just in case you didn't get the memo...
we're getting married here now!!
we were going to do a destination wedding
but it got wayyyyy too out of control
{for our budget}
so we're getting married on
*yes it's a tuesday*
at noah's reception center in
South Jordan!!
whoop whoop can't wait!!


so far...

so good!!
dress {check}
bridesmaids dresses {check}
ceremony & reception place {check}

*can't wait*


Addresses please!!

it's about that time!!
we are starting the hunt for addresses for our wedding invitations!
we really really want everyone we know to come :) please either leave your
address as a comment or you can email it to me..
please and thank you!!


Buttload to Upload

i STILL can't find my computer cord to upload pictures and i have soooo many to upload, but i {HAVE}
to write about some things..
{jagger} little man. he has his FIRST TOOTH!! i couldn't even
believe it.
we woke up on monday, (5/3) and i always feel his lower gums,
because he just loves it, and i felt a tooth! i was so excited :)
and he now knows how to hold his own bottle!
he is definitely one impressive 5 month old
on a sadder note... he is getting tubes. i took him into an ear, nose
and throat specialist and he actually has another really bad ear infection
in his left ear :( no bueno. he is such a trooper, we had no idea he
was sick again. so the doctor said it would be best to get some tubes put in.
i am going to be a wreck i'm sure, but it's going to be the best thing for him.
{kennedy} she's almost done with preschool!! whoooo hoooo! she is definitely
excited for summer and her belated summer birthday party :)
we're going to have blow up water toys and jump houses at my parents for her
party and she is soo excited. it's going to be so fun.
i feel bad she never got a party on her actual birthday so this is
just her belated birthday party :)
pictures to come... promise! peace and {love}