i'm such a slacker on trying to keep up with this 30 day post.
day {12}: photo of you taken ten years ago. boo. this computer is only 2 years old so i only have pictures that far back. i wish i could dig some oldies up! that would be awesome. my mom has a ton of old pictures, but they're at her house. and i have no scanner. 10 years ago though- i would have just turned 14. it's so crazy how much has happened in just 10 short years. life has gone by way too fast!! i can tell you though, what an awkard stage those pictures would have been. HA!

day {13}: something you're afraid of
i'm scared of a lot of things. being home alone, spiders, snakes, the dark, talking in public, and all sorts of things. the biggest thing that i am afraid of would be losing my kids. i can't even imagine some of the stuff people go through. i read blogs all the time of peoples young kids who have passed away and i honestly don't know how i would go on. my kids are my world. as you can tell by that huge picture for the blog header :)

day {14}: your makeup bag
so embarrassing. i don't even have a make up bag. i have my mascara and eyeliner in the car because it saves time in the morning to just do my make up on the way to taking the kids to school and grandma's. oh and some bronzer when i'm feeling jerseylicious ;) my favorite make up accessory? white eyeliner in middle school it was the best. someone should bring that back.

life right now-
life is crazy. we're trying to rent out our house, we've had a couple people look at it, but no one yet to say they want it. we've started to move stuff into a storage unit and it's becoming real. i'm moving out of my first house. it's bitter sweet. i have loved this house. i just have to stay positive and know the best is yet to come. hopefully


ten and eleven

day {10} favorite tv shows

i love chelsea handler. i think she is hilarious. these 3 shows are my absolute favorite. i know they're all super classy and not trashy whatsoever ;)

i find myself watching this at night by myself and laughing all alone. out loud.

oh and of course holly's world. it's so stupid but it's so good.

day {11} a person you love
i love a lot of people. but especially this guy.

he just gets me. he loves me for me and i know he always will be. he is the best husband in the entire world and i love him more and more everyday. he is the best


eight & nine

day {8}: a hobby of yours

my favorite thing ever: camping {is that even a hobby?} close enough :)

my family loves to go camping. it's the best vacation ever. we could seriously go every weekend in the summer. right about this time of year kennedy starts asking if we can go camping. if only it got warmer sooner!! the dutch oven dinners, messy kids, watermelon, looking at stars at night, the campfire, smores, eating and gaining 5 pounds every time, and just being with friends and family. it doesn't get any better than that. can't wait..

day {9}: a place you love

i absolutely LOVE park city. my favorite thing is to go up in the summer and walk main street and stay at their amazing hotels they have. we try to go every year. we all love it up there


we're renting out our townhouse!!

if you, or anyone you know are interested in renting out our super cute townhouse in draper, go visit here- http://www.drapertownhouse.blogspot.com/ thank you!!



day {7} an animal you'd like to keep as a pet
as of right now, there is not one animal i would want. with the 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 random stray kitty who keeps finding his way over, i'm done with pets!! :) bring on day 8



day {6} your celebrity crush

is this creepy?? the hubs thinks so. and i don't care. i will be the first to admit i love the biebs. he is so dang cute. if only i were 16 again so i could justify hanging posters in my room. ha!
i loved him before i saw his movie and after i saw it i fell in love again. he is one talented kid. and that hair! what's not to love? oh yeah. he's only 17 ;)



i'm baaack :) i've been mia for a couple days from the blogging world and i was doing so well too! this weekend was such a blast. on saturday we went to my friends baby shower. and i have to tell you all how freaken adorable she is. she is 30 weeks pregnant and looks amazing!! she is making me so baby hungry :) i have to find a picture and put it up you'll all die. she is way too cute. her mom is the amazing 'grandma' who watches my kidlets on wednesdays and fridays when i work, and it was held at her house so of course kennedy was oh so excited to go and play with her super cute friend sophie :) sophie's mom is ashlii, who's amanda's sister. {whom i just love to pieces too} and then amanda's husband, is my sisters boyfriends brother. kinda confusing. we're all tied together in a couple of ways. i can not wait for her little babe to get her she is going to be SOO dang cute. congrats again amanda!! :)

thanks for the picture kerri :)

this is kennedy and sophie at the baby shower. i am obsessed with this picture and can't wait to blow it up and put it in kennedys room. these 2 are so dang cute

then today, {sunday} we hung all hung out together. i love sundays. as a kid they were the most boring day ever and now i look forward to them. i got 2 naps in :) lucky me! i love when ry is home on the weekends because he genuinely loves to spend time with the kids so that means i get a little break and any second i get i love to take a nap. who doesn't right? then went to ry's parents for dinner and then to my parents after! i wish weekends didn't go by so fast :( before you know it it's already sunday night again and ry's off to work.

