my cuddle babes

this is what my bed looks like every night. i woke up to this picture on my phone that ry took. it melts my heart. my kids aren't going to want to cuddle forever so i take full advantage of it while i can ;)

tonight while trying to fall asleep- i was turned with my eyes closed and jags flips a booger on me. and laughs like he's the funniest little boy. it was hard to be mad/grossed out with him laughing like that.

still no word on our permit back from the city. i'm hoping this week brings good news. i can't handle anything else bad to happen!!

here's to an amazing week!! :)


cold sores. ugh

fever blisters/cold sores/whatever.
whatever they are they're disgusting.
i had never had one until i went to lake powell with ryan.
we were in the sun literally all day and the next morning i felt a ltitle bump, didn't think anything of it,
and then the day after that it turned on me.
a nasty sore on my lip.
it hurt
and it took so freaken long to go away.

i've had a couple since i got my first one years ago at powell.
then my amazing sister told me that her dental office  lasers the cold sores right off.
where had she been all my life?
well with that info at least.

i started to feel a little bump and thought to myself-  i need to go see dr. rob.
i waited a day and it got bigger and i felt another freaken bump.
she got me right in,
and 10 minutes later i was out of there. it really is the easiest procedure ever.
i laid down in their comfy massage patient chairs {perfect}
and he took the laser and just ran it over my lip a couple times.
i felt no pain at all. it was more relaxing than anything else.
the best part?
that's it!!
whether you have insurance or not the co-pay is just $10
the second little bump was gone the next day- it never got bigger or anything once it was lasered.
the one i waited too long on took about 2 days to be totally gone, BUT it didn't get all gross 'sore' like
best ten bucks i could have ever spent.
if you get cold sores or fever blisters go see dr. rob. he really is the best!!

oh- and no cavities this time!! whooop whoooop!
{ compared to last time when i went and had 9 }

any dental needs go see him! and tell him i referred you. i get $50 ;)

7138 S. Highland Drive


before i went in. the one on the left started to get all big and gross
the little bump on the right never got to the gross point
then after!! this picture was 2 days later they were totally gone!

plus you get to see my sister work her willy wonka glasses. mmm get it gurl


second grade

little miss will start second grade on monday. she says she is so ready to go back because she is 'bored'
i always tell her i have a list of tons of things that will keep her entertained while i work but she never wants to do any of it ;)

second grade.
it's so crazy to me she is already that old.
i couldn't be more proud of the girl she is growing into.
she just started cheer up at macs and i can already tell she is going to love it.
it's going to be one tough schedule for her
2 days a week and 2 1/2 hours each day
but i know she will love every minute.
that girl was born to do flips. we are constantly telling her to stop flipping around and doing kart wheels everywhere in the house.

she asked me if she could have a mommy date.
i asked her what she wanted to do and she said have an olive garden picnic in the car
i picked her up from cheer and we got olive garden to go and found a shady parking spot and ate in my car.
just her and i.
we talked about how she hopes dawson is in her class again.
how she hopes her teacher is nice.
and how she is kind of scared to go to second grade.
but she reassured me she is ready ;)

i love you kennedy rian. more than the most ;)
and i can't wait to see what you learn this year.
your mama


my life be like

best smooches in the whole. wide. world.


the bests anniversary

we celebrated our anniversary too ;)
and did some very nice baggage drop off.



fair folk

we went to the fair last weekend.
i looove the fair.
the hubs hates the fair.
but luckily he will go with me once a year ;)

we walked around and saw all of the animals- i think i liked the animals more than my kids did.
when we walked past the cute piggy's one of the owners was inside the cage. i asked her if i could come in and pet them. she looked at me like i was crazy. but she let me in anyway :)
kennedy was so proud of me and was way too scared to get in too haha
she did manage to get some good pictures!

ugh. all that yummy fair food? all came back up right after the first ride i went on.
i have never puked on a ride before.
all $15 down the drain. eh or on the grass

my brothers girlfriend is the cutest.
i love her to pieces!!

