thankful days

i can't sleep. if you know me, then you know this is rare and i will be cranky tomorrow so watch out ;)

i am thankful for modern medicine. i have been having awful pain for months now in my baby maker area. i went into my doctor and he did an ultrasound and long story short i had to get surgery. surgery went great yesterday!! my tube had been taken out years ago from a tubal pregnancy i had. over the years it started to grow into my uterine lining. i am so happy they just figured out what was wrong and now i won't be in pain- yay!!

i am also more than thankful and blessed to have such an amazing babysitter for my littles. they love her so much they even have just adapted to calling her grandma :) she watched elliott for the first time yesterday and even if she did cry for her and wasn't the easiest i got home from the hospital crashed out and woke up at midnight to a text- 'thank you for sharing elliott with us today' it made my heart so happy. she genuinely loves my kids and treats them as her own. we love love our daycare family!! thank you grandma kerri for everything, love you!!