictures. The lady who did them is Amazing! Her name is Katie Moss and her buisness is called Peek A Boo photos. It's kind of expensive but the way the pictures turn out it's sooooo worth it! She worked so well with Kennedy and believe me Kennedy loved loved doing this photo shoot! She pretended that she was Hannah Montana the whole time. I can't wait for spring to do family pictures!! Enjoy!!! Here is her website that will also lead to her blog!