instant karma

on my first outing yesterday since the most awful surgery my mom and i went to walmart. within the first three minutes there were the most interesting people. my cousin and i always laugh about the people of walmart website so i had to text her. i told my mom i'd meet up with her after i went to the bathroom. texting away- i'm telling my cousin all about the weirdos there. i go into the bathroom turn the corner and almost go to a stall when i finally look up and there is a guy in there {my first thought- why is there a boy in the girls bathroom?} he looks at me and says, 'i think you're in the wrong one' i just smile and say- welp that's what i get for not paying attention! i was dying. can you imagine if i would have walked in on men peeing? so gross. that was my instant karma for talking crap on the people of walmart.


six down

if anyone is thinking about getting their tonsils out- don't. if i would have known how completely miserable i still am on day 7 i never would have done it. i can only hope now to one day say this was all worth it. brubs got his wisdom teeth out yesterday so it's been nice to have someone to be couch ridden with. i don't have energy to even get up longer than 5 minutes. i don't know what i would do without my mom. she has been amazing through this. ok- enough complaining there has to be an upside. i got on the scale and I'm 6 pounds down. what a great start to my new years resolution of losing weight. i haven't weighed this much for years! now i just need to make it stay off once im feeling better. if that day ever comes!!


i feel like death

everyone keeps asking how i'm feeling.
honestly- all i can say is i feel like death.
{good luck breezy when you get those bad boys out}
it's completely miserable. i woke up this morning in tears. thank goodness for amazing pain meds. i don't know what i would do without them. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. ok- well maybe some people but you know what i mean :)
merry christmas eve tomorrow!!


tonsils- who needs them?

i got the tonsils out yesterday. everything went great!! today- i feel like death. it's so miserable. i'm just hoping that i'm a lot better for christmas eve. everyone has been so supportive i don't know what i would do with out my amazing family and friends. thank you all for your sweet messages, texts, and calls { even though i can't answer ;) } it means so much to me to have such good people in my life. here's to hoping i heal quickly and enjoy christmas!!


... and after!! no more nasty huge tonsils in my throat anymore!


lucky babes

i wrapped presents for hours this morning. my mom and i watched home alone and went to town. i'm getting my tonsils out on wednesday and wanted to make sure everything was all done. i'm a little bit ocd when it comes to wrapping. if i left it up to hubs he would make it look like it was done in 2 seconds. wrapping just isn't his thing. so for my peace of mind- i just did it all today. now i just get to relax and enjoy the less than ONE week until christmas. or until i'm just drugged up from my surgery to get me through. eeeeepppp i'm so dang scared to get my tonsils out. i hear it's a nightmare. my doctor said to be prepared to be miserable for 7-10 days. please cross your fingers for me!!

my mom, sister, and i got the majority of my shopping done in 1 day
whoop whoop! and then wrapped the next day.
my mom had to sit in the back seat because sis gets car sick.
my whole car was crammed full of presents.
she was a good sport :)

and santa still hasn't even hit the house up yet ;)
my babes are so lucky


sick day

jags was sick today. he started not feeling well yesterday. i called in to work- he just needed a mama day :) we woke up this morning and got kennedy ready for school. once she found out that i was staying home with him, her tummy magically started to hurt. so we all watched movies and hung out in bed. i think jaggers secret remedy was issy { i love how he calls her issy. it's so cute}, mamaaaa {yes he emphasizes the end of mamaaa }, and his blankey :)

i love my monsters



cre·a·tiv·i·ty- {kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree}


1. the state or quality of being creative.

2. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts.
i don't have much. but when i do- at least give me the shout out instead of stealing it all.
thank you :)


christmas list

dear santa-
i've been really good this year. just a few requests. please and thank you :)

i'd be the happiest girl with just these three lovelies.
merry christmas to all :)


coffee is a diuretic

i got this lovely in the mail today. and- oh my. he is so delicious. i could stare at this cover all day.
 i just wish that my cousin in new york was here to read this with me. i swear all we do when we get together is read up on our celebrity gossip {yay- kourtney k. is prego again!} and make trips to walmart. rhea- hurry and come visit me i miss you!!

i can't believe tomorrow is december 1st.
ps- hi erin ;)



i have a 7 year old. it's so weird to think she is that old. 7 years ago my life changed so drastically and i wouldn't change a thing. i love how she is. i love that she loves me. and i love that she is amazing. she is so smart and talented. she acts like a 13 year old.

she is so sassy. she argues like crazy but knows when to stop. i love more than anything that i have a best friend for life. she is genuinely so sweet. and i couldn't have asked for a better big sister. she loves the crafts i make for her.