so much has been going on i feel like a major update is in need here. i have been having super bad pains in my pelvic area and finally went into the doctor. i went in the beginning of january and the doctor said it sounded like endometriosis. i freaked. i always think worst case first. instantly i thought i wouldn't be able to have kids anymore and have to have surgery. my doctor wanted me to come back for an ultrasound. they got me in a couple weeks later and the ultrasound showed that i had a cyst rupture which was so awful to experience, which unfortuantely i had experienced in the past. since it had already ruptured there was nothing they could do besides send me home with some pain meds. and i thought endo was ruled out. which was a good thing!! then, it was a couple weeks later {last wednesday night 3/1} when the pain came back i for sure thought i had another cyst so i made an appointment and they got me in that same day. i had another ultrasound and everything looked fine, which was bad news. i get so frustrated when they can't find anything. i'm going back wednesday to consult with my obgyn and schedule a surgery date since this is our last resort. my doctor says it's most likely caused by the scar tissue from a previous surgery i had a couple years ago and definitely could be endometriosis starting. :( i hate surgery and get so nervous with how i'm going to take care of 2 kids and 2 needy dogs when i can't. ahh we'll just see how it goes. please cross your fingers everything turns out ok!!

i think this wins for longest post ever of mine!! onto the next..

day {5}- your parents
i can honestly say i have THE most amazing parents. ever. my siblings and i are so lucky to call them ours :) they have been married for almost 24 years and i admire that so much. i can't wait until ryan and i have our 24 year anniversary. it's definitely so admirable. my parents are always there whenever we've needed them. growing up we all can say they were super strict and now being a parent and seeing how we turned out i thank them for the strictness. there are parents out there that let their kids get away with doing awful things that kids shouldn't be doing and {my opinion} aren't doing the job they should be doing. some parents are more worried about being 'friends' with their kids than being a parent. i will always look up to them and be so grateful for what they've done for me. they will do anything for us or their grandkids. i couldn't ask for better grandparents for my babes. my kids LOVE my parents so much. jagger loves my dad more than he loves me. and kennedy can't wait until we move in with them. again :)

i love you mom and dad. and, thank you



day 4

day{4} the meaning behind your blogname

it took me so long to figure out what to name the blog before i got one. then i settled on ryanchelsieandkennedy. super creative right? then we had our little surprise jag man and the name doesn't really fit anymore. maybe one day i'lll change it? nah probably not that sounds like too much work. ha!

but we're all pretty dang cute i think :) minus me in my after baby fat days. blah. thank goodness those are gone ;)


day {3} and MARCH!!

ok, first off. i am SOOO excited it's march. i know it still snows until april, may, and sometimes into june, but there's just something so awesome about march. spring is right around the corner! oh yeah, and my birthday is just in a couple of weeks!! and my hubs is getting me something amaaaazing. but he doesn't know i know. ha! oh spring please come fast!!
day {3}- pet peeves.

this one is so easy for me. i find so many things annoying. there are a lot of little things that just get to me and i want to snap

my biggest pet peeve ever would have to be fake people. there are so many mean and disgusting people out there. i am a nice person until someone isn't nice to me or my fam. i don't know why people have to be so degrading to others. especially when it's not for something specific besides just being mean.

i also can't stand bratty kids. i don't know why people allow their kids to act certain ways. i work with kids almost all day. {when i do go to work :)} and want to kick them out of the office and tell them to never come back. i would never in a million years let my kids act the way i see others. ewww.
it drives me crazy when i come home at night and the front porch light isn't on.

i hate when the microwave 'press start' button is blinking

i will almost always notice when someone uses bad grammar. i mean your, you're, too, to, two,there, they're, and their. it's not hard people. ry gets irritated because i'm always correcting his writing and spelling. i just got lucky i guess :)

and i can't stand when i can't figure something out. it drives me crazy!!

other than that, i'm awesome. ;)

ps i just figured out that the computer i have had for a year and a half has a webcam on it. helloooo oblivious. wahooo! get ready for some awesome pictures.
jagger didn't think it was as cool as i did :) it was past bedtime

i knew kennedy would just LOVE it. she is my new webcam partner
in crime ;)