so many times throughout the day i tell myself- i don't ever want to forget this moment. today baby sis fell asleep in my arms after eating and i just stared at her. she woke up like she knew i was right there looking at her and smiled. it melted me. we just looked at each other for a couple of minutes and it was like time stood still. these are the moments in life that make the craziness all worth it.

 i am so blessed.

i need to remind myself this on an hourly basis. 2013 was so good to us and i hope 2014 will be just the same. but a little more mellow ;) i could use some calmness in my life. it's just go go go. when it gets overwhelming i need to look back at times like these.

this mama's heart is happy.


thankful days

i can't sleep. if you know me, then you know this is rare and i will be cranky tomorrow so watch out ;)

i am thankful for modern medicine. i have been having awful pain for months now in my baby maker area. i went into my doctor and he did an ultrasound and long story short i had to get surgery. surgery went great yesterday!! my tube had been taken out years ago from a tubal pregnancy i had. over the years it started to grow into my uterine lining. i am so happy they just figured out what was wrong and now i won't be in pain- yay!!

i am also more than thankful and blessed to have such an amazing babysitter for my littles. they love her so much they even have just adapted to calling her grandma :) she watched elliott for the first time yesterday and even if she did cry for her and wasn't the easiest i got home from the hospital crashed out and woke up at midnight to a text- 'thank you for sharing elliott with us today' it made my heart so happy. she genuinely loves my kids and treats them as her own. we love love our daycare family!! thank you grandma kerri for everything, love you!!


thankful day 6

my bathtub. it sounds so dumb but it is my escape from real life at the end of every day. three kids rocks my world and i look forward to my bath every night. when ry and i were first house shopping i fell in love with this model because of the master bathroom. it's amazing. 

there's nothing better than siting in a hot bath to relax at the end of the day. and chances are if we're talking and it's dark outside + past 9, i'm in the bath ;)

thankful 3+4+5

i have the worst add. i swear i think a million thoughts per second and have so many things i want to do in a day. but then when i go to do it- my brain is mush. i blame the 3 errr 4 kids { if you count my husband. which i do } i have this desire to always blog more. looking back there is nothing i love seeing more than the progress my - not so little anymore- family has made. so, here's to thought 487493 of the day. i am going to blog more!!

day 3-- my house. guys, i really really love my house. we loved building it and even more so love our neighbors and that we live in a circle. i love that there is always something to do or somewhere for te kids to go play. the whole basement is just theirs to do whatever they want. kennedy loves loves doing gymnastics down there on the extra carpet we've put into pieces ;) with all 14 boxes of toys they've accumulated over the years it's never a dull moment. one day- soon- i am going to go get huge toy boxes and just line the walls up down there. it will be a little kids heaven, just more organized for mamas sanity ;) 

day 4-- my sister. we didn't always get along growing up. in fact we mostly hated each other and fought over clothes every. single. day. we have grown up and grown together. i can't imagine my life without her. she is always there when i need her and even when i am bored i know i always have a shopping partner ;) i love that she just gets me. there is no one that is better to my kids. seeing her as an aunt is my favorite. i told her she can never have kids because she won't buy mine as much anymore ;)

day 5-- saturday mornings. our weeks are so dang busy and i probably see ryan a total of 2 hours all week. graves can suck it. he jokes and says it's probably why we're still married and so happy ;) saturday mornings he almost always wakes up before us- takes the baby - and makes is all breakfast. if i am still asleep, without fail he will bring me breakfast in bed. then we all just lounge and play. they go too fast and before we know it sunday night is here and he's off to work again. it's the little things 




day two. 
i am thankful for friends. true and honest friends that have always been there for me no matter what. 

the ones who i see almost everyday and the ones who i only see once every couple of months but yet still are there  i am so lucky and grateful for each and every one :) 


elle bell

12 week loves: 
her mama
the boobies {seriously though. the girl would nurse all day if i let her}
to be swaddled
short little cat naps
only waking up maybe once a night. sometimes she sleeps all night long
bath time 
her big sis and bruddah
staring at herself in the mirror

