the last week in pictures

baby sis is the size of a cantaloupe! she moves around like crazy all of the time and i love it!! i can even feel her from the outside now- it's so surreal! we all can't wait to meet her!

jagger is such a crazy boy. the kid never stops. and i swear one of these days i might just leave him at target for someone to adopt him. he's such a stinker sometimes!! good thing he's so dang cute ;)

and kennedy has just been catching up on her latest kardashian gossip. whoopsies!! i swear i ran upstairs for 2 seconds and came down to her reading my cosmopolitan magazine. poor girl! she didn't know that magazine is not meant for littles!


22 weeks

baby sis has decided pop out this last week :)

and every night before i fall asleep i feel her move and go crazy. it's the best feeling in the whole wide world.

this pregnancy has been the best. i really have nothing to complain about. did i really just say that?! ;)

here is little sisters bump at 22 weeks. and i love kennedys face. concentrating and trying to figure out what jagger was doing haha!



easter was so amazingly nice this year. the weather was perfect and we only had 1 stop to make to the inlaws. when your inlaws are divorced and remarried- holidays can be a nightmare sometimes trying to go from house to house. the kids got up around 8 came and got us up and ran downstairs to see if the easter bunny came ;) and of course he did!! they played with their new toys and then we headed to my parents and had the easter egg hunt. my mom had so many eggs hidden in ye back yard- and it only took the kids a good 5 minutes to find them all ;)

we are so blessed to spend another holiday all together and i get so excited thinking that next year we'll have our sweet baby girl with us!! :)

and don't let jaggers face fool you, he loves the holidays too i promise