25 RandoM things abouT me!

1. I LOVE my daughter more than anything in the world!

2. My biggest pet peeve is back tracking. I get anxiety if I have to back track

3. Ryan is the best man in the world. He has stepped into a situation knowing what he was getting into and totally fulfilled everything Kennedy and I have needed.

4. I really really want to lose weight!!! Swim suit season is in 3 months!!

5. I can not wait to decorate my house.

6. Kennedy just told me that it's now summer outside because the snow is melting. ahhh how nice would just an instant summer be??

7. I wish I was creative. There's not one bit of me that is!

8. I could eat Cafe Rio or La Costa everyday

9. I love to read about people's lives. It totally interests me!

10. I can't wait to get married!!!

11. I want Kennedy to be a big sister

12. I love my family sooooo much. They're crazy and so loud but I wouldn't have it any other way.

13. Caleigh is moving out and I am actually sad about it! It's just going to be weird. We've lived together for 20 ish years

14. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up

15. I am in love with kenny chesney. There's just something about him

16. Kennedy's new boyfriend is House. Yeah Dr. House. Oh gosh the shows she likes....

17. I love going on vacations.

18. I would take Kennedy to Disneyland over going to any other place anyday. Seeing how happy she was last time was the best. I can't wait to go again.

19. I am so in love

20. I love my friends. Sorry you're not in the picture jess! I couldn't find a cute one of us! love you!

21. I would really really love to go on an unlimited shopping spree and just get whatever I want

22. We have a cat named charly

23. I can't wait to get my dad his birthday present!!!!

24. I don't care that I don't have a ton of money. We're so happy all together and that's all that matters

25. Kennedy is 4. How weird is that???

I Tag....Jessica, Alex my favorite bio partner, Amanda Bullard, and my mother!!