every night we watch elf or the santa claus. i love that she loves the holidays like i do. i can't wait to see the amazing person she is growing up to be.
stop growing up so fast little girl.
love you more than the most

the morning of her birthday the first thing she said was- are there presents for me? she ran out of bed so excited. so this is her just wake up out of bed look. ooooh man i love her


jagger is 2

my little babe is 2. i can't belive it. he is so dang cute and i have the hardest time thinking that my baby is already hitting those dreadful 2's. he loves his daddy and sissy. i'm just there when he needs someone to hold him :) i'm ok with it though. i told hubs i need to have just one more little boy so i can see what people are talking about when they say mommas boys. i don't think i'll ever know what that means.

his favorite thing is to watch eeeeffff. {elf} and elmo. he'll watch them over and over. he loves his blankey and bottle. it's awful that he's 2 and still has his baba. i just feel so bad taking it away from him- it's his total comfort. one day i'm hoping he just doesn't want it anymore. wishful thinking? maybe.

he's one of those kids that when he talks only i know what he's saying. he's got his own language. he totally mumbles things and says them so funky. i know he'll figure out how to talk normal one day :) and he's nowhere near being potty trained. kennedy was 2 years and a month and had it down. jagger's got another good year. it's good motivation for not having another little babe while he's still in diapers ;)

i love this little boy so much. i can't imagine our lives without him. he's made me so happy.

love you jagger krew
more than you'll ever know


i am so thankful for hot baths

on freezing cold nights

theeeee best time of my day :)

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all she wants for christmas is her two front teeth

her two front teeth, her two front teeth-
yesterday- {11.12} we went to ry's moms for dinner. kennedy has had her two front teeth loose for almost a year. i'm not even exaggerating. they got to the point they were so gross. she could move them back and forth with her tongue. she used to have a gap in the middle and she pushed her right one over when she was playing with them one day and got it stuck so the gap went over to the right side.
she totally looked like a hillbilly.
last night she was wrestling with her grandpa and bumped it. it started to bleed a little bit. i told her- 'lets just pull it!!' and she freaked. she is such a baby when it comes to pulling her teeth out. i had bribed her with almost everything and she still wouldn't let me touch it.
i told her to open her mouth so i could get a paper towel on it to stop the bleeding.
and- bam. i just pulled it out. she was so mad at me. she looked in the mirror and then was even more mad because she said she looked ridiculous with her other tooth hanging there and said she hated the way it looked.  she started to cry even more so i said let me just look at it. i put my finger on it and- bam. pulled the second one out. then she was fine.
the tooth fairy came to our house last night :)
that tooth fairy also forgot to take the teeth so kennedy thought she was extra lucky she got to keep the teeth and got sparkly dollars.
it's so perfect for this time of year.
i think she looks so grown up with those teeth out.
my babe is so dang cute.

and i made her these lovelies-
she said i should sell them to everyone so i could buy a HUUUGE house.
i like that idea :)
etsy- here i come.
HA who am i kidding?

happy sunday

i have so much to do today. {thank you pinterest} and i think i'm going to be brave and go to h&m. i just can't handle it. i want to get the kids clothes sooo bad. you would think that with their birthdays just 2 weeks away i would save what i buy and give it to them then. nope. i am the worst at that. hubs can't stand it. we went shopping yesterday and i have this obsession with wrapping paper { which the best friend does too- someday we're going to be so rich off of selling it } i was in the wrapping paper aisle forever. even worse- it was all half off. i came out with only 2 rolls that time. he told me if it was that easy to make me that happy he would take me to the wrapping paper store everyday ;) i told hubs i can't wait to wrap something. he just smiles and shakes his head. he's such a trooper with my shenanigans.
and- now we're off to go CHRISTMAS shopping!! thank you walmart for your layaway. now my kidlets won't be getting their gifts early ;)


i'm thankful for our veterans

today i am so thankful for the veterans out there. past and present. especially my cousins, carmen and rhea. carmen is currently overseas and i think about him every single day. i love them both and thank them for what they've done for our country. freedom isn't free. i am so grateful to be living here and have the freedoms i do. i have such a big mouth i don't think i would last very long in another country where freedom of speech isn't implemented. haha :)

today was {11.11.11} i thought something cool would happen. it didn't. 11 has been my lucky number for as long as i can remember. my whole family is always seeing 11.11 except my dad who thinks we're just weirdos.
it was a good day nonetheless ;)

i have a new addiction. pinterest. i don't know where it's been all my life. but it's not a good thing. i seriously could sit at the computer for hours. i have a looooong list of things to make tomorrow.
and i cant.wait.

happy weekend!!


