this guy...

made my day.

i love my husband.
i had the worst morning. woke up at 5, stepped in dog poop,
woke back up at 6 to jagger playing in his crib, then finally back up at 7
to start getting ready for work.
i'm a baby, but getting my two kids ready and myself seems to be such
a hard thing for me to do. jagger is at a stage where he just
constantly wants to be held. and when you're getting trying to
get ready that doesn't work.
the dogs were playing everywhere i seemed to have to be
and jagger was constantly crying because i wasn't holding him.
kennedy was mad and crying because i was doing her hair.
{i don't get it. i do her hair EVERY day. you think she'd be used to it by now?}
payback?? haha. anyway,
ryan works graves because he got an amazing job opportunity that came with
amazing insurance. a must have. and a lot more pay and also stability
he usually doesn't make it home because he works far and isn't off until 730 sometimes 8.
but he always says he tries. and i know he really does try.
there are even times he'll have to pull over and sleep for just a couple of
minutes so he won't fall asleep. he does so much for our little family.
he made it home this morning with my favorite beans n brews coffee in his hand.
i cried. it sounds so stupid but i had been having such a hard morning
it just made me so happy and changed my mood.
immediately jagger was thrilled {that boy LOVES his daddy more than i could tell you}
kennedy's hair was done, and with ry's help we were off to kindergarten
and grandma kerri's for today.
i love you ry. more than you'll ever know.
ry's not the type to facebook it, have a myspace, and i know he only knows
about what i blog because i tell him.
if you ever read this, please know how greatful i am for you.
{love} your wife xoxoxo


kennedy singing katy

kennedy has this talent of hearing a song a few times and she starts to learn the words. after not too long she knows all the words. apparantly, i listen to katy perry around her and the other day we were driving in the car and she busted this one out. i was in tears i was laughing so hard.
ps- you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the blog and pause the music :)


the great great's

it's pretty amazing to say you still know your great grandparents!!
my moms grandparens live up in preston, idaho.
we hadn't been up to see them in quite some time,
and they hadn't even met the little babies yet and hadn't seen
kennedy in a couple years. my cousin decided to invite us up on a day trip
to go and visit them. they are the cutest old people ever. my great grandma has
such an amazing memory!! i am so glad they got to meet the little babes.
i can't wait to go back in the spring time and feed the baby lambs!!

my mom with her grandparents

4 of their great great grandbabies!!
brighton, kennedy, jagger, and berklee

where berklee gets her red hair from :)

connor and my pops

my cute grandma playing with the spools with kennedy and brighton

jagger coloring on the marker board.
i remember playing on that growing up :)

the sheep that my grandpa still has. he'll be {eighty87seven}
and still going strong. he's so amazing

everyone went out to watch grandpa feed the sheep

tina marie

my grandma is amazing at keeping scrapbooks and keeping
track of everything! we love to read them
when we go up and catch up on everyones lives

jag man

berklee and her hillbilly teeth. i love that they're
coming in all funky

my very favorite picture of this little one.
she pulls some of the cutest faces

and of course grandma made lunch for everyone it was so yummy.
i am so grateful to still have my great grandparents!! they're simply