aaaand i think we're all fair-ed out this year.
until next time!


thank you for another song to add to our playlist to the morning commute. i think this one is a personal fave of jaggers ;) he already know the words- eva eva evaaaa. we can't wait for the new cd


friends like these

there are certain people that come into your life for a reason. ryan i truly believe was put in my life to be my other better half. the guy amazes me everyday with his patience. he works over full time, {graveyard shift. bluhhh } goes to school, takes care of the kids, always does the laundry, and puts up with my crazy rants ;) and he never complains about it. straight from heaven I swear it.

i have been so blessed and fortunate enough to have such amazing friends and family.

i have no idea where we would be without my family. no matter the circumstance we were always welcome in their home. without them we wouldn't have our house we bought a couple years ago and we wouldn't be building an amazing house now. we will always be so grateful for that and we will never forget the struggle it was for them and how selfless they were by letting us move in.

i have had friends come and go like most people do- but i really love the friends we've stayed close with.

yesterday i was having an awful day. {keep in mind I'm uber dramatic} i woke up and there was no coffee creamer left. so of course no coffee. my friend ash had an appointment with us and came walking in with a coffee. ash- you have no idea how much that made my day. i will always remember that ;) love you so much!! you'll always be in my little black book xo



happy anniversary to my better half.
the one who puts up with my craziness, loudness, and constant talking
who loves me for me
and would do anything in the whole wide world for me.

and who even let me do this crazy dance down the aisle on our weddng day ;)

i love this guy.
i wouldn't be who i am today without him.
to many many more babe ;)
love you forever and ever


summer loving

i love summer. but i secretly may or may not be ready for fall ;) i'm just done with getting into my car and having it be 108*
we've swam
we've bbq'd
we've camped and played night games

i just want to wear my boots with sweaters and leggings.

summer you've been good to us- feel free to leave shortly :)

jagger is so dang brave at the pool. the kid has no fear at all. i have to make sure i watch him every second. he's the kid that will just run and jump in without fail. when we're in the pool and he jumps to me, i purposely let him jump in and go underwater for a second. he comes up every time and laughs. drowning is just not a fear for him!


bear lake

bear lake is one of my favorite places to go. we usually try and go every year but i swear summer flies by and by time we get around to going school has already started. we went last minute- the hubs decided to surprise me and tell me we really were going to go when i thought we had both said we weren't. we went up with our friends who have a house up there. it's so nice to be away and yet have it be civilized so you can go out and eat or, our fave, go get shakes ;)

i loved getting away from real life even if it was just for a day or two. my sweet mom even said ry and i needed some time away so she watched the babes for us.

we got there late friday night, watched the olympics for hours and then went to bed. adam woke us all up at 6:30 on saturday morning to go boating. we stayed out on the lake and beach until 8 at night. everyone got so much sun, and me who actually tried- just left with a pink nose and white stripe across my forehead from my headband {stuuupid bangs}

we ate tons of yummy food and laid outside and looked at the gorgeous sky. the stars up there are ahuhmazing. i could lay outside all night long. there were even fireworks since it was their raspberry days!

i think we're going back in a couple of weeks before teen starts school. ugh. second grade. what the?

ranie and kate :)
i love these girls so much. they're the best

we kept laughing because we were so freaken cold.
i think i kept that blanket around me until it was 10.

the sunrise was gorgeous.
i'm not a morning person. i can't even remember the last time i was up before 7.
getting up by 6 was so worth it to see this.

ranie has a private beach just down the road from their house.
i was so proud i walked clear out until i couldn't see my feet anymore.
my biggest fear is the lake.
or the ocean.
or any body of water that i have no idea what lurks beneath.
ugh. creeps me out.

this is usually the face i get from him ;)
man i love him.

when ry and i first started dating we would go boating all the time.
i looked back and took this picture.
it reminds me so much of how much i love this guy.
mmmmm. love.love


i'm on a boat

much needed getaway to bear lake this weekend. post to come :)