party of five

we're pregnant!!!
and we couldn't be more happy.



the most wonderful time of the year

christmas was amazing. it always is ;)

ryan and i had a strtict no buying presents for each other rule so while i opened the presents he ended up getting me, he had nada. poor guy! he came home christmas eve and said he had bought something so good. i asked him how much he spent and when he said way too much i freaked out. he said i didn't deserve it so he gave it to my mom. she opened a new dyson christmas morning. that will teach me to not get mad over him spending money on presents!!

the kids got way too many presents and can't wait to fill our new house with them :)

christmas eve we all did a gift exchange. everyone was supposed to get a $20 present. something that they LIKED. i can't tell you how many times i specified that.
my dad re-gifted a clock that the owners of a shoe store always give all of the officers at christmas time.
we all laughed so hard.
over. and. over

in true lorence fashion the morning started out with a silly string fight. we all laughed so hard we were in tears. i love my family.

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! :)


he freaken did it!!

HE DID IT!! he finally went potty and we couldn't be more excited. i mean holy mother of everything. i never thought we'd see this day in the near future.
yesterday before we went to bed i asked him if he wanted to go potty. he said no. he always had said no. i figured by pushing it, it was just going to make all of us more frustrated. i asked him if he'd go in the morning and he said yes. i didn't think much of it, because for the last couple of what seems like months, he's always said he would 'not yight now' and 'in 2 more days'
we woke up, ry changed his butt and put panties on him. yes we call them panties. he's got a big sister and girl cousin that he lives with- what else would he say they're called ;)
ry brought him upstairs and went in the bathroom to have him try. usually he freaks the freak out. today was different- he sat down and 2 minutes later came out with ryan and said he went potty!!!
i could have cried. it made me the happiest mama in the whole wide world. today we are 4 for 4. NO ACCIDENTS!! we even had to run to the mall and he went when we were there. my baby is getting so big. and his little toosh is so dang cute in those boxer briefs ;)

today was the best day ever!!

and we ended the night by cuddling watching the grinch and jagger turning his head over and saying- 'mama i didn't even eat my boogah'

totall success ;)


i love everything about this


meet ralphie

this is ralphie. and my kids are completely terrified of him. they thought he was cool for the first day- until my dad decided to tell kennedy that ralphie was hiding under her bed. she went to sleep in tears last night! poor kids. kennedy just thinks he's the creepiest thing ever and jagger just thinks whatever kennedy does ;) maybe ralphie should bring them more presents and they'll end up liking him.


my thoughts exactly

after my walmart trip today- these are my thoughts exactly!! i mean come on. right?

3 and 8

we had the babes birthday parties together. it was just so much easier to do it that way. and oh man we had so much fun. they both wanted to have their party at airborne. if you haven't gone there- you should. it is seriously so much fun!! i think i might have jumped more than the kids haha! and i'm pretty sure i peed my pants 30 times. tmi? never ;) everyone had a blast and we really want to go back soon!

the kids got spoiled and got so many fun presents!!

thank you to everyone who came and made it special for them!

jags got a new skateboard from aunt caleigh. i am so impressed with his skills!
he definitel didn't get that coordination from me ;)

kennedy and some of her best friends. they're the sweetest girls!!

ryan and sweet avery looking at candy land. avery really wanted to open that game!


i give up

the kid is nowhere near being potty trained. this might be the death of me. come onnnnnnnnn!!