preston, idaho

over the weekend we went up to our family reunion in preston, idaho. we go up there every year and have so much fun!! my kids had such a blast. we all love to just sit around and talk, eat, and laugh. we have tried to go every year since i was a little kid. i remember running around and playing all day growing up. it's so nice to go up and just get away from everything. and it's always a plus having my cute cousins to hang out with all day! :)

poor jagger and schroeder were so tired. they wouldn't lay down so chels and i decided to drive around until they fell asleep. we literally were in the car for 30 seconds and jagger was out. schroe took a little longer but he finally fell asleep too.


jagger loved hanging out with my dad during the parade. he was so cute with him getting all the candy

kennedy was SO brave and went on the big rides. she ended up loving them! and wanted to make sure that i got a picture of her favorite one she did ;)

we can't wait until next year!!


why we've been mia

this girl-

    makes my days so much better.
we have awful moments together.
we have great moments together.
we get bored
and have so much fun together.
i think we're together so much that our periods are in sync too.

she is going through a rough patch.
and i'm here to help her through it.
and on a bright side- we are building houses together!!

you're the best christina.
love- your sister wife ;)

for her rough patch story and to hear me complain just a little more, go



that's how much it was to get a new phone.
after an hour and a half at at&t they finally agreed to give me an 80 credit on my bill and waive the upgrade fee. so i left with my new phone only being around 300. i'm still sick about it. i connected it to icloud and of course none of my contacts or pictures oooooor anything else got saved.
 there goes my wishful thinking.
i swear- if one more thing goes wrong this month i just might lose it. i don't know how much more craziness i can handle right now.
here is to good karma and hoping my phone magically gets turned in and i can return this one i just bought within 30 days.

comeeeeee on i need a break!!



yesterday i went to smiths by our house to pick up a couple of things for a bbq at my inlaws. i ran in while my brother, sister, and hubs waited outside. i did the self check out and knew one of the kids that was working there so we started talking- i finished paying and walked out of the store with 2 bags and a watermelon in hand. i put the bags in the car buckled up and drove off out to the bbq. 30 seconds into driving i realized i didn't have my phone and told my brother to call it. the second he said it went straight to voicemail i knew i had left it at the store and someone had stolen it. i flipped around and drove back to the store. i was gone no longer than 5 minutes. i ran back inside and asked the kid that i knew if he saw who put the basket that i had away. he said he didn't know- and asked some other kid. bahhhh i was so pissed at that point because i knew it was gone. smiths has security cameras and told me the only way they can look at them is to call the cops and file a report. so i did. the cop got there and went and watched the security cameras. i know that my phone was in the basket and i just got distracted talking to the kid and forgot to grab it out. on the video you can see me ringing up my groceries and then putting the basket on the floor. i leave and then a couple seconds later someone else that works there picks up the basket and since the video is so grainy and quality is awful you can't even see inside the basket. either the kids that work there took it or he really put the basket back and the next customer that walked in and picked a basket up scored a brand new iphone. whoever it was knew what they were doing because they turned it right off.

i'm not even that mad about having to get a new phone. i'm so sick to my stomach knowing all of my thousand pictures of my kids are just gone.  i cried 4 times over it yesterday. i just don't get it. i have never stolen anything in my life and i would never take someones personal phone with all of their stuff on  it. my life was literally in that phone. every phone number, picture, all of our new house information, and everything else.

all i can hope is that the asshole who took it either tries to pawn it for their next tweaker fix and the pawn shop gets the serial number off of it and i get it back. or i can find the ad on ksl. i know that's wishful thinking but i've got to think positive somewhat to keep me from freaking out again.

i hate people who think that it's ok to steal from others. it's not. i hope karma will come around and they will get what's coming to them.

eff. my. life


mrs. this and that

one of my sweetest friends that i've known since high school has the cutest blog. she blogs about everything from diy tutorials { check out the headboard we helped her make here }
to her everyday life shenanigans with her two adorable kids.
she is starting up an etsy shop on everything cute you see on her blog that she designs.
she was so sweet to design a header for my lack of creativeness on my blog :)
and she did my other cute friend brittany's header and signature on her blog too!!
go check her out and contact her if you're wanting something cute for yours!

love you tiff!! :)


guess who's getting lasik??

not me!
i am so bummed.
actually bummed is an understatement.
i'm so pissed.
that's better!
i have been contemplating getting lasik for years. i have 20/200 vision.
i'm considered legally blind. and every year when spring turns to summer my eyes go wacko. i finally set up an appointment to go in and get a consult to see how much it was since we have money in our flex spending and i get a discount through our vision insurance.
luckily christina went with me or else it would have been the most boring appointment. ever.
they did so many tests and after an hour  i finally met with the doctor. he told me i wasn't a candidate.
apparently 20% of people aren't able to do it. so that's great i get to live with these stupid eyes until i'm at least 30.