i am thankful

every november i remember after thanksgiving that i want to blog at least every other day something i'm thankful for. it's the 9th so i'm definitely ahead of schedule ;) better late than never. today my best sent me this picture-

i love it. she is the best.
i am SO thankful for being her best friend.
she just gets me.
she genuinely listens to me.
she has always been there for me.
..and we have so much fun- even when she makes me go spray tanning
with her and i wake up looking like a blotchy pumpkin.
it's creepy how comfortable we are around each other.
why go spray tanning alone when you can have the bestie
standing right next to you to talk to.
i love you christina. you're the best


under the mistletoe

       i can't wait to take kennedy to school tomorrow then straight to target. why? because this came out!!

yep i'm that girl that changes all the presets on november 1st to fm100.kosy106.5.and b98.7
and just waits for all the christmas music to start.
2 months just isn't enough!
and oh man i love me some justin bieber.
                                                              hubs hates it. poor guy.
i married scrooge. he says he's never loved the holidays.
i just keep telling myself that one year i'll convince him how amazing they really are!


girls trip to disneyland

we really had the best time in disneyland. it was so nice to get away from everything and just be with our girls :)
one day i'll figure out how to post videos on here and post the video of when we told them.
we woke up at 6 in the morning and i told kennedy that she needed to get ready so we could have a playdate with hailey. we had been telling the girls for a couple days that they could have a sleepover soon. kennedy got up and asked why she was up so early since it was dark outside still. i told her that it wasn't that early, the sun just hadn't come out yet and- even grandpa had already left for work. she got up, got dressed and then we went upstairs. christy and hailey showed up and we asked them what they wanted to do today. hailey wanted to go to park city :) then i asked them if we could go anywhere they wanted where would you choose? kennedy said- DISNEYLAND! we looked at them and said, ok! lets go :) i don't think they believed us at first. hailey was worried about her clothes not being packed ;)
we got in the car and went to the airport :)

           the girls at the airport waiting for our plane :) we got them matching bags with fun stuff in them. thier favorite was the peace sign pajamas. of course.

             one of the nights we did mickey's halloween party. it was $50 a person but we thought it would be so cute for them to trick or treat at disneyland. and one extra day to wear their costumes. tina and i went as 80's girls :)

we stayed up so late and woke up early. but- it was so fun. even getting blisters from my toms and not being able to walk was so worth it.
we are the best moms ;)
i have so many pictures to upload but my computer is so dang slow. someday they'll all make it on :)


happy monday

i saw this on good old facebook today and i love it- i feel like it was written just for me :)

i push doors that clearly say PULL.
i laugh harder when I try to explain why I'm laughing.
i walk into a room and forget why I was there.
i count on my fingers in math.
i hide the pain from my loved ones.
i say it is a long story when it's really not.
i cry a lot more than you think I do.
i care about people who don't care about me.
i try to do things before the microwave beeps.
i listen to you even when you don't listen to me.

today was such a good day. i came home dreading the 4 loads of laundry
{ that really should have been at least 7 but i cram the washer way too full }
it needed to be all folded and put away.
you know- the worst part about doing laundry.
and the hubs had it all done.

i married a good man :)


well..he crawls out of his crib

jagger has figured out how to climb out of his crib. i could kill my dad for teaching him how!! ever since he learned it's been such a nightmare to get him to sleep. he used to go to sleep at 7 or 7:30. it's almost 9 and i've put him in his crib 8 times already tonight. and- now he's in the computer room with me playing with his toys. it's exhausting. this time of day used to be my favorite. it was my time to relax all by myself until the next crazy day began :) oh man this is not fun at all. i know i need to be strict and once he lays down i need to keep laying him down until he's alseep or he'll never learn and this will be a struggle for who knows how long! he's lucky he's so dang cute or he'd be in big trouble ;)

every year we get the pumpkin pizzas from papa murphys. kennedy loves it!
cheap and easy dinner with no clean up. you can't beat that


i got puked on today

i love my job. i really do. i even love the kids who run around the office with no shoes on. well- sometimes not those kids. i usually luck out on not having to get impressions of kids' teeth that are gaggers. today god hated me. it was the craziest day. ever. the second i put the tray in the kids mouth blahhhh he puked all over. i don't know how i didn't throw up right after him. i told my boss i need a raise.

on a good note- tomorrow is my friday! wahoooo. a whole day to myself. you know you're a mom/housemaid/laundromat when all you can think about doing is cleaning the kids room and finally getting all the laundry caught up. really though- it's amazing what you can get done without 2 little munchkins running around.

disneyland was so amazing. except all the damn people. and the blisters my feet got from walking so much. i have never seen that many people crammed into one place. it was nuts. the girls had such a blast though and i would do it again in a heartbeat. those pictures are to come :) until then i took pictures with my phone. the quality is just amazing!

