rev run

during the day i think of so many things i need to write about. i feel like there is so much going on in our little lives that i want to document since i don't scrapbook. im so thankful for this app on my phone now. I feel like rev run. all my posting ideas come when im in the tub. i went to an arts and crafts store today, one that i grew up going to, roberts. its so cheesy but i was seriously so sad when i saw that it was going out of business :( i think I take it too personal when stores go out of business. i grew up with this store. we used to walk down and buy their gelly roll pens. it was the best. now ive only got the memories :)
kennedy and i went on a date to olive garden tonight. it was packed so we decided to get a to go order and had a picnic in my car :) i absolutely love how it made her day to have a picnic with just the 2 of us. the simple joys of childhood. i adore that little girl. <3
my hubs is sick. i really really hope he doesn't pass it on. kennedy went into grandma kerris today and told her he had a stroke. how her cute little mind took 'strep' to 'stroke' made me laugh a little. today was the first time since ry and i have been together that he has actually gone into a doctor. that's when you know he's really sick :( cross your fingers everyone!! nobody likes a sick family.
aaaaaand finally- the big apple. i can't even express how excited i am that we leave for new york on thursday!! i can't even wait. the only thing I'm completely dreading is taking my 18 month old on a 5 hour flight, 3 hour layover, then another hour or so flight. if anyone has ANY tips it would be greatly appreciated ;)
and those are my thoughts for today.. here is a picture that completely melts my heart-

i don't think mick is quite ready to be done with his baba. that, his blankie and his daddy are what makes his world go round ;)

god is love-

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the girls

i love my fam. we had such a fun easter this year :) we rarely get a good picture of all of us girls. i love this one <3

we're crazy but i wouldn't trade it for the world. we fight and we make up. we wear each others clothes. we watch each others kids. we all talk over each other. we laugh until our stomachs hurt. we love each other. and we are best friends.


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my favorite time of the day

dont get me wrong. i love my kids more than life itself. but when they're sound asleep in their beds all snuggled up with their favorite blankies dreaming away is my favorite time of day. i get exhausted. i don't work a full time job and i'm not a full time stay at home mom. i get a good balance of each and don't know why but at the end of the day i'm dunzo. i really don't know if we could add another little babe into this crazy mix. i have felt like an emotional roller coaster lately. thankfully i have my ma for the girl talks and gets me through :) it's hard having your own house, mortgage, bills, and all the other stuff that goes along with owning your house and then all the sudden it's just all gone. i feel that a part of me is gone. and i don't think that's a good thing. and don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining i am more than grateful for the opportunity to not have bills so we can buy our dream house! hopefully i'm just in a funk and can adjust pretty quickly being back home for the short time. i love house hunting and the hoping and dreaming of building our own home next spring. i can't even imagine that would be the best thing. ever.

here's a picture that made me smile. i can't get enough of her.


we moved

..back to the parents :) it's going to be a crazy year. we are so extremely grateful for my parents letting us all {including our 2 dogs and 1 cat} move in. it's nice and cozy and we have the downstairs to ourselves. i know kennedy is in heaven being back here. it's seriously her home away from home. wish us all luck for this adventure ahead of us. and that 30 day challenge? i got sick of it and will randomly post the following day when i feel like it :) i cant wait for summer. this snow in april thing isn't right. anyone else agree?? i had to post this picture because i think it's the cutest picture of my little man. jeez my kids are growing up so fast.