m & m mess

don't you hate when you spill your m & m's all over you? jagger and i were driving to kennedy's dads wedding { yes the ex-husband. that's how well we get along ;) } read all about that adventure{ HERE}
and to keep jagger calm in the back seat i gave him his jar of mini m & m's.
we got to the reception and christy asked what happened to his neck?
he had melted m & m's all over the top of his shirt and in his neck.
there were 2 left on there too.
so the good mom in me gets them off his shirt and just eats them instead of finding a garbage.

it's so lovely how things that my kidlets do that don't even gross me out.
christy thought it was awful.
haha ;)

kennedy looked so cute.
she even got the boquet handed to her instead of
it getting thrown.
it made my heart so happy.
she told me later on that she is 'a very lucky girl'
because she has 2 dads and now 2 moms
she's so right.
she is one very lucky girl to have
that many people love her more than the world.


the importance of listening

i came across this today and absolutely love it. thanks {jacy} :)
it is so true.
there are so many times a day that
i just do the one word answer or tune my kids out {i know. bad mom award}
puts a lot of things in perspective.


i am so in love

do you ever just look at a picture and fall in love. this is one of my favorites of kennedy. the best pictures are the ones they don't know you're taking. i love you kennedy rian.
more than you'll ever know.

ahh this girl is my world.


we're moving back home!!

some people are just a holes. we have tenants in our house right now that have been completely fine until a week ago. apparently the husband freaked out on our poor realtor, are complete hoarders, and are being so creepy when people go to look at our house for a showing. long story short we have to wait until their lease is up in august, move back in, get new carpet and paint, then in the husbands words- put it back up for sale and it will sell like a hot cake.
{ he has a potty mouth so i edited this down }

i was so sad at first but i can't even tell you how excited i am to move back. we've been so grateful to be able to live at my parents and save money but there is nothing like moving back to your first house. i can't wait to make it all cute again to get it to show. and my friends and i have been working on a headboard { best friend/mrs this and that blogpost to come soon!! } and i'm going to do one for jaggers room. bahhh i can't wait.

so come august 1st we're homeward bound!!


our day at the zoo

i took the babes to the zoo today! i haven't been to the zoo in years. i can maybe go once a year. bad mom award? i just cant stand walking in the heat, with people EVERYWHERE, looking at sleeping animals. i'd rather put some spongebob on and go about my day. kidding ;) it was good to go and jagger had so much fun. he loved seeing the animals especially the 'nakes. that's how he says snakes. somethings he says just misses the 's' at the beginning. it was the most exercise i've gotten all month so that's always a plus.

and poor jagger had a little bit of a meltdown when we first got there.
he thought all of the animals were going to eat him i guess

we are LOVING this summer weather in april!! :)


tuesday funday

i had today off so the best and i decided to get together and make cards. we made a couple really cute cards and watched my crazy two year old run a muck around her house. we're so exciting aren't we? oh the things we get excited about. after the card making we went to cafe rio- yummm. then i needed to get new toms for work so i begged her to run to nordstrom with me while we looked so awesome. we were hoping we wouldn't run into anyone we knew because we were so gross. mission not accomplished ;) and we also found out some lovely news that will consume our friday night. or saturday.

yes. out in public. it was wonderful

we like to pretend we're fancy ;)


the three stooges

tonight i attempted to cut jaggers hair all by myself. my friend is so amazing who usually cuts it but last time we went he was awful so i thought it didn't look so hard and wanted to try! i went and bought a cheap kit came home and disaster struck. i started out with the smallest blade and cut his hair so short he looked like one of the three stooges. i ran in my moms room laughing so hard with tears streaming down my cheeks begging her to help me fix it. she looked at him and started to laugh so hard she cried too. thank god she was able to make it so much better but you can totally tell where i chopped into it. i still think about it and laugh out loud. tiff i don't know how you make it look so easy and so good but i will always come to you from now on again ;) i totally learned my lesson haha!!

at least he still looks pretty cute ;)


here's to a wonderful week

ugh. last week was the worst. my poor little guy was SO sick. his tubes have fallen out in the last 8 weeks or so and he got a double ear infection on monday. he was so miserable- he ended up getting bad fevers that lasted for so long. after he was on an antibiotic for a couple of days he broke out with the worst canker sores i have ever seen. all he did was cry and whine. and want his dad. luckily ry was blessed with the patience of a sloth and just took care of him. i tell you there is nothing i love more than seeing those 2 together.
we tried to go out to eat one day and jagger didn't even make it past ordering drinks. this kid never cuddles.
and if he does- it's with his daddy. i took him to the car and all he wanted was his b {blankey} and to lay on me.
so bitter sweet.

this is what our bed looks like lately. we are suckers for letting the kids sleep with us.
they're so cute how can we resist?
i told ryan that we just need to buy a 1 bedroom house. what is the point of getting into something bigger when this is how we all sleep ;)

finally the weekend came and jags started to feel better- we dyed eggs, hid the eggs, found the eggs, made cupcakes, painted nails, talked, laughed until we cried, i made {this} wreath, and just spent so much time with our families. it was the best. i could totally get used to 3 day weekends!!
 it's a good thing i love my job so much that i don't dread waking up monday mornings.
easter was so good this year. nothing special or different- i just love the holidays
plus we always love an excuse to dress up a little fancy ;)

and i love how i never have pictures of the hubs and i. he hates taking pictures
one day i'll get some good ones!!
until then it's just me and the babes ;)

oh- and here's to wishful thinking that our house sells asap.
man oh man i want it sold so we can start looking for our
new house!!