elle bell

12 week loves: 
her mama
the boobies {seriously though. the girl would nurse all day if i let her}
to be swaddled
short little cat naps
only waking up maybe once a night. sometimes she sleeps all night long
bath time 
her big sis and bruddah
staring at herself in the mirror

12 week hates:
driving in the car. she literally screams the whole time. every. single. time 
being left alone for too long
her baba- she will take one if she gets hungry enough but definitely loves the boobie ;)
a binky. we've tried every kind. she just hates them

she is seriously the best. when she gets tired she will fuss and rub her eyes. ive created a monster by nursing her to sleep even for naps. it makes it hard for daddy to watch her. whoopsies! 
how does 12 weeks go by so fast? 
we're in for a fun weekend- friends, family, and a whole lot of halloween activities!!