they've started to frame!! we went out yesterday and they FINALLY started framing. our realtor called the builder to ask what has been taking so long. she said they've been short on framers which drives me nuts because the houses right outside our circle have gone up crazy fast. our hole was even dug before those houses even started. whatevs at least we finally have wood! they have us set to close december 28th but were going to try and push for the 26th. then that way we can move in that weekend. can't wait!!


the boy has croup

i feel so dang bad for him.
he started with a weird cough on saturday morning and just got worse throughout the day. we were supposed to go to a halloween party on saturday night and jags was so bad we had to take him into instacare. they did a couple of tests on him and then said he had croup.
he sounds so bad! his voice is so raspy it's actually kind of cute. it is kind of bittersweet. all he wants to do is cuddle. and i am totally ok with that ;)

hopefully he'll be all better by halloween!
i swear my kids always get sick around the holidays :(
at least this time he got it a little bit early.



today is a coffee, sweats, and watch the today show kind of day. happy friday!!



ugh. snow.
it's ok.
nothing my good friend t. swift can't fix ;)


blessed to be their mama

feeling extra blessed today for these 2 crazy babies. i am so lucky to be their mama

rant and rave

i can't stand more than almost anything when people complain about the government. and yes- i understand we all live in a free country and have the freedom of speech and all are entitled to our own opinions.
it makes me so sick to see some people just bitch and moan about things going on with the election. especially when you're on wic, food stamps, medicaid and god knows what else.

the government has been pretty good to you so far, no?


that is all.



we have a basement!! wahooo! on friday the hubs babes and i went out to see the progress. it feels like they're going so slooooow. the kids loved being able to stand inside our garage. it's so dang exciting!! i'm hoping this crazy cold rainy weather doesn't delay the framing too much. fingers crossed!!


most people go to pumpkin patches. we go to walmart

i love this time of year so much!!
this weekend we went with our friends to planet play.
we originally were going to go to cornbellys at thanksgiving point but they got there before us and said it was so packed and windy.
that's not a good combo with 4 little kids.
so we randomly decided to go to planet play! i had never been there and it was so much fun. we were there for over 4 hours.

me and carson.
she is the best. i don't know what i would do without her in my life!
thanks for being the best cars ;)
love you!

the kids loved this roller coaster ride!

nixon giving jagger a hug bye.
they're the sweetest boys!

on saturday we went to, where else, but walmart to get pumpkins ;)
jagger was so excited to go pick some out.
last year when we carved them he was horrified by the guts.
i couldn't wait to see if he would have the same reaction- he didn't. he loved it.

hubs and i ready to go to the wal patch ;)

our finished pumpkins-

 the kids loved seeing them all lit up on the front porch
and can't wait to go trick or treating!!


my girl

when anyone asks her- 'berk, who's your favorite aunt?' she always says, 'chels!!'
she wanted to cuddle tonight. and i was in heaven. baby cuddles are the best
i love being an aunt :)


a week of fun!!

this week went by so fast. and i have a three day weekend.
whooop whoop!!
i asked my mom if i could give my kids a little sleeping pill because for the first time since i can remember i don't have to wake up early for anything. bahhhhh i can't wait.
of course i would never really give them a sleeping pill.
i am already planning on turning on halloweentown in the morning for that extra hour of sleep haha ;)

pictures from the wedding-
kennedy and avery.
this little girl is the cutest thing in the whole wide world!!
she ran up to jagger and was so excited to see her.
jags loved it for the first 30 seconds.
then he turned evil and hated everyone for a good 30 minutes.

my favorite is his little hand over her shoulder.
ahhhh young love

i love my friends :)


election season

seven eleven hot chocolate is the best. my brothers cute girlfriend and i went to get some tonight. mmmmm. then they had obama/romney cups and it got even better ;)

and no i don't love obama. i don't love romney either. i'm so sick of people hating each other and all of the political ads just bashing others. i just want cheap gas and good health insurance.
it really shouldn't be that hard. right?



i saw this on pinterest last night and thought it was blog worthy. it made me laugh. i love khloe. and the kardashians


nightly ritch

every night i tuck my kids into my bed and we watch halloweentown until they fall asleep. then i will go upstairs and hang out up there for a little bit. once i come back downstairs i always find them in the weirdest positions. these two separate nights made me laugh. i just had to take pictures of them.
and yes- don't judge. my kids sleep in my bed every night. bahhh bad habit to break :/ i'm not sure who likes it more- me or them?


the goon

i took the littles to lagoon today. jagger has wanted to go every time i have taken kennedy with christy and hailey. he was so excited when i told him that we could go today ;) i was reminded why i don't take him. he hates every ride {i traumatized him when he very first went and put him on a big kid roller coaster} and wants to be carried the whole time. little stinker. we still had fun though. it's decorated so cute this time of year!!

this girl melts my heart.
i got so damn lucky with this one

the only way i could get the little guy to take a picture- a sucker.

we ran into some witches!

and the only ride jagger liked.
the fings!
yes- with an 'f'

these 2 are the bestest.


the foundation is up!! i went out just a couple days ago and there had been no progress for about a week and a half. so i squeeled with excitement when i saw this ;)

i really need to go out there with a normal camera and not my phone. it cut off half of the house. bahh.
i can't wait for them to start framing!!



this fall has been amazing. we've been trying to do lots since it always goes by so dang fast..
{lagoon trips.caramel apples.halloweentown.picnics up the canyon.gardner village.hocus pocus.playing in the leaves.walks in the evening crisp air.candy corn.}


new yourkah visit

my cousin decided to surprise us last week and come visit! he called caleigh and i and said he would be in the next day. it worked out so perfect because we both had the day off work. we went and picked him up from the airport and took him to ruths diner to eat. the colors up the canyon were amazing. it's so gorgeous this time of year. we ate and came up with good plans to surprise my parents that he was in town. { i also ran into an old friend which was by far the most awkward run in ever. just ask caleigh. she loves the story }
my dad was on duty so we knew we wanted to drive out to where he was and surprise him. i called his friend who works with him and we set it up. we had carmen walk past my dad in his car driving by and flip him off. my dad doesn't do we'll with a-hole people especially when he's on duty. cal and i watched from the car and couldn't help but laugh so hard. my dad slammed his cop car into reverse and opened his door and yelled- 'hey!' {thinking it was just some random jerk flipping him off} carmen had his long hair pulled in front of his face so it took my dad a little bit to recognize him. he finally did- and we laughed for a while about it.

we drove home and had to surprise my mom. i walked into the house and told her i would be down the hall. carmen knocked on the door and i told my mom to grab it since i couldn't. she was so surprised too!!

we had so much fun the whole week he was here- we were all so bummed when it was time for him to leave. he says he's moving here next year. we'll see!!
father in law. father. cousin

still hating them. they're taking foreverrrrr to grow out

dad. carmen. brother.

three amigos.
we went to city creek like this.
i think we should have been kicked out for not following the dress code guidelines

impossible to get a serious picture with this guy