12 week hates:
driving in the car. she literally screams the whole time. every. single. time 
being left alone for too long
her baba- she will take one if she gets hungry enough but definitely loves the boobie ;)
a binky. we've tried every kind. she just hates them

she is seriously the best. when she gets tired she will fuss and rub her eyes. ive created a monster by nursing her to sleep even for naps. it makes it hard for daddy to watch her. whoopsies! 
how does 12 weeks go by so fast? 
we're in for a fun weekend- friends, family, and a whole lot of halloween activities!! 


then there were 5

we got our family pictures done. i was a stressed out basket case. they were at 9 am out at the salt flats. trying to get 3 kids and a husband + myself all ready that early was cra-zay. the whole drive there i felt like we were forgetting something. then when we did get there my naughty word 3 year old was awful. he wouldn't pose, look, or even talk back to brooke when she would try and talk to him. and it was only like 50 degrees outside with crazy winds. once we were done we drove off and i was so bummed i felt like we weren't going to even get that one shot i have had invisioned in my head since we found out we were pregnant with elliott. an hour after our absolutely amazing photographer sent me these two. 

i cried. 

honestly it made my heart stop for just a second. it was us. the five. captured the exact way i had wanted for so long. if you need a photographer you have to go to brooke- blush photography. it's worth every penny. the pictures she has taken of us over the past years i will cherish forever. 

my whole wide world in one picture 
love- the five. 



i love the fall.
probably just as much as everyone else ;)
i hope it lasts longer than 3 days before winter comes in for 8 months.

and i really should cut back on the pumpkin spice latte addiction.
that much money a month on just coffee is ridiculous. haha!

baby sis is already over 2 months old. i'm not quite sure how that happened so fast?
it's unreal to me how fast time can go.

sometimes in life there are events that happen that make you take a step back and look at things in a different perspective. i know i say it all the time. but i couldn't be more grateful and blessed for where i am now in my life.


oh darling

baby sis-
i am completely smitten by you.
you couldn't be more perfect.
i hope you never grow up.

as i sit and watch you sleep- miss taylor swift says- never grow up
your little hands wrapped around my finger
and it's so quiet in the world tonight
your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreamin
oh darling don't you ever grow up
just stay this little
don't you ever grow up
it could stay this simple
i won't let nobody hurt you
just try to never grow up

i say it all the time. but really.
my heart is so full with my three babies.



heavy heart

tomorrow is the day. the first time i will go 5 straight hours without seeing elle. 
i think im ready. 
i ve got this.

i do feel so blessed to have my amazing job and absolutely adore the girls I work with. that's what will get me through. and honestly- it will be a nice break and alone time. right? right. 

but damn, i'm going to miss seeing this perfect face all day long. 


7 weeks in pictures

some of my absolute favorite pictures from the last 7 weeks since baby sister has been here :)

the first time big brother and sister held baby sis is indescribable.
my brothers cute girlfriend had them make a canvas print of their hands and a little saying of how much they loved her already. i die. 
it was the sweetest.
there is nothing quite like that moment when i saw them meeting her. 

{ my life in one little picture }

my sister and i went with my dad to an officers funeral
it was so hard to see his sweet wife and son.
i am so grateful for my dad going to work every day and coming home safe.
growing up it's something you just expected.
life is so short and can be taken from you in an instant.
that day definitely made me realize how lucky i am.

baby sis and i have had lots of cuddle sessions. 
they're the best.

she has the biggest eyes when she's wide awake.
we call her bugsy. 
from adam sandlers move- bedtime stories.
they look just like her brothers ;)

'mama! hers looks at this when i move it!'
i love seeing these two together.

elliott loves her uncle connor.
is there anything more sweet than a sleeping baby?