i told christy that instead of spending $3,000 on my eyes, i'm putting it towards upgrades for our new house ;)
it made me feel just a little bit better.
wanting something SO bad and knowing it's not even an option anymore, sucks.

and then i couldn't even see for an hour after because my eyes were so dialated. ugh. not a good day


baby girl

my most adorable pregnant friend carson is having her baby girl today. i am more than excited and happy for them. she is the sweetest mommy to nixon and i just know nixon is going to be the best big brother!! she went into the hospital this morning and i can't wait to hear more.
good luck cars and sean!!
i love you guys :)


we work out

we love to workout together.
who am i kidding? i hate working out.
but we're trying to pick up yoga.

christina- i'd like to see you do more yoga, what's your favorite pose?
i love you my little basset hound ;)


this boy.



but these terrible 2's just might be the death of me.
he is SO dang naughty sometimes
tonight he went downstairs,
bit kennedy,
and then came up and told on himself.
as i was telling him we don't bite
he stuck his hand down my shirt and said- 'mama's boobies!!'

what am i going to do with this kid??
he's lucky he's so dang cute!

snow shack

it's mid july and i hadn't gotten a snow shack yet. usually once they open we go multiple times a week. i got off work early and got the babes and my brother and we went! it was delicious. like always ;)

is my brother not the cutest?
ugh. he's getting so old.
i feel like it was just yesterday when he would throw tantrums because he wanted to watch his
land of the time
he is the best uncle to my kids- especially for only being 18
most 18 year olds are too cool for kids
and he genuinely loves them.
and jagger wants to be just like his uncle conoh ;)



                                           the most beautiful pile of dirt i've ever seen ;)

we went and put our construction deposit down on this lovely today.
i don't think i've ever written a check for that huge of an amount
it kind of freaked me out.
i couldn't be more excited.
we wait.
the plans have to go to the architect- 8-10 days
then they go to the city for the permit which takes about 4-6 weeks they say.
{ she did tell me today that they've been a little quicker lately!! }

we have an appointment to go to the design center and pick everything out on the 21st.
they say the average appointment is about 6 hours.
bahhh 6 hours?
my first question was- do they feed us there?
ha! ry's face was great when i asked that.

wish us luck
ry and i are wanting 2 different looks for the outside. it'll be so interesting to see what we come up with.



time to change it

i saw this picture on this cute girls blog
and love it. i need a change so bad and feel like this would be SO cute.
i've always been super super blonde and always wanted to try and go dark


katy perry lover

kennedy has been asking me to take her to the katy perry movie from the second she saw the first preview.
today was the day.
it was the perfect mommy kennedy day { the girl loves her mommy days ;) }
through out the whole movie she kept looking at me, smiling, and then squeeling with excitement.

i feel like she is 7 going on 17. she is growing up on me way too fast!!

now we're home and just finished dinner.
as i type this entry up she is in her room belting out to the katy perry cd.
she told me i'm the coolest mom.ever.
i'm ok with that ;)

i love going through my phone and finding pictures of her. taken by herself.
i love you sis,


happy 4th!!

on the actual 4th we went the west jordan parade. we have done that ever since my dad has been on their motors. the kids love to see gramps in the parade. we're hoping this is the last year he's doing it- it just gets so freaken hot. poor jags and i spent most of the parade in our car with the air blasting. the little dude over heats so easy :( after the parade we went home and all had lovely naps and later that night we all went down to sandy city. we've been going there with christina and jessica since i can remember. the kids always have so much fun. and i think i might like it more than the kids ;) i love everything about it.

what would these girls do without each other?

me and the best

i love jags glasses. i got him them at childrens place a couple days ago and he lost them the same day at target.
i went back on the 4th and got another pair. he wore them to sandy and lost them. again.
go figure.

i got the hubs in a picture!! that is a serious accomplishment.
he hates pictures.

the trio :)

berk loves her favorite aunt!! :)
the girls with their gramps.
jagger was supposed to be in this picture but he thought throwing a tamtrum was a better idea
so help me the 2's just might be the death of me.
everything was too loud for this little man. but he just couldn't look away ;)

nothing says a good parade like dirty feet like these ;)


god bless america

we had so much fun this year on the 4th.
the 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays
there is just something about the bbq's
staying up late
walking around the sandy city thang they put on
and everything else that comes along with the holiday.
this year we went up to the bountiful fireworks
on friday.
carson and her hubs met us there since they live so close.
my kids loved the fireworks!
jagger covered his ears half of the time saying they were too loud ;)
and nixon must have gotten bored by the end of the night and fell
asleep on his daddy.


carson and baby girl. this baby needs to come soon!! i can't wait to meet her.
and how amazing does carson look?
bahhh i wish i looked cute 9 months pregnant!

it was 90 degrees outside and the kid refused to take his jacket off.


i hope everyone had a good 4th!! :)


my best

{ here }
to read all about our adventure saturday night.

call me maybe