i was meant to be her mama

my life started when i had her. we were meant to be together. she is the most amazing girl i know and i couldn't be more proud to call her mine. i love her more than she will ever know possible. and i can't wait to see the person she is growing into. to say that she is 8 is unreal to me. i don't know where the time goes!! she's the best big sister and always helps out when needed. i love you sissy happy birthday!!

sister got super spoiled this birthday. she got what she's wanted 'FOREVERRRR' ;) an ipod touch. lucky little girl!!


the sweetest tooth fairy

kennedy has lost 2 teeth within a week of each other. the first tooth she put under her pillow and the tooth fairy didn't come. the next morning she got her tooth and had a big plan to put it in a treasure box and back under her pillow. in the middle of it all- she lost it. and honestly we all kind of forgot about it.

two days ago she lost another one. during the day my mom and i took te kids to go see rise of the guardians {super cute movie} when we left kennedy said- 'mom i don't really believe in the tooth fairy anymore' it made me so sad! so that night the tooth fairy wrote her a little letter and left her a cute little notebook. i think it's safe to say she believes again ;)

in the cute note the tooth fairy left she said-
ps i think a naughty elf is going to visit you! ;)
kennedy put it together that in the movie we saw the tooth fairy talks to santa and his elves so she said it must be true!

it was a such a cute way to start to introduce elf on the shelf!!



happy thanksgiving!!
i have so many things to be grateful for. life has been very good to me. we are truly so blessed.

now i'm off to take a nap with little man before round 2 ;)


he's three

jags turned 3 today. totally bittersweet. he had a fun filled day thanks to the best auntie ever. my sister took him and played all day :)

i don't know where the time goes. three seems so big to me. my babies aren't supposed to grow up this fast.

today was filled with the sweetest texts and calls from all of his family and friends. he has perfected saying 'dank yoo' when people say happy birthday ;) we're planning on celebrating on through the week! we'll be doing a lot of fun things until the kids' parties next week.

my little boy is amazing. i am so damn lucky to be his mama. he pretends he doesn't like me- and I'm ok with it ;) the boy loves his dada. the night ended perfect with cake and ice cream and him telling me he's all ready for bed. he zonked out in less than 5 minutes.

happy birthday jagger krew. you are one amazing baby. we love you more than you'll ever know


park city

i have the best husband. he decided to surprise me saturday morning and take me to park city. i love going to park city. it was so nice to just get away just the two of us!! we had the nicest hotel room. i told him i would be fine just staying there until our house was finished ;) i don't know what i did to deserve that man but i am more than grateful for him!!


and then we had windows

we have windows. and a front door!! and stairs inside. i told my mom i would be ok with moving in now, while the workers finish up ;)


snow day

today was perfect.
we woke up to more snow than i can ever remember having in one day.
the kids were so excited to go play in it, when ry went out to shovel they followed him right out, and stayed outside until they were frozen! i always love the first big snowfall. it really feels like the holiday season now ;) we played outside, saw santa at the mall, listened to christmas music all day, and then are now watching christmas vacation ;)
is your house on fiahhh clark?
my parents stupid dog hates the snow. he wasn't sure how to go outside so with a little help from my dad i think he figured it out ;) ha!
we were so excited to see how much snow came down i went outside with jagger. no shoes or socks and all. i only lasted maybe 5 minutes out there
and then ry thought it would be funny to hit the tree and have snow fall down all on top of jags. everyone laughed so hard. except jagger. haha ;)
he is right in the middle of that snow falling!
happy winter!! :)


on a better note

i love my honey boo boo child. he really hates when i call him that. so naturally, that's what i'll always call him now ;)



im bummed. i honestly was looking forward to see what romney was going to do for the country. here's to the next 4 years. but as one of my friends put it- lets move on as a united country, it's the only way we're going to get anything done



i can't put into words how thankful i am for my babies. they've made me who i am today. and i couldn't be more proud of who they're growing into.

except jagger. he's a nightmare sometimes. kidding kidding. i love him just as much ;)

it is so hard to believe they're going to be 3 and 8 in just a couple of weeks. time needs to slow down for just a little bit.

i can't get enough of these two. i love them both. indescribably so. i couldn't be more happy they're mine


this happened at our house yesterday. and i loved every second of it





sugar high

this was jaggers face when i told him that we were going trick or treating today
he was so excited!!

halloween was a success this year.
the weather was perfect.
the food was perfect.
the kids had a blast
and our tummies were full.
we trick or treated with delicious cider and walked around until our feet hurt
berklee was a lady bug
brighton was a cop
jagger was a blah blah blah {dracula from hotel transylvania}
hailey was a dead bride
kennedy was a nerd
and schroeder was a lumberjack ;)

i was little red riding hood

and the mister was the big bad wolf.
tyson was some asian hot sauce
and caleigh was a gorilla.

my brother was homecoming queen and his cute girlfriend was the loser haha!

the sibs.
gorilla.red riding.indian.homecoming queen.

when i was done spraying jaggers hair black and painting his face white
i know it doesn't look like paint because he is always so white- haha
and adding lipstick blood, my dad was so excited to show him what he looked like.
he took one look in the mirror and said- 'uh me no like it!' and took his white shirt and smeared it.
i pretended that he got it all off and just didn't let him look in the mirror again ;)


jagger is so funny.
after we got home and the kids sorted out their candy he just laid down and rolled around in it.

it was great!
but i'm not going to lie- i am SO freaken excited for this time of year.
i changed out all of my cd's to t.swifts christmas
the biebs christmas
and the list goes on...
happy november 1st!!