                                                        80's night.cleopatra.and a witch

one of the nights we let the girls do mickey's halloween party. it was so cute. christy and i decided if we were paying that much extra we were going to dress up too :)

        the girls loved playing at sephora in downtown disney. i think their bright pink lips look awesome

we went to a pumpkin patch on saturday! it was so cute. but it was really weird being so hot instead of cold. i love that this weather has been so amazing. kennedy's future mother in law carson got some really cute pictures. and of course i forgot my camera. remember my brain problem? so the only one i got is of tina and i :) poor hubs. he's never in any pictures because he's always the one taking them. on my phone :)


family pictures.2011.

i love my family.
we hadn't had family pictures taken since you used to take your kids to kiddie kandids
with old navy pull over fleece zip up vests.
we were so long over due with a shoot.
our photographer is so amazing.
she captured our family just perfectly.
the pictures of me and my little family make me so
i am so happy to be where i am today.


my poor brother having to grow up with 3 older sisters. haha :)

             oh kennedy rian. you are so gorgeous. sometimes it makes me cry to look at pictures like this.

my kids and niece are so lucky to have such an amazing grandpa. it's so cliche but he is honestly the best. just yesterday when kennedy and i were in disneyland- my dad wanted to keep jagger home to hang out with him instead of him going to grandma kerris :) the little things like that mean so much. especially to me. i didn't really have grandparents growing up so it really melts my heart to see how amazing of grandparents they are.


this picture makes me so happy. i am so in love with hubs. we have got it made together.
 and dang- i make some cute babies ;)

the most handsome almost 2 year old you'll ever see. man i love that little boy!!

my sister who makes me laugh until i pee my pants. isn't she beautiful? and my favorite niece. 
she loves me and can say chosh. i secretly don't ever want her to really learn how to say
my name. i think it's so dang cute

jaggers entertainment through the photoshoot. 
it definitely helped :)

   my sister is so dang pretty.
we still fight like we're 12 sometimes
but i love her so much

my little brother is so grown up. and so dang cute.
he's single too ;)



if you find my brain please let me know

i swear. i lose everything. i think i have even blogged about it before. yesterday- my black scrubs. and todays lost item- my ipod. i haven't used it in weeks but i swear i can remember seeing it laying around. bahhh. it's not me i say- someone is playing tricks on me. the one night i am actually going to the gym i go to look for it and poof   it's gone. so now i'm here blogging :)

i feel like i have a million and one things to do. one of those things-not tell little miss we're going to disneyland. everytime i look at her i almost blurt out, ahh i can't wait until we go! or remember to pack your swimsuit. or something ridiculous that would ruin the surprise. 3 more days. i can do it.


pumpkin spice latte kind of day

today was theeee best day. i love when it's cloudy and rains all day. especially when i'm off work :) i went shopping for disneyland stuff, lunch with the bffe, got my new iphone!! and relaxed alllll alone {which i don't ever get to do} and then ended the day with picking up the babes and getting a pumpkin spice latte. i definitely could use more days like this


definitely not my week

ughh. does anyone ever have those kind of weeks? the weeks where you just want friday to be here so you can be done with the ridiculousness of what's been going on? maybe i'm just a baby. but i swear- you know in bruce almighty when he says he's the ant and there is a kid holding a magnifying glass over him. {or something like that} well that's me. if it's not one thing it's another.

my phone is dunzo. whoever knows me knows that i lived off of my iphone. my friend made fun of me saying after my kids and husband- it's my phone. we all laughed but it's kind of true. it broke. like sat in water for a long time and wont turn back on broke. and yes- we tried the rice. what's another $400 for a new iphone right? blah.
as we're renting out our house our mortgage company called and said they hadn't received our payment. i knew i sent it the same time i do every month.
i freaked. the last thing you want when you're going to be buying a new house in the near future is to be on bad terms with your mortgage comapny. i was sick about it- she said to give it a couple more days just in case it would turn up, and luckily it did! and they were able to reverse the late fee since we had never been late before.
i hate those kinds of things. i am so ocd about bills getting paid on time 
so it drove me absolutely crazy. 
that will teach me to monitor my account better right?

on a positive note- my car is finally out of the shop. some stupid lady hit me and it was a COMPLETE nightmare figuring out who was paying for it. thankfully it wasnt me!!
and the hubs bought me a new pair of boots i can't wait to wear!
but- don't tell anyone he doesn't know i know ;)

here's to a happy rest of the week. and the weekend of course