vent sesh

why do some people have to be so mean? i don't understand what happiness others receive from putting others down or talking about others behind their back.

it hurts.

some people i think i'm pretty close with i just must have been fooled pretty bad. others, just ask questions or talk to me, not because they genuinely care- but
because they just want to be ' in the know' i have always considered myself a good, loyal, trustworthy, and overall great friend and yet it seems it's so hard to find that in someone else. some are still stuck in high school mode and will be your best friend to your face but will be the first to talk bad about you when you leave.

maybe i'm just a baby but it really makes me feel awful.

then there are the people that are one uppers. they're always better than you.

nobody is better than anyone.

everyone has their own trials in life and i feel this is just one more.

one more that i will conquer and in the end the only people that are left are the only ones that mattered in the first place.

peace & love


3 things i learned today

1- when riding a motorcycle you wave to others riding a motorcycle

2- the hubs bike goes really fast

3- the bones that i didn't know i had anymore in my butt hurt soooo bad

...and this is what i look like after a nice bike ride ;) Ha!

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the big apple. round 1

we got back from new york sunday night and seriously had soooo much fun!! i can't wait to go back in 2 weeks :) my cousins wedding was beautiful and i always love seeing my new yorkers ;) it feels like we were there for 2 seconds and then home again. jagger did so much better on the plane than i thought he would. he had his moments but the majority of the flights he was fine. i can't imagine what we would have done without my ipad for him to watch elmo and toy story on. ry said an ipad would be a waste of money. told you it was an amazing investment ry!!

this is how we got jagger to sleep in the airports since i forgot to bring the stroller. leave it to me to forget that, diapers, and wipes.
as we were walking into the airport my mom asked me if i remembered diapers. leave it to me to forget the most important things for a baby. thankfully my mom asked some random lady in the airport if we could have some diapers. we got some diapers and boarded the plane :) an hour into our flight jagger had downed 2 things of applejuice and a dose of benadryl he blew out of his only outfit i had. my poor homeless kid walked around the detroit airport in a diaper and jacket. super awesome.

the rest of the trip went awesome. bring on round 2. oh snap

and here are some random pictures of me and my sisters :)

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he deserves it

words cannot express how grateful i am to be an american right now. to be old enough to be able to appreciate going through this exprience of finding out that osama bin laden is DEAD is unbelieveable. it's amazing to me that we have done what we have and now, it's paid off. so many thoughts are going through my head. seeing those pictures of him on tv and then images of nine-eleven brings so many sick feelings. this is a huge accomplishment for obama's presidency and am so proud to call him our leader. feelings of relief mostly are what is consuming my thoughts. bin laden deserved this.

brought to you courtesy of the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE

{thanks kerri}