The Babes Rooms!

Here are just a couple pictures of the kids' rooms.
i LOVE them!!
Ryan built Kennedy's bed, which she is totally obsessed with! it's every little girls DREAM bed.
ryan is amazing at what he does! we -well he- just re-did our downstairs bathroom and it looks amazing! next we're going to do our kitchen! i can't wait. our kitchen is funky. the lady who lived here was into funky interior design. anyway enjoy the pictures!!

And... Jagger is 3 months old!! so so crazy how fast time goes by. it's actually depressing!! i just wish my pregnancy could have gone by this fast. for those who care-- here are his stats!
as of yesterday he weighed- 16 pounds 8 ounces
{off the charts} sooo cute and chubby!

She is going to preschool and loving it!
This is the last up and coming summer i will have left before she starts kindergarten.
it's so weird she is going to be in kindergarten. i can't even handle it!! love you kate!!

oh! and meet Puka. he's the dog we so generouslly adopted from my sister who adopted him from the pound and just let us adopt him from her! we love him and he is such a good dog! he is so good with both the kids.
The easter bunny is going to get kennedy a bunny for easter and then a baby chick so the bunny has a friend. and so we can have a pet that is smaller than charly, our cat,{that's what she told me yesterday} definitely not going to happen.