life these days

it's crazy
and overwhelming all at the same time. 
but i wouldn't change it for the world. my kids are my life. 
ry works graves and has been so dang busy he's been doing 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. luckily i have amazing friends and family for support and help with the littles when i have those- i feel like a single mom of 3 crazy kids- moments ;) 

going back to work is going to be a good break from the full time stay at home mama job. honestly I am looking forward to it. my schedule will be perfect- just mondays wednesdays and fridays { super part time ;) }
i can't wait to see my patients and tell everyone all about sweet baby elle.
i do feel so blessed to have a job i truly love. the girls that i work with make it that much more amazing. 

life is so good to us right now. 
we couldn't be more grateful. 

i really am going to try this blogging thing more. if i don't I know that i'll regret it later!!  


this is one of my favorite pictures i have of me and elle. every time i look at it i swear my heart melts into a giant puddle  


bear lake 2013

bear lake is seriously my heaven on earth. it is my favorite place we go every summer. it's always bitter sweet because it marks the end of summer for us but yet we always have so much fun. this year my cute cousins { who are pregnant!!- yay!! }  and their little boy came up with us! 

we ate
we swam
we beached ourselves and soaked in the sun
we boated and tubed
we had camp fires every night
and we played in the crazy rain storm that hit us
we watched the little kiddos have even more fun than we were having
and then we ate again ;)
and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

and baby sis did so good!! i was a little nervous about taking a 3 week old but she is seriously the best baby and was amazing the whole time.

{ baby sis only wakes up once a night. i tell you she is straight from heaven ;) }

bear lake was so good to us this year.
until next time...


i'm pretty sure i had to bribe him with something for this picture. 
he didn't hold still for more than 1 second the whole time

auntie cal and baby elle taking a nap in the most comfy camping chair.
i don't know who liked it more ;)

she melts me
naps on the beach- does it get better? 


elliott jean

i can't sleep. i am on cloud 9 staring at this perfect baby girl. i don't know how i got  so lucky to be her mama. ugh she is amazing. by far the easiest pregnancy and labor. ever. welcome to the family baby girl. love love love you.
{ 7 pounds 8 ounces of complete perfection }
20 inches
1:02 pm

with love-
ryan.chels.big sister kennedy. and big bruddah jaggoh

her birth story is below :)



my mom, sister, ryan, and i got to the hospital this morning at 7:30. our cute nurse showed us to our labor and delivery room. from the moment we got there it started to feel so surreal. the moment we've all been waiting for, for over 9 months was finally here. i changed into my uber cute hospital gown and hung out in the bed until around 8 when the nurse came back in to hook me up to the monitors, check all my vitals, and see how far i had progressed and where i was dialated to. i was still at a 4 and 80% effaced since my last appointment i had on thursdsay. my doctors partner had come in the room shortly after and said he wanted to break my water. i am that patient that is such a baby when it comes to my pain tolerance. i told him we would all be better off if we waited to start the pitocin and break my water until after my epidural. thankfully he was totally fine with that ;) the anesthesiologist came in shortly after and i got the epi. it was a little piece of heaven. i immediately felt so much better {not that i was even in a ton of pain, but when your back has been killing you for the last month every single day, it was amazing} the doctor came in around 9:30/10 and broke my water then started the pitocin. it is the best feeling to watch the monitor and see those massive contractions and not be able to feel them at all!! the nurse checked me and i was still at a 4. my dad and cydney got there right after 10. we all talked, laughed, and hung out until a little after noon. my amazing nurse came in to check me and i was at a 5+. progress! she said that we just jumpstarted labor and it might take a little bit. i just always go so fast once those contractions start so i knew she wasn't far from coming ;)

a little bit before 1 she came in to check me again and holy moses i was totally dialated and effaced with baby girl stationed at a 2+. she started to set up the room, called my doctor, and the other head nurse to get this baby out ;) my doctor was 5 minutes away. i had my mom on my left side holding my leg and cydney on the right side holding the other one. poor caleigh had the total intentions the whole pregnancy to be there, watch it all and cut baby's cord. right before i was totally dilated caleigh said she was feeling queasy. haha!

