oh darling

baby sis-
i am completely smitten by you.
you couldn't be more perfect.
i hope you never grow up.

as i sit and watch you sleep- miss taylor swift says- never grow up
your little hands wrapped around my finger
and it's so quiet in the world tonight
your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreamin
oh darling don't you ever grow up
just stay this little
don't you ever grow up
it could stay this simple
i won't let nobody hurt you
just try to never grow up

i say it all the time. but really.
my heart is so full with my three babies.



heavy heart

tomorrow is the day. the first time i will go 5 straight hours without seeing elle. 
i think im ready. 
i ve got this.

i do feel so blessed to have my amazing job and absolutely adore the girls I work with. that's what will get me through. and honestly- it will be a nice break and alone time. right? right. 

but damn, i'm going to miss seeing this perfect face all day long. 


7 weeks in pictures

some of my absolute favorite pictures from the last 7 weeks since baby sister has been here :)

the first time big brother and sister held baby sis is indescribable.
my brothers cute girlfriend had them make a canvas print of their hands and a little saying of how much they loved her already. i die. 
it was the sweetest.
there is nothing quite like that moment when i saw them meeting her. 

{ my life in one little picture }

my sister and i went with my dad to an officers funeral
it was so hard to see his sweet wife and son.
i am so grateful for my dad going to work every day and coming home safe.
growing up it's something you just expected.
life is so short and can be taken from you in an instant.
that day definitely made me realize how lucky i am.

baby sis and i have had lots of cuddle sessions. 
they're the best.

she has the biggest eyes when she's wide awake.
we call her bugsy. 
from adam sandlers move- bedtime stories.
they look just like her brothers ;)

'mama! hers looks at this when i move it!'
i love seeing these two together.

elliott loves her uncle connor.
is there anything more sweet than a sleeping baby?


life these days

it's crazy
and overwhelming all at the same time. 
but i wouldn't change it for the world. my kids are my life. 
ry works graves and has been so dang busy he's been doing 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. luckily i have amazing friends and family for support and help with the littles when i have those- i feel like a single mom of 3 crazy kids- moments ;) 

going back to work is going to be a good break from the full time stay at home mama job. honestly I am looking forward to it. my schedule will be perfect- just mondays wednesdays and fridays { super part time ;) }
i can't wait to see my patients and tell everyone all about sweet baby elle.
i do feel so blessed to have a job i truly love. the girls that i work with make it that much more amazing. 

life is so good to us right now. 
we couldn't be more grateful. 

i really am going to try this blogging thing more. if i don't I know that i'll regret it later!!  


this is one of my favorite pictures i have of me and elle. every time i look at it i swear my heart melts into a giant puddle  


bear lake 2013

bear lake is seriously my heaven on earth. it is my favorite place we go every summer. it's always bitter sweet because it marks the end of summer for us but yet we always have so much fun. this year my cute cousins { who are pregnant!!- yay!! }  and their little boy came up with us! 

we ate
we swam
we beached ourselves and soaked in the sun
we boated and tubed
we had camp fires every night
and we played in the crazy rain storm that hit us
we watched the little kiddos have even more fun than we were having
and then we ate again ;)
and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

and baby sis did so good!! i was a little nervous about taking a 3 week old but she is seriously the best baby and was amazing the whole time.

{ baby sis only wakes up once a night. i tell you she is straight from heaven ;) }

bear lake was so good to us this year.
until next time...


i'm pretty sure i had to bribe him with something for this picture. 
he didn't hold still for more than 1 second the whole time

auntie cal and baby elle taking a nap in the most comfy camping chair.
i don't know who liked it more ;)

she melts me
naps on the beach- does it get better?