dear husband

i know you will never read this- but today i saw a husband that was not very nice to his wife. it made me so excited to come home to you. thank you for loving me for me. and for laughing with me when we both know i'm not that funny. i love you more than this whole wide world. i love the life we have made together and am so excited to see what else our future holds. we have the 2 cutest babes i have ever seen and when i watch you with them it melts my heart. maybe we can add a 3rd soon?  thank you for working nights and going to school during the day just so you can take care of us :) you are the most amazing person in this world. anyone who knows you, knows this is true. i have never heard you say anything mean about anyone. you would do anything for anybody. and- you never complain. we couldn't be more opposite ;)   you make me so happy. xo


sunday funday

we just got home from bear lake this weekend. oh gosh we had so much fun. i absolutely love bear lake :) i told the hubs we should move there. he said i wouldn't last 2 days.
nothing like a good old road trip to bond with the sister. we laughed so much i thought hubs was going to throw us out of the car. what would i do without that girl. she makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. we only stayed for a day but got boating.jetskiing.tubing.swimming.beach playing.and raspberry shakes all in. until next year bear lake- we will miss you.

little miss started 1st grade. it is so weird to me that she is that old already. it feels like she was just a little baby. she loves school but asked me why they had to eat lunch there. i told her she would be eating lunch everyday at school. 'ooooooh' she wasn't excited about my answer. the days are long but they go by fast she tells me ;) she is the most gorgeous 1st grader there is. i love her more than she will ever know. she makes me so proud to be her mom.

monday- blahhhh.
i wish everyday was the weekend ;)


i have found our house

if we could just fast forward until next spring and either of these 2 beauties would still be on the market- i would be one happy girl :)
oh how i wish we could just pack up and move in today.


minnesota was good to us

we just got back from minnesota this morning. it was such an amazing vacation! my uncle lives in minnetrista right on lake minnetonka- and decided that he wanted to fly us out. of course we said yes :) there were 17 of us on the plane and we loved every second of it!! the first day we were there we got all ready and got in our 15 passenger bus and went to the mall of america. kennedy was in heaven! we rode rides for the first little bit and then once kennedy saw the american girl store we went in there forever. and- she almost came out with one :) im so bummed i feel like we were only there for 2 seconds. there was just too much to see.

this is the view from one of the food courts overlooking all of the rides :)

then we went boating the next day on a big pontoon boat that fit all 19 of us. the lake was so pretty!! my uncle has such a fun car that we all took turns driving in. this is my cousin chelsey and i before-

and after-


ry and kennedy loved swimming in the lake- for all of you that know me, you know that i stayed inside that boat. especially after that awesome shark week ;)

im pretty sure i have gained 10 pounds after all of the amazing food we ate. the sign of an amazing vacation!!

my cute cousins-
amanda and chelsey

and we even got to celebrate the hubs birthday when we were there. man he sure loves his wife ;)

we had so much fun!!

but- i couldn't WAIT to get home to this little man

i think he's secretly mad at us for leaving him behind :)

minnesota was so good to us!!


a year ago today

i married this guy..
i love him more than he'll ever know
our ceremony 

i love you ry!! thank you for everything you have ever done for us.


best friends for ever and ever

christina is the best. we've been best friends for years and i am {like i've said before} so happy she decided to plan her teenage pregnancy with me ;) she's the best friend a girl could ask for. i'm not sure how it started- {remind me christy?} but 8/8 is our anniversary of being best friends. i told her a love laced post was sure to follow so- here ya go :)

thank you for always being there for me

i love everything about you.

we have fought like a married couple- and woken up best friends again :)

our daughters are best friends for life as well

we've talked everyday since we've met

she was my maid of honor

and is the best advice giver.

sometimes people have thought we were lesbians.

and she probably knows more about me than the hubs ;)

love you forever and ever. no matter what


what it's like

i love when i find songs that give me the speechless feeling. songs that have such good meaning. i came across this one today driving home from a wedding with my parents. i love it. it's old and i have never heard it but i couldn't stop thinking about it. i am so lucky and honestly so blessed to be where i am in life and to have what i do.

who are we to judge others when we don't know what their story is or where they've been? i need to remind myself this next time i think bad of complete strangers i don't even know. it kind of humbled me..