i had put my legs up with my mom and sister holding each leg and my cute nurse lifted up the blanket and yelled. not just a little squeal, full on yelled. she goes- 'ahhh we have a head!! you need to push!' it was so so crazy. she had caleigh run out and grab the head nurse from the nurses station. i literally had 2 seconds to try and grab my legs and i lifted my arms up to grab them and saw baby elliott already out. i didn't even push. we were all in SO much shock. i couldn't have even imagined an easier labor. i am so lucky i had such an amazing nurse there to deliver her. my doctor made it in and was so sad she had missed it.

this baby has made our family complete. we are so in love with her and can't imagine life without her.

elliott- i hope how amazingly easy my pregnancy and labor was with you is a sign of how good you're going to be ;)

it's amazing how fast you can fall in love with someone you don't even know- yet you feel like you've known forever. we love you baby girl. thank you for bringing a little piece of heaven along with you

your mama


the bump

 i can't believe we now only have less than 2 weeks. eeeep!! 
as long as my car seat comes before baby sis does, we are {for the most part} all ready! i am so excited to meet her. i want to know what she looks like. i want to know what her little cry is going to sound like. i can't wait to see if she has hair and if she will love binkys like her big sister did or if she'll want nothing to do with them like her big brother. 
i hope this next week and a half fly by!!

this picture is from the amazing shower my friends and sister threw for me. i will post the link to the bests blog and you can read all about it. 
through everything i can say i am one blessed girl with amazing friends and family :)



what's better than after a long day than an even longer amazing bath? nothing. this is amazing. 
i don't think i'll ever get out ;) 

thank you amanda!! 


conversations with a 3 year old

my kid is so weird. and lately trying to talk to him is impossible. tonight it went like this-
'mama! look it's a fat fat'
'what?? where did you learn to even talk like that?'
'honey boo boo'
so he says the exact same thing and me asking him the once again where he even came from, mid sentence he interrupts and says- 

ry and i both just laugh. but really i don't know where he came from sometimes!! 


summer days

bare feetsies
snow shacks
walks to 7-11 for slurpees 
the smell of grass
the sounds of the babes running around outside playing
pool days 
staying up late watching the sun go down
going on walks when it cools down enough
and more pool days 

{our favorites of summah time}



i was going to do a full post of how i felt. but then realized my feelings and outlook in no way need any justification. if you don't see it that was as well, then i honestly feel bad for you. i couldn't be more proud to be where i am now because i worked for it. not because i get everything handed to me. me and the millions of others who work for what we have can sleep at night knowing we truly earned it.




a full post is soon to come. but i must say i am completely shocked at peoples behavior in situations. it never ceases to amaze me how immature some still are.

i am grateful for my friends and family who have taught me to work for what i have. and appreciate that feeling of knowing what we do have and where we are today, we did working our ass off.
side note- { i couldn't be more proud of christy for being where she is as a single mom}
even more so for those who stand for the values which we should all have


my daggoh

'uh mama- look what nookie did'
those words are never good to hear. she pooped all over my room. ugh. i swear if i didn't love dogs so much they would be gone! i cleaned up the poop and then jagger wanted a drink. i told him to go downstairs to get his from earlier. little did i know he thought it would be a good idea to take it upon himself and pour a new one. he comes upstairs and the conversation goes like this-
'mama i spilled. i was gettin a new drink and i spilled downstairs'
my first thought was- ughh puhlease don't tell me he spilled fruit punch on our carpet. he could tell i was super frustrated because his sweet little voice said, 'but please mama don't be mad at me'
prego hormones enter here: i bawled. it made me so sad!! i must just have such a short temper with the kids becuase he thought i was going to be so mad. so as i'm walking downstairs trying not to let him see me cry he just keeps saying over and over how much he loves me.
the kid seriously melts  me. he is such a stinker sometimes but i can't imagine my life without him.

we head up to bed after cleaning up the mess and he is promising me he won't spill anything evah evah again until he's a grown up like i am ;) now we're in bed and he says-
' i love you mama. because you always let me watch michael and sam { burn notice } and law and ordoh'

mmmmm. he's amazing.

ughhh why are my pictures so blurry lately? i haven't changed any sort of setting. and i've been using the same blogger app on my phone. so dumb!!


i married a good one

ry is more amazing than i could have ever imagined having a husband be. he works such crazy shifts and yet never complains. when he is home he loves to spend his time with us. we are going to be selling our jeep to get my new x5- right babe?!  so he had to fix a couple coils and of course his little shadow was right behind helping. jags loves to help his daddy. i walked into the garage and saw this

it melted me. i love how these two love each other

this weekend my dad came over on saturday and helped all day putting our sprinkler system in. side note- whose idea was it to build a house and not include the sprinklers and fence?! ugh. but the good news is we'll have our sod delivered in 1 week!! i've had this vision ever since we started building our house of us sitting outside on the grass while the littles play like crazy in our circle. i. cant. wait.

h a p p y m o n d a y :)



we've only got 11 weeks left until baby sis makes her debut. i think ry and i are totally freaked out. if she were to come early at all- we have nothing ready! we have just been so busy with our house. which by the way- who decided it was a good idea to build so we had to put our own sprinkler system, yard, and fence in?? ha. ry hates when i ask that ;) i would be more than ok if these next 11 weeks didn't fly by like the past over 7 months have!!

favorite child

is it bad to admit you have a favorite kid? well i'll have to get rid of this post before my kids start into the blogging world then. 
kennedy is amazing. she has her moments where she can be rough but seriously- i would take 10 of her over 1 more jagger krew. i'm sure it's a mix of her age versus jagger but man she is SO much easier than he is. and sometimes- i think jags wakes up in the morning thinking, 'what can i do today to drive my mom crazy' 
he can really be the sweetest little boy but he will turn on you in 2 seconds. especially if ryan is home. 

i really do love both of them so much. but somedays i am so grateful kennedy is such a good girl!! 


twenty six

baby sis bump at 26 weeks. time is flying and i wouldn't have it any other way ;)


the last week in pictures

baby sis is the size of a cantaloupe! she moves around like crazy all of the time and i love it!! i can even feel her from the outside now- it's so surreal! we all can't wait to meet her!

jagger is such a crazy boy. the kid never stops. and i swear one of these days i might just leave him at target for someone to adopt him. he's such a stinker sometimes!! good thing he's so dang cute ;)

and kennedy has just been catching up on her latest kardashian gossip. whoopsies!! i swear i ran upstairs for 2 seconds and came down to her reading my cosmopolitan magazine. poor girl! she didn't know that magazine is not meant for littles!


22 weeks

baby sis has decided pop out this last week :)

and every night before i fall asleep i feel her move and go crazy. it's the best feeling in the whole wide world.

this pregnancy has been the best. i really have nothing to complain about. did i really just say that?! ;)

here is little sisters bump at 22 weeks. and i love kennedys face. concentrating and trying to figure out what jagger was doing haha!



easter was so amazingly nice this year. the weather was perfect and we only had 1 stop to make to the inlaws. when your inlaws are divorced and remarried- holidays can be a nightmare sometimes trying to go from house to house. the kids got up around 8 came and got us up and ran downstairs to see if the easter bunny came ;) and of course he did!! they played with their new toys and then we headed to my parents and had the easter egg hunt. my mom had so many eggs hidden in ye back yard- and it only took the kids a good 5 minutes to find them all ;)

we are so blessed to spend another holiday all together and i get so excited thinking that next year we'll have our sweet baby girl with us!! :)

and don't let jaggers face fool you, he loves the holidays too i promise


my sweet kennedy

how cute is my sweet girl? i couldn't love her anymore than i do. not only is she the best big sister and helper- she's amazingly gorgeous. a little bit ago she was in a cute photo shoot for sweet little peanut that was styled by emily jackson at ivory lane- go to the bests' blog for the whole story and links ;)



who is anyone to tell others who they can and cannot love?

i still don't understand how people can be so close minded.




we are halfway there!! wahooo! i can't believe how fast this is going by. and i wouldn't have it any other way ;) the last 2 nights i have really started to get so dang hot at night. ryan came home from work early on friday and said our room was probably 45 degrees. i was in heaven! oh man it's going to be a hot hot summer.

every night all i do is look at pinterest and think of what i can make. not even kidding i'm pretty sure i probably drool ;) gross. haha!

baby girl we can't wait to meet you!!


it's spring!!

and we are so excited about it!! :) everyday i get off of work and can't wait to let the kids play outside OUR house. it's the best feeling to sit in the front yard and watch them run around and around. and i know our doggies love it just as much. life is so good to us.

we're finally almost all unpacked. I'm down to one box in my room. and a bunch downstairs that i don't even know what's inside so i just pretend they aren't there ;) i told ry it might be a good year before i finally feel like things are how i want them here. there are so many ideas we can't wait to do!!

we got the kids a trampoline and until we have our yard in we have it just in our family room. the kids think it's the coolest thing ever. it will be going downstairs shortly ;)

baby girl!! i still am in shock it's a girl. we have another ultrasound this friday so I'm hoping nothing grew ;) can you imagine?! that would be awful! i've already started her collection of the cutest girl things. and i think it's safe to say we've decided on a name. it took hubs a good month to come around, but now he says it's ok. as surprisingly i feel amazing. i'm not sick at all anymore which is the best part. and only starting to have to do the lovely hair tie trick on my jeans. my ob did tell me my maternity clothes would be out before i know it. ugh. i hope not!!

happy happy spring!! :)


oh baby

it's a GIRL!!!
we couldn't be more excited. Kennedy and i are still on cloud 9. but poor jagger took a good 10 minutes ro not be mad. he wanted a little 'bruddah' this picture is perfect at describing how we all felt at the exact moment we found out. ahhhh a sweet sweet baby girl!!


the house is officially ours

the dog shit all over our brand new carpet.

i came home from work and got in the tub while hubs made dinner. mid bath i hear jagger yelling- 'maaaamaaaa! nookie pooed on da flow in yo woom!!'

ryan was cleaning it up and i said to him, 'you just had to get the dogs back didn't ya' ;) if looks could kill. he would be totally fine if we never got another pet. but i missed our dogs so bad and had to have them back.

safe to say the house now broken in.


home. finally

my house is amazing. it's everything i wanted. now- the unpacking begins!!

thoughts that should be posts so i can remember them-

• i keep forgetting i'm even pregnant. these 15 weeks have gone by so fast. if i didn't get heartburn every night and occasionally throw up still, i swear i would never remember i'm prego

•jagger said the cutest thing tonight. i told him to scoot over so i could lay down. somewhere along the conversation i called him baby. he says to me- 'mama a 3 year old isn't a baby anymore' ahhh he is the sweetest

•yesterday i almost gave that sweetest little boy away to the first one who would take him. twice.

•i really hate unpacking

•hubs forgot about valentines day. but i'm ok with it- he did just buy me a brand new house :)

•new york was the most amazing vacation. it's been 4 days since we've been back and i still am sad i'm home already

•kennedy made her very first valentines day box. i let her do whatever she wanted and it turned out so cute ;)

happy almost friday!!


stranded in nyc

sister and i got stranded here for the night. at least we can officially say we've been to the city now.

this whole trip we were so worried about our flight getting delayed because of the weather. i got an email as we were leaving before the airport saying our flight had been delayed. when we got there it was delayed because of a mechanical error. just my luck!! we ended up missing our connection flight and flew into JFK for the night. i am not kidding i don't think i have seen one person smile in the city.

we went out to catch the shuttle to the hotel. there was some random guy waiting outside of a shuttle and asked us who we were looking for. we were so surprised there was someone friendly here! we have yet to meet someone really nice in the city. it really really makes me grateful to live in utah. i then told him we were looking for the double tree hotel shuttle as he said- 'sorry you just missed them' of course we did! caleigh then asked how often they come and he said they come around every hour. i guess he didn't lie me asking- 'so do they come on the half hour every hour?' so freaken rude he says, 'well what time is it now?' i look at my phone and tell him 8:30. 'it looks like they come on the 30 now doesn't it. but if you want me to take you i will for a tip.' creeper.  whaaaat? really? ugh. mean people!!

we called the hotel and it turns out all you have to do is call them and the shuttle will be there in 10 minutes.

some guy over heard us talking about how rude he was. he chimed in with- 'what?  someone in new york city lied to you??' haha it made us laugh.

so now we are sitting in our hotel room nice and full {thank you delta} waiting until our flight home tomorrow. i'm dying to get home to my babes and my house!! poor hubs had to close by himself  and move everything in without me.
ahhh i can't wait to be home sweet home. finally

love from new york :)


new york bound!!

my sis and i decided to fly to new york to surpise my aunt for her 50th birthday!! i'll post the whole story soon ;)


we have a house!!!

i'm in new york with my sis and got this picture from our amazing realtor. the hubs ended up having to close on the house by himself. if we would have closed like we were supposed to which should have been 3 weeks ago. then 2 weeks ago. and then on tuesday morning- i would have been able to sign too. but since i went of town tuesday morning he had to sign for the both of us alone. to say it's been a nightmare is an understatement.

i squeeled with excitement!! the house is officially ours.

it was the biggest pain in the ass. but now i can say it was all worth it! bahhhh i can't even wait to get home and move in. i told ry he could only unpack laundry and the kitchen essentials ;) i'm a little ocd when it comes to unpacking stuff and like things a certain way. eeeeeppp so dang excited!!



our closing is being delayed. and to say i'm not happy is an understatement. this mama is pissed. :(


sick boy

poor jags got sick last week and even up until now still looks so sad :( he gets really bad eczema and apparently when you mix eczema with the strep virus you get this poor kid. i was so freaked out at how swollen his face got when he would sleep. he woke up and seriously looked like the lady who has had so much plastic surgery- she looks like cat woman. nothing is worse than a sick baby. thank you carson for the aveeno oatmeal advice. it's amazing!! love you ;)

he is really good at leaving it alone and not touching it during the day. but at nighttime when he sleeps you can tell it just bugs him. he's been on an oral antibiotic and ointment since Wednesday and its still not all gone. luckily it's not contagious it just looks sad.

at least we'll know what he'll look like when he is a teenager with acne ;)

here's to an AMAZING week ahead. we close on our house on wednesday and move in on thursday!!!


1 week 2 days

that's how long we have until we close on our house. i am so excited i can't. even. wait. it's going to be amazing. i swear these last two weeks have drug on and taken what feels like foreverrrrrr. i can't wait to unpack every brown box. i can't wait to sit out on the front porch on warm summer nights and watch our kids play outside until its dark. i am so excited my kids get to grow up in a circle like i did. i am looking forward to every little memory that will be made in that house. it's going to be perfect.

so please hurry up these last nine days.

thank you ;)

we went to see the house to walk through with our realtor- and had appliances. i've never been so excited to see appliances before!!


cake shoppe

christina did an amazing job on haileys 8th birthday party. seriously it was by far the cutest party i've ever seen. go read all the details on our best's blog ;)  { here }

i'm so proud it was even featured on sweet little peanuts. if you're a mama or mama to be- you've got to check out this blog. i read everyday now that i'm prego :)


freeeee meal

9 weeks

man. this little baby is making me sicker than i've ever been. i throw up at least once a day. i think that i've actually gotten used to it. somedays all i have to do is walk into the bathroom, take one look at the toilet and it's like my body just knows it's ok to puke. then i do. eh it could be worse! being sick just means things are going well right? right.

our house is almost done!! bahhhh so dang exciting. we're scheduled on the 16th for our final walk through and then scheduled to close on the 23rd. it doesn't seem real. i will be living in our new home in just 3 short weeks. ahhhh